The 80/20 Approach to Improving your Social Life and Connecting People

by Ludvig Sunström
80-20 rule

Many people make the mistake of overcomplicating social interactions. Instead what you need to do is simplify and get down to the fundamentals. You need to focus on the few core things that are going to produce the most results. Find out what they are inside.

Compare Yourself To Other People? Here’s A Better Solution!

by Karim Saleh

Growing up I always wondered why I couldn’t be like other people. Why couldn’t I be smarter? Taller? Better-looking? Did I fit in? Research suggests comparing ourselves to others is a leading cause of unhappiness. Find out how to change it inside.

In The Media: CW’s Daybreak Features Cam on Video Game Addiction

by Cam
CW logo

On August 30th I had the pleasure of appearing on CW’s Daybreak segment to talk about video game addiction in advance of my upcoming TEDx talk in Boulder, CO on September 21st.

Cam has been selected to give a TEDx talk!

by Cam
tedx logo

I’m thrilled to finally announce the big news I received last week! On September 21st I will have the honor of speaking at TEDxBoulder on the topic of video game addiction.

How to Create Good Habits – Part 1

by Kingston Knudsen

Successful people consciously decide to build positive habits, taking over initial control until their new actions happen unconsciously. In part 1 of our new series, How to Create Good Habits, Kingston takes a look at the foundation you need to build habits and the difference this foundation can make in your life.

Teaching Social Dynamics in a School: An Update.

by Kevin

In October we released a blog post talking about an exciting new project we had coming up in the Spring of 2013 – teaching our curriculum of Social Dynamics in an actual school. So how is that project going? Find out inside.

Kingpin Social Goes to Startup Weekend

by Cam
startup weekend calgary

This past weekend Kevin and I participated in “Startup Weekend” here in Calgary. The event is a culmination of putting 80 entrepreneurs in a room, pitching ideas, selecting the best ones, forming teams, and then speaking 56 hours building these new businesses as much as possible to compete in a final presentation in front of a panel of judges… with various prizes going to the winners.

How Our Decisions Affect the World: Nutrition Edition

by Brian

Eating healthier foods has substantially increased my energy levels, my gains in the gym, and has made my overall outlook on life more positive. Not only that, it’s influenced and impacted the lives of those around me. Why does this happen? Find out inside.

How I Overcame Judgment of Others and Myself

by Mikey B
never judge

We are creatures of habit and it’s easy to fall into the bad habit of judging people. This is a short story on how I was able to fix my negative judgment of other people and myself.