The Logic of Logic

chessI would consider myself an emotional guy for sure! I think that the general understanding is that the old saying “guys are more logical and girls more emotional”, stands true, but I also believe each gender has both sides of the coin. Without logic we would be stuck in one spot because we would not have any motivation to improve our environment or ourselves. Without the emotional spectrum there is no way we would be able to experience bliss or joy – which are two of the most amazing emotions to embrace.

I would say I’m motivated by emotion more than logic. Now I don’t by any means think that this is wrong, but I do feel that being lopsided is not the best way to go about it either. This is why I have decided to level up my logical processes. There are a lot of ways in which I can do this but with an old love of mine being chess… and to be completely honest I have never been very good at chess, I am determined to use it as a way to level up the way I view and apply logic.

Growth is the only option. I have set out on a mission to build a relationship with the chess community in Calgary using Social Dynamics. I’m excited because I can really use my application of Social Dynamics to level up something I will benefit from on a personal level.

Tell me through a comment on how you want to improve yourself emotionally or logically.


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