Should Emotion Define You or Your Circumstance?

by Jamie

“Life is full of setbacks. Success is determined how you handle setbacks.” – We all hit road-blocks and the world seems to be divided between two people: one’s who let their emotion rule their life and those who set aside their emotions and not let them affect their motivation. Read about my own personal experience with over-coming my emotion that has ruled my life. A post for both men and women who want to take control over their life and be successful in every aspect of their life.

Become the Conversation Allstar

by Mikey B

Have you ever thought of conversation being a skill? I know that through my journey I met a lot of conversationalists that will have put me to shame. My only response to this is to get better and conversation is one area where I actually believe that if you can get better at this then you can solve a huge area of your social inconsistencies.

An Essential Lesson on the Definition of Value

by Brian
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“What you give, you shall receive,” is the idea that’s been around for a long period of time. In the material world we live in, it’s hard to understand that concept. What value can you give, that doesn’t cost a cent, that means more than money could ever buy?

The Man I Have To Be.

by Myke Macapinlac

Another weekend, another Bootcamp except this one’s different. I flew in to a brand new city all by myself for the first time. Unfamiliarity definitely breeds discomfort. Here’s my experience with how I dealt with the emotion of resistance when faced with a no way out situation.

The Logic of Logic

by Mikey B

Have you ever wondered what is the balance between emotion and logic? I battled a long time with this and I feel that this is something I now have the skills to overcome. I see logic as a skillset, and by using Social Dynamics I will kill off two birds with one stone. Find out what my newest mission is inside.

Increased Awareness: Guaranteed!

by Brian
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The mind is tricky, finding reasons to succeed can be one of the toughest obstacles to overcome. Increased awareness of how to make yourself successful is essential in getting the things that you want out of life.

How To Shift From A (-) Mindset To A (+) Mindset

by Jamie

We all hit walls, and we all get stressed. Have you ever thought about the vibration you are putting out in to the world? That which you are, is what you attract. Learn how you may be sabotaging yourself by allowing negativity breed in to my life, and read about the formula I take in order to shift from Negative to Positive.

Social Dynamics is the Ultimate Video Game

by Mikey B
Video Games

Do you play video games? I do, and I have invested hours and hours of my time & energy into these games, unable to stop. The only thing that has replaced that urge to game non-stop is Social Dynamics. Want to live your life like a video game? Level up by watching this video blog.

From Part Time, to Go Time

by Brian
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Is what you’re doing now, in line with what you would love to do? Bootcamp this weekend inspired me to appreciate my existence. The students this weekend taught me that life is about making what you do now, in line with what you would love to do.