Life Beings At The End Of Your Comfort Zones

by Cam
pushing your comfort zone

I love epiphanies. This one is so obvious but it only finally hit me recently. Inside you will learn what it is, and one more small mindset that will help you grow the quickest.

Tupac Shakur: Words of Wisdom

by Cam
tupac shakur words of wisdom

Getting over relationships can be tough. Tupac Shakur offers his words of wisdom to help you with that.

Every Failure as a Learning Experience

by Brian
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Sub communication is everywhere, and every human being sub communicates. It is the people who are aware of the sub communication that have control over their reality, over their circumstance. If you can learn how to sub communicate the right messages to the right people, the right people will give you the right opportunities. You just have to learn how to sub communicate.

How to Eliminate Stress and Increase Productivity (In 2 Minutes or Less!)

by Cam
two minute rule

Institute this one stupid simple rule to improve productivity, ease your mind, and eliminate bullshit stress in your life. Best part: it will take you two minutes or less.

Finally the End of Shitty Dates

by Cam
couple at sunset

So you meet a girl you are actually interested in, and now you want to go on a date. But if you’re anything like me, coming up with date ideas is frustrating and sucks monkey balls. The other night I realized why this was such a painful process for me, and came up with a solution that will take your dates to the next level, where you can actually connect and have an experience the two of you will never forget, instead of going on your typical boring date that ends without inspiration for another one.

Social Dynamics; the Replacement for “Pick Up”

by Brian
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You’re driving down Deerfoot going 110km/hr. You know the speed limit’s 100, but you’re badass. All of a sudden you hear a CLUNK, and you feel as your car begins to slow to a stop. Pulling over on the side of the highway, you scorn yourself on how much this shit is going to cost. […]

–>The Article That Will Change Your Life <--

by Brian
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“What a realization to realize that the voice in my head is not who I am. Who am I then? The one who sees that voice.”

HUGE NEWS: Baby on the Way!!!

by Cam

On Saturday I got news from a student I taught in Spring 2010 that him and his long-term girlfriend are expecting! To say I’m ecstatic about this news would be an understatement. Does this finally prove that getting involved in social dynamics is actually one of the smartest decisions you can make? Does this finally prove that learning social dynamics works, and gets real results? My thoughts on this inside.

‘Nuff Said

by Cam
bruce lee

The average adult reads 250 words per minute w/ 70% comprehension. This post contains 300 words, and could *actually* change your life, like it did for mine. Is that worth one minute of your time? I’ll let you decide. If it was, share it with your friends. That is how I found it after all. [Thx David]