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An Instant Fact That Will Allow You to Succeed

Building IntegrityYou wake up at 9:30am and roll over to look at your alarm clock. Pressing the snooze button 3 times probably wasn’t the best option, but staying up till 5 in the morning left you with no choice. A little bit more sleep was all you wanted before you woke up to attack the day.

Final exams are the most stressful part of the year. Everything you’ve learned in one semester answered in a test that has a major impact on the overall percentage of your grade. Studying for the test is brutal; but you decide to make sure that all of your bases are covered. Extra hours are put in, nights out with friends are skipped and books are read front to back.

Your 3 best friends on the other hand, decide that they want to go out during exam break instead of study. They invite you out numerous times over the exam break but you refuse; sticking to your guns and studying for the grade that you paid for. You didn’t invest in this skill set to waste it away on a night out at the bar.

The test day comes and goes. What seems like years later you and your three best friends receive your test grades. You look up at the 3 of them with a sly grin on your face.

The Way of the World

What is Success, anyways? The definition of success is different to many people. Some define success as happiness, some as wealth, some as passion. Though numerous definitions there is one universal truth about success.



The Importance of Preparation

Social Dynamics is a skill set that can be used for anything. Social Dynamics two fundamental laws are Assertiveness and Awareness; the one universal characteristic is that you give value freely expecting nothing in return.

Anything that you want in this life can be broken down and studied with the application of Social Dynamics. Alright. Final exams are around the corner, and you’ve got two weeks to prepare. In a time like this where your grades are extremely important, you must think about the most important relationship in your life: the relationship with yourself. By failing, are you going to give yourself value? No. That means that you must pass. Use your awareness to know that you must pass this test.

AwarenessThat was easy. Now that you know that you have to pass the test, what are the proper steps to passing it? You’re a pretty good student. You pay attention in class. Retention rates on learning are extremely ineffective though. Did you know that you only retain 10% of a Lecture that a teacher gives you? Perhaps more if you’re a note taker. However maybe you participated in a Discussion at school. Discussions are good! You’re learning at a 50% retention rate. Beautiful. The in class Reading that you’ve done has a retention rate of 30%.

With these retention rates that we learn at, are you going to know all of the information on the test? Probably not. Your awareness tells you that you need to study. Okay. What’s the best way? Reading has a 30% retention rate, and Discussions have a 50% retention rate; obviously discussions would be the best method of studying. As long as the Discussion stayed on the subject. You also have to have friends willing to Discuss things with you; and if you don’t that’s okay. You can use your Awareness to figure out who the smart students in the class are, figure out the best way to give them value and use your Assertiveness to give it to them.

In this case, your friends wouldn’t study with you. You haven’t studied Social Dynamics either, so meeting new people isn’t that easy for you. You’re stuck to reading, which you retain 30% of what you read. That’s not bad though; that’s better than not studying at all. Once you’ve used your Awareness to figure out the best way for you to get the grade you want, you must use your Assertiveness and plan the days when you’ll be studying. AND ACTUALLY STUDY ON THOSE DAYS.

Here’s how to get what you want.

Assertiveness and Awareness are two fundamentals of Social D that always get you what you want. Not having access to the things you need to get you what you want is okay; new people are always waiting for you to come and meet them. They want a warm, welcoming individual who knows how to communicate effectively and give them value. Once you understand how to give value to anyone, you can meet anyone that you want. This skill set will allow for success to be the only option for whatever opportunities you are preparing for.

Social DynamicsSocial Dynamics is your preparation; for anything. Any skill that you want to develop can be broken down and studied in two separate categories once you understand Social Dynamics at a fundamental level; Assertiveness and Awareness. Social Dynamics always gets you want. It is your preparation for any opportunities that arise in your life.

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4 Things To Look For In A Man/Woman

4 things to look for in a man or womanAloha! I am currently on a family vacation for the holidays on the beautiful island of Maui, Hawaii. I hope everyone enjoyed their time off with friends and family. This trip has given me a lot of insight in so many ways… but the biggest thing I’ve taken away thus far was from a connection I made with one of the locals.

On Monday evening I went to Kihei’s friendly neighbourhood Starbucks (yes there’s only one,) it’s heavily AC’d and severely lacking work tables. I managed to get a table using the powers of Social Dynamics, and made a new friend in the process. I offered this gentleman my chair so we could both be close to the adapter; he took this moment to compliment me on my hat and asked where I was from. Little did I know this simple gesture would launch us into a two hour conversation where I would end up leaving with a new friend and some great life advice.

I learnt a lot of great advice in multiple facets that make up our lives. My friend has lived an incredible life all over the world and I took his time very seriously as he was gracious enough to open up and share with me about his life. I think people show up in your life to teach you something, including the people you see on the bus every day, your cashier; everyone has value to give you if you allow them the opportunity to do so by creating that initial conversation. I think that Oscar, the Italiano Mexican entrepreneur, had came into my life to share his story so that I could share it with others. Let me paint you a picture of my friend Oscar. He is in his 50’s but still very handsome and has a unique style. He wore a dark fedora hat with feathers, a colorful scarf around his neck, deep black v tee shirt with suspenders and shorts. I thought he was French but learnt that he is in fact from Barcelona and is half Mexican and half Italian. His exuberant style matched his incredibly infectious disposition. Friendly and incredibly sincere he shared with me how he grew up and showed me pictures of his two beautiful daughters and grandchild before delving into his advice about dating and marriage.

Strangers MeetingStrangers are friends you haven’t met yet

Social Dynamics is about creating lasting connections. His advice on the “4 things you need to look for in a man or woman” seems most ideal to share here. I have to say I was definitely intrigued when he asked me the 4 things that I looked for in a man. I respectively said “He needs to be ambitious but driven enough to complete the things he wants to accomplish. He also needs to value a healthy diet and active lifestyle as I am really active and really hard to eat with.” Oscar looks at me while mixing together his three languages of Italian, Spanish and English…”You’re 100% wrong.” Wrong? I was slightly offended. How can I be wrong about the things I want?

“I will tell you the 4 things you need in a man or woman if you want to have a healthy long-lasting relationship. These are important factors that you need in a husband or wife. Write this down.” Here is what he told me.

  1. What they say, they do.
    INTEGRITY is paramount. It is linked to self worth within that individual and it builds trust. Someone who isn’t integral is more likely to be dishonest or to never follow through on their commitments. Integrity and HONESTY are huge key factors in building a lasting relationship. So look for a partner that follows through with what they say.
  2. Smart.
    This could range from someone who has an excellent education or is smart in other ways of life. Ultimately it comes down to being with someone who challenges you and pushes you to be better. Someone who keeps you on your toes, and keeps things fresh and exciting.
  3. EngagementLove.
    Of course! A strong emotional connection is an important factor in building a sustainable relationship. You must be able to connect with your partner on an internal level for it to with-stand time. This is why they say best friends tend to make great partnerships as they have a strong foundation on an emotional level. Love can be defined in so many ways and only you can really determine what it feels like or looks like in a partnership.
  4. Physical Connection.
    Aside from having a strong emotional connection it is also paramount that you have a strong physical attraction. This is then broken down into two conditions. The external image isn’t everything but being physically attracted to your partner is very important long-term.
    (i)  Good Physical Condition: Not only for sex appeal or “eye candy” but because someone who is in physically good condition can perform better sexually. In general someone who is in good physical shape has better stamina and hygiene.
    (ii) “Make Good Sex”: What he means here is learn what the other needs sexually in order for them to have maximum satisfaction. If your partner isn’t getting what they need sexually then they will likely look outside of the relationship in order to find it. This comes to teaching each other what you need, or asking, and taking time to educate yourself in different facets of sexual health. This is also why it’s important to be secure with yourself.
The main bullets is what I wrote down and we collectively broke them down as some of his lingo was a bit different than my own. I can’t say I disagree with any of his points and I am really excited to share with you the rest of his advice. Like I said, I think people come in to our lives for a reason. Take the time to really connect with the people that walk in to your life on a daily basis. You will be astounded by how incredible the world can be with setting you up to meet people who can change your perspective on things or remind you that we are here to connect with others. Oscar reminded me that even when I am away from home that taking the time to make those connections is important and to never lose sight of that. I am really grateful, and this experience has fed the flame of that desire that I have with connecting with people. Take the time to listen and be present in your surroundings. Make someone’s day. Oscar made mine, and look how he affected my life and now yours. You can do that as well for other people and for yourself, you just got to do it! Pay it forward. 😉



Mikey B Show: Relationship Titles

the godfatherThe Godfather is one of the most treasured films that you can watch today. The idea that one man, “The Godfather” having influence over a great number of people in this world blows my mind. The title that he held dictated the relationships that he had with every single person he interacted with. The title represented the level of respect people held of his opinion.

The roll of a title is to allow for better communication within a situation. Your boss is called your boss because without the title establishes the level of respect and authority established. In order to grow ourselves at the rate in which we most desire, it is sometimes necessary to label someone as an authority. Now I’m not saying that you give your rights up in the process or give away your power, but if you are looking to improve in any area of your life, having an authority that you respect can help the amount of growth you can unlock within yourself.

There are a lot of roles in life that we have to play in order to get ahead. Sometimes you have to play the student, and sometimes you have to play the teacher. What really matters is if both people are getting what they want out of the relationship with the title that they both deserve. A great example is the boyfriend girlfriend title. From my experiences both now and in the past, most people are actually declaring their titles to early. I’m not saying this because those relationships aren’t going there, but what I am saying is that if that title is coming, why would you take away from enjoying this present moment?

Ideally, there is no reason for anyone to ever feel like someone is a better “person” then they are, only that, that person may have more time and energy invested in that certain area. When I look at my past relationships with my previous employers, I don’t think to myself that they are no longer my boss, but I view them as a teacher of something that I am not looking to pursue. What you will notice is that I still have respect for those people. When it comes to your current “boss,” instead of thinking what I don’t like about my boss, think about the things that actually matter, which could be is this the job you actually want to learn from?

If the job your working right now is the job that you want to pursue for the rest of your life, then why would you be disrespecting your boss? I think that the right move would be to build a relationship with that person and find out what are the parameters to having that occupation as “the boss.”

I think when it comes to titles or positions that are labeled in your life concentrate more on what you can actually learn from that label and what positive value it has to offer. Michael Siarkowski is a Local athlete, fellow student of Social Dynamics, and is attending University of Calgary to be come an anaesthesiologist.

Watch the Mikey B Show where Mike and myself talk about what relationship titles really mean to Mike, myself, and people today.

Welcome back! Hit us up with a comment on what titles are important to you and why they are titles that matter to you!

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Have You Given the Greatest Gift to the Ones You Love?

love poetry“Mother I love you for all that you’ve done, I’ll grow old and make you proud as your son”

I read off of my computer screen. My mother and I have never had that close of a relationship. My perspective on my childhood was negative. I never appreciated where I came from. The experiences that I’ve had up to this point have shaped the person that I am today; and for 20 years I grew up resenting those experiences instead of appreciating them.

This weekend something shifted.

I wanted to get my family a Christmas gift, but I wanted it to mean more than money could ever buy. Social Dynamics says that value is based on the emotion that you can make someone feel. By giving value, you’re giving someone a positive emotion. Open a big screen TV and you’re pretty happy. Everything that can be purchased with money and given as a gift, is simply a way of giving someone a positive emotion. The more expensive or thoughtful the gift, the happier someone will be.

I believe in the short term someone’s happiness spikes with an expensive gift. Once the novelty of the Christmas expense wears off, the emotional state of the individual returns to normal; only now they have an extra toy. A thoughtful gift on the other hand has the opposite effect. I believe a thoughtful gift to mean more than an expensive gift ever could; for a thoughtful gift means that you spent more than just money on the present. You spent your most valuable commodity – time and energy – because making the other person feel good means more than money ever could.

Value is based on emotion. I wanted to ensure that my family felt the best emotion they possibly could this Christmas. Instead of purchasing any gifts; I wanted to test my Social Dynamics. If value did actually equal emotion, that means that I wouldn’t have to buy a gift to have a bigger impact than any Christmas present ever could.

I would be able to leave the gift of love.

I wrote 12 verses for the poem, 1 to each of my family members in the room and the rest thanking everyone for the person I had become. Line by line as I read the poem to my family I began to feel the emotion rise from the pit of my stomach. Showing this much love in front of family should never be hard. It seems frowned upon. The only time we appreciate the people we have in life is when it’s too late; as we stand above their casket wishing we showed them more while they lived.

I finished the poem and looked up at my mom to see her eyes well up with tears. Her and I never had a good relationship; I’ve resented her for years for my childhood. I didn’t understand the importance of what she had done. She raised me to the best of her ability with the tools that she had been given. My limited perspective kept me comparing myself to other children my age, wondering why I didn’t have the things that they had.

My mother had me at 17 years old and insisted on keeping me and raising me. Who knows where I would be if she hadn’t taken me and chosen to raise me, instead of put me up for adoption; or even worse – abortion. My mother made the hardest decision of her life at age 17 to keep me and raise me, and because of it I am the person that I am today. Every experience in my life – positive or negative – has shaped the person that I am today.

“I Appreciate You..”

20 years, 1 month and 28 days after my mother brought me into this world, I thanked her for doing so. I felt the love creep up from my stomach into the room as my expression of emotion overcame each and every one of my family members. I realized something this weekend, that I don’t think I’ll ever forget. Social Dynamics says give value freely, expecting nothing in return. The highest form of value that you can give is an expression of love, expecting nothing in return.

the present

I can say with certainty now that Social Dynamics has not only changed my life, but has changed the dynamic of my family. From a family who had a hard time expressing love openly to a room full of laughter and hugs within a day, I know that my poem had an impact on my family this Christmas day. More of an impact than a big screen TV ever could.

How much appreciation have you showed for the ones that you love today?

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What Matters Most.

It’s almost Christmas and I have to admit, I’ve been too busy to actually notice. I’ve been busy at work, home and everywhere in between. It feels a little weird and I can’t seem to get into the season’s spirit. Instead of being joyful, the season feels more stressful. I remember when I finally got around Christmas shopping with my brother. The mall is a disaster this time of year. The roads are crammed and feel like it’s rush hour; finding parking is almost impossible and when you get to the mall, you’re not even sure exactly what you’re looking for. Instead of feeling jolly and festive, it feels more of a chore. I feel like I got caught up with preparing for the season that I actually forgot to enjoy it myself.

christmas stress

I grew up in a small farm where we didn’t have much. We didn’t have fancy christmas trees decorated with bright lights. The closest thing we had to a mall was the wet market downtown. We didn’t have the latest and most advanced gadgets but I remember celebrating the holidays back there; everybody was warm and a lot more enjoyable to be around. Because we didn’t have the luxury of many external things, we relied more on what actually mattered. I remember the best holidays that I’ve had were abundant with laughters and memories with my family and closest friends. The joy that I felt was more sincere and fulfilling. The value exchange was more internal and long lasting compared to any material things.

Be self aware and put things into perspective. This season is a time to get together and enjoy the company of people that mean a lot to you. Christmas doesn’t have to be worldly-minded and commercialized. Be imaginative. Think about alternatives and a different approach for celebrating the holidays. At the end of the day, it’s not about how much money you can spend on expensive things; it’s about how personal and creative you can be. Be assertive at knowing other’s perception of value then find out what the most meaningful gift would be. Most of us have too many “things” in our lives anyway. Having more is not necessarily a bad thing but how do you make the season a lot more memorable? The best gifts I’ve received are usually things not bought from a store. I personally would rather get something they made with a heart felt hand written letter. Your words, thoughts and effort could mean so much more than anything they offer in the mall.

Despite the business of the season, slow down and take a deep breath. Remember what this time of the year really means. Don’t lose sight of what actually matters. You can always earn the money back but time wasted is gone for good. Put more effort into creating memories and building relationships, not in just buying the newest gadgets. At the end of the day, that’s what really matters more than what money could buy.


Mikey B Show: Full Credibility

Welcome to the second episode of The Mikey B Show: Full Credibility. Today’s lesson is going to help you in pretty much any situation and solve any problem in front of you. Now we operate around the movement of Social Dynamics. Taking credit for your life is a huge stepping-stone a lot of people seem to skip.

The reason that it is so important to start taking full credibility for your life is that you need to be affecting variables in your life to the fullest ability. If you can take the chances of you getting a promotion by 1% why wouldn’t you?

The way you do something is the way you do everything. If you are missing out on huge chunks of your own potential, why would you not be striving to get a hold of that potential and put it to work? Most people aren’t even aware that they have the power over their life to improve their own happiness on a real level.

Watch my show below to understand how to take full credibility for your life.

Now that your back, leave a comment below on how you can take credibility for your own life, right now!

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Here’s An Effective Way to Get More Dates

openbookThe desire to understand drives us. Our human nature is always looking for the answer, or the closest thing to it. Communication is one of those elements of human nature that we will never fully understand – but will always make an attempt to know more. All elements of communication can be broken down to a process. NLP, psychology, hypnotism all operate based on the understanding of human nature.

Communication is a part of our human nature that when understood, can be used to create Win – Win situations.

The Wasted Phone Number

I’ve been approaching people and exchanging contact information for 4 years now. The biggest struggle for me was not going out and meeting people. The biggest struggle was meeting up with the people that I had already met. In the first 3 years of my Social Dynamics journey I made a lot of pen pals. This feeling of empty connections left me feeling de – motivated to meet more people, only to be creating shallow, acquaintance – level connections.

I knew that there had to be a better way to communicate with the people I was talking to on the phone. I believe that anything we do can be down into a step by step process. In the past year I got fed up with the shallow connections I was making, and wanted to create some face friends out of my pen pals. The only problem was the only books out there on the subject were around $100; and they didn’t tell you the step by step process they only gave you lines and routines.

I’ve always been a firm believer in being you. Representing the best version of yourself at all times is the only option. The only other books out there on the subject matter of electronic communication give you specific lines and routines to use without getting to the base level concepts. I wanted to understand the base level concepts and fill them in with my personal life experience.

People never reject you; they reject the delivery of your message. Two stand – up comedians tell the same joke, and get different responses. The delivery of the message is more important than the message itself. The Continued Connection: The Ultimate Guide to Electronic Communication is the first book of its kind that dives into the delivery of your message. Understanding how to effectively deliver your message will ensure more responses.

The Continued Connection is guaranteed to strengthen your phone / messaging conversations, by diving into the base level concepts of electronic communication. The book dives in depth on the understanding of subtext: the ability to read between the lines of messaging. The Continued Connection is an extremely powerful book for men looking to get dates with women, for business owners looking to get more clients, and for promoters looking to gain a greater audience.

Understanding how to communicate effectively using the social media outlets we’ve been given – and the telephone in your pocket – is a skill set worth investing in. The best part? This book comes with a Private Article Collection, exclusive to the purchasers of the Continued Connection. This article collection will be packed with content to take your connections to the next level. The collection will answer any reader questions that are submitted.

Get Yours Now!

I’m extremely confident in the product I’ve created. That means that I’m going to be offering a 30 day money back guarantee. If your communication skills don’t improve, and you aren’t getting more meet – ups by applying the concepts in the book you will receive a refund on every penny that you purchased the book with.

phone game“Your insight on the importance of the follow up, and making it count I definitely haven’t taken it so seriously. You’ve shown me where I’ve been messing up with all of the phone numbers I’m getting.”

                       – Matt Chow
                  Pharmacy Technician

Join thousands of subscribers on this page. Purchase your copy of the Continued Connection today; a No – Risk, High – Reward investment.

The book will be sent in a PDF form directly to your Email Inbox within a day of your purchase. Say goodbye to flakes, and hello to dates. The Continued Connection is here to show you how to make more friends.

Hey. You there. Enjoying the articles? They’re only a taste of the text and phone material we have on this website! The Continued Connection: The Ultimate Guide to Effective Electronic Communication is available on Kingpin Lifestyle for an ASTOUNDING $19.99. This book dives deep into the subcommunication of messaging, what to say on the first call, and how to go from meet to date. Purchasers of the book are also granted access to the private article collection where any and all reader questions are answered within 14 days; loaded with content to take your electronic communication to the next level.

Social Dynamics

The Mikey B Show: Value

Welcome to the first ever “Mikey B Show.” Guest starring Daniel Fexa and myself talk about our thoughts about what value really is. A lot of us talk about the terms like “give value freely,” and “expect nothing in return” but never really describe what value is, when boiled down to its very core.

Daniel and I set out to clarify what value actually is. Not only do we clarify this but we give real life examples and expose them in their true colors.

Watch this very special first viewing of the Mikey B Show below!

Welcome back! Drop us a comment below on your own perceptions of value and why that is something that you value.


Is Your Mentality Helping You Always Win?

“Put some heart in it!” My coach yelled at me from the sidelines. I didn’t know what he was talking about. It’s 21 – 44 for the Colts, the Broncos are down by 23 points. I played the left side corner, and was partially responsible for the last touchdown. I watched as the running back turned around the corner that I was supposed to contain. That didn’t feel good.

I left my Grade 10 season with the Broncos with a vengeance. I know we deserved better, I was determined to walk into my next season a better player. I was missing the “heart” element of the game. Playing sports wasn’t something that came easy to me. I picked up my first sport at 15 years old; football.

My competitive nature has always been there. I was the oldest of 5 brothers and sisters, and was raised without a consistent male role model. I always saw myself as the man of the house. I competed against my younger siblings for household dominance at all of the games we played. My independent nature fueled me to be the best, because when I was the best I felt… free.

What is Heart?

I believe that humanity naturally falls into two separate categories. Competitive and cooperative. I believe that a person’s core values are derived from their childhood experiences. A person with a cooperative nature is likely to have grown up in an environment where cooperation and love was the driving force of the environment. A person with a competitive nature is likely to have grown up in an environment where freedom was the motivation.

My belief is that cooperation and competition are equally as important. I believe the only competition that should happen is competition with the self. Cooperation is a universal trait that should happen with everyone at all times, no exceptions.

The Competitive Nature

I believe we are all competitive in nature. There are two separate categories of competitive people. There are the people who compete with themselves, and there are the people who compete with the environment.

“I’m better than you are…”

Competition with the environment in the short term seems like the best option. This mentality drives our capitalist society. Every man for himself, may the best man survive. There’s one thing that competition with the environment forgets; compassion for the fellow man. I believe human nature to have both cooperation and competition in their hearts. Competition with the environment forgets one element of human nature that makes us who we are.


The Heart of Gold

Why do “nice guys finish last”? A cooperative nature without a competitive nature seems like the best one to have. Cooperation with  the fellow man means the world turns into a better place, instead of this “every man for himself” mentality.

Cooperation with the fellow man at all times has one flaw, though. There are those who are competitive in nature that can sense an individual cooperative in nature. The ones who consistently look to cooperate get taken advantage of. Their ability to look at people and only see the good in them leaves them ignorant to the competitive side of our human nature.

Nice guys finish last because they forget that there are competitors who naturally take advantage of cooperation.

Life is Balance

Competition and cooperation are equally as important.

I believe we have a naturally tendency to be either more compassionate, or more competitive. I’ll use myself as an example; I’m extremely competitive. In every scenario I find myself, my brain is figuring out a way for me to end up on top. My competitive nature is extremely good for a lot of areas of my life. When it comes to business I do extremely well, achieving my goals isn’t an issue, meeting anyone that I want to comes with ease.

Human nature is about balance. My competitive nature serves me well in many areas of life, but my lack of cooperation hurts me as much as my competitive nature serves me. My competitive nature finds itself leaking into my friendships where I try to outdo my friends, laughing in triumph as my ego walks and talks through the room. My competitive nature leaks into my relationships, where I won’t allow myself to get hurt and I always find a way to leave first.

This weekend I saw the perfect balance of compassion and competition in my two best friends. This article is inspired by the balance they’ve achieved, which is inspiring me to achieve my own. Mikey B is an individual who has a heart of gold, but he lacked the competitive nature in himself to set boundaries that people would not cross. The balance that he’s striving to achieve allows his heart of gold to shine through with confidence, because he knows that he can bring out the best in people without them walking all over him.

Daniel Fexa is a man who looks to be better than he was yesterday every day. The competitive nature  he keeps with himself keeps from consistently looking to out – do the environment, and allows him to prosper in the skill sets he develops. Daniel Fexa recorded his first Youtube video yesterday; be watching for it.

Social Dynamics says that you are a result of your environment. I cannot express how thankful I am for the environment I have right now. The Kingpin Social crew always pushes me to become better than I was yesterday, every day, in every present moment.

Competition is important. Especially in the world that we’ve been raised in today, it seems everyone’s trying to outdo their fellow man. Competition alone ultimately sets you up for failure; for two reasons. Competition forgets about the second element of human nature that makes us who we are, cooperation, and competition only allows you to be better than the next man.

You can only be the best if you’re only looking to outdo your fellow man. You will never be your best. I believe that in this life the only person you should ever be competing with is yourself, and you should be compassionate to everyone else that walks this earth. I believe that you need to have an element of life where you compete with yourself, developing any skill set with the intent of being better than you were yesterday.

I believe if this competition with the self isn’t satisfied, our competitive nature will leak into our environment and we will neglect to show compassion. Are you better than you were yesterday?