When Things Don’t Work Out.

by Myke Macapinlac
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What do you do when things don’t work out? How do you respond when shit happens especially when you know you’ve done everything you could’ve? How do you view failure? Check out this article to find out the answers.

Wake Up And Smell The Coffee

by Mikey B

How do your mornings go? Do you wake up and hate life or do you decide to man up and take the day on full force? Are these factors of optimization improving your life or are you letting the downer morning take hold of the rest of your day? Let’s get to the bottom of this!

Does Competition Set You Up For Failure?

by Brian
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Raised to believe that competition is the driving force of success, we often forget the aspect of humanity that makes us stronger than competition ever could.

Social Dynamics: No Girls Allowed!

by Jamie

Is Social Dynamics only for the boys? Nope. If you are a girl or a guy wanting to explain to a girl what Social Dynamics is, this article is for you. I touch base on the parallels people draw between pick-up and Social Dynamics, and clear the air about where Social Dynamics derived from. Find out why being a girl doesn’t separate you from the opportunity to utilize the tools that Social Dynamics can teach you and learn why I am part of this movement that pushes me to live my best life.

The “Win-Win” Mentality

by Mikey B

Your life is full of choices. Every day you make the conscious choice to live life in some form or another. Each and every one of those choices is just a compilation of choices you have made in the present moment and the past moments of your life. The best and perhaps the most difficult of those choices is the method of developing the “Win-Win” mentality.

How to Take Your Connections to the Next Level

by Brian
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Having the ability to put yourself on the line, and make new connections is an invaluable skill set. This allows to you to live the life you want; meeting your ideal friends, girlfriend, and all of your clients. Only if you know how to communicate effectively with these people once you meet them…

How To Get Things Done.

by Myke Macapinlac
get out of bed

Have you ever pressed the snooze button repeatedly first thing in the morning? Do you have days when you don’t feel like getting up and doing the things you have to do? Do you battle self-defeating voices in your head that tells you it’s not going to work? How do you keep going and get things done when pursuing your passion doesn’t yield the results you want immediately?

What Are We All Searching For

by Mikey B

Have you ever wondered why you do the things you do? How much time do we, as a collective human race, spend searching for the answers to questions we all have? I feel there is a commonality between all human beings. I feel the answer is hidden within ourselves.

Optimize at All Times

by Brian
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Procrastination is worse than the common cold; it takes you over and restrains your body to the spot that it stands. Optimizing at all times is the best way to eliminate procrastination, and the method of application is just as easy as procrastination.