How to Take Your Connections to the Next Level

phone connectionsAnother crazy weekend at the Kingpin Social house. Cam’s gone to New York for 9 days, Kevin’s in Singapore for 5 weeks. The Kingpin Social team has been pushing hard this weekend, to get as much work done as possible for the holidays. We’ve all been working hard on our individual projects, and our team projects, and we have some major announcements for the holidays.

I want to talk a bit a bout my personal project, because I think this is the most amount of value I can offer to the readers.

This last year I’ve gone out 4 times a week, with the intent of improving my social skills and meeting new people. I’ve met hundreds of people over the course of the last 4 years, and along the way created a lot of potential connections. There was only one problem with this; for the first 3 years I didn’t know how to take the connections I had (phone number, Facebook, business card) to the next level.

I believe the phone number to be a chance at a continued connection. The phone number is not a continued connection, but only a chance. A chance is only worth it, if you take it.

The two fundamentals of Social Dynamics are Assertiveness, and Awareness. Social Dynamics always gets you what you want, so let’s apply Social Dynamics to the idea of a phone number to see if we can get what we want.

Using Your Awareness

There is one way to obtain awareness. Feedback. You can either take the long way, and obtain the feedback through personal reference experience, or you can make the smart move and learn off of someone who has trodden the same path as you. A mentor is someone that has gone through the experience, and gotten the necessary feedback to understand the situation.

Awareness is understanding the best way to approach the situation at hand.

smart personIn this case, getting the phone number is useless if you can’t meet up with the other person. This applies for potential dates, friends or clients. Even if you’re already good at meeting and getting these people out, the only option is to optimize at all times.

Awareness comes from learning from your mistakes, or from learning from the mistakes of others. I’ve spent the last 4 years approaching people and creating connections, and in the last 4 years I’ve designed an efficient follow – up system. I knew that there was no point in meeting people on a shallow, surface level basis if I knew that I was going to get no long – term value out of my new relationships.

This realization caused me to optimize my electronic communication.

Using Your Assertiveness

The second fundamental of Social Dynamics; my favorite. Assertiveness. The definition of Assertiveness is the ability to go after what you want. The only way you go after what you want, once you understand what you want (by using your Awareness), is by taking consistent action.

Assertiveness is trained by action.

Meeting people without purpose is useless. Meeting people, knowing that you have the potential to turn the phone number into a real relationship, adds purpose to the equation. In my personal experience, this ability motivates me to go out more, build more connections with the types of people that I want to have in my life.

consistent improvementPersonally, I love the idea of entrepreneurship. I also love writers, I love people who like to grow, I like people who have a creative side to themselves. I also like the idea of a solid girlfriend, who’s dedicated herself to personal growth. I go out with the intent of meeting these types of people, but not for just a chance at a continued connection, by exchanging contact information.

I go out and meet these people, with the intention of having them be a part of my life. I know that when I go out, if there’s anyone that stands out to me, I will have them be a part of my life. I’m using my Awareness to figure out who I want in my life, and to understand the most effective way to get those types of people in my life. Then I’m using my Assertiveness and applying the theory I’ve launched in this new book, to make sure they become a part of my social circle.

How efficient is your method, of going from phone friend, to face friend? For a long time, my method wasn’t as efficient as it could be. I’ve spent the last 9 months optimizing my electronic communication, and I come to you today to announce the launch of my third book.

The Continued Connection

The Continued Connection brings you my extremely efficient template for communicating using technology. Unlike other books, this book brings you exclusive content on how you can be yourself, and communicate efficiently. My idea is not to give you lines, or routines. The Continued Connection tells you how to take your connections to the next level,  by adding your own swagger to my template.

My book describes how to understand the subtext of messaging. This book dives into the awareness I’ve obtained going out for the last 4 years, meeting up with the people that I meet. The Continued Connection: The Ultimate Guide to Effective Electronic Communication takes you from the second you meet the girl, to being on the date. The Continued Connection answers any questions you have about communicating over Facebook, text messages, email, all the way to phone conversations.

The book will be launched for $20 on Kingpin Lifestyle on Friday, December 16th, 2011 to all the subscribers of the blog.

The Pre – Sale purchases of the book continue today, until Wednesday, December 14th. For all Pre – Sale purchases, the book will be launched on Decemer 14th. The book is for sale for 25%, for all who email me directly and ask me to reserve a copy.


The Continued Connection dives into the most important aspect outside of face to face interactions, the technological element. Understanding the most efficient, up – to – date process to turn your phone numbers into face friends just makes sense. Message me today to receive 25% off on The Continued Connection, and begin taking your connections to the next level the most efficient way.