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What Are We All Searching For

Have you ever wondered why you do the things you do? How much time do we, as a collective human race, spend searching for the answers to questions we all have? I feel there is a commonality between all human beings. I feel the answer is hidden within ourselves.

HumanityWe live in a world with almost 6 billion different people roaming this planet we call earth. Sometimes thinking that I am not alone in this rat race we call life humbles me in knowing that I am not the only one that feels the way that I do. These emotions, these feelings that we have, are almost better experienced knowing that we can share these commonalities between each other.

As a whole I started thinking about what human beings are all doing. What are the tendencies that we are all doing that keeps us together. The thought was inspired by my good friend; Mike Zhark. He wrote an idea on my wall based around “searching, or to search.” He explained that this was something we both have in common and that because of that, naturally we both enjoy each other’s company.

What I didn’t realize is that he was simply stating that we both have developed the core action of: searching. But what is it that we are searching for? What deep levels of consciousness are we trying to understand and achieve? I feel that the answer to that lies within your own intuition.

I can’t tell you that this is right because when you bring intuition into the matter, intuition is the one factor that every human being has that is unique to themselves and themselves, only. I feel that Logic is one of the universal languages that people can relate to each other through. I also feel that love is one of those languages as well, which ties right into intuition. I don’t think you can say that you intuitively want to take value from someone. That would just not make any logical sense to ever make.

Watch this video below. In it I go through my thoughts on what we are searching for in our own lives, and why.

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By Mikey B

Mikey B is soul bound to the journey of growth. His genuine intent to better the world drives every movement, choice, and solution that Mikey B comes up with. Backed by a large heart, he has no plans to ever give up on himself, his students or the new experiences in his life.

3 replies on “What Are We All Searching For”

I love the way you developed this Mikey! I didn’t want to explain my thoughts on it too much, because I knew it would be so much more powerful to you if you developed it on your own and integrated it in ways that were meaningful to you. What’s interesting to me is that we reached very much the same mindset in different developing environments…and I’m very happy about it as well 🙂

Hope to see you soon,


Yo Mikey, did you see how Mike Shark just executed a perfectly placed ninja move on you? 😉 Love it.

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