Meet Karim Saleh

karim salehI’m a psychonaut who has dived deep into my own mind and my experiences to find the truth within existence. I have done my best to remove my ego from tripping me up so that I can also see what is true in the world and in others.

I’ve almost lost my life. I’ve been in trouble with the law. I’ve traveled for long periods of time on my own. I’ve been heavy into drugs. I’ve been through years of depression, anxiety, frustration and hopelessness. I’ve lost friends, failed classes, been disappointed and been completely heartbroken.

I don’t consider any of it a mistake.

This whole time, I knew that there was more to life… and I always would say to myself “this isn’t the way life is supposed to be.” I wasn’t in control of myself, and I felt the need to escape. I didn’t have the right tools to manage my life.

I looked around… and saw very little truth and respect for human life. I thought there was something wrong with me. Then, about five years ago, I realized – at a time my life peaks were the highest they had ever been, but the lows were really low – that something needed to change.

I spent much of my free time in meditation, exploring the depths of my mind… searching for answers both inside and outside myself. For e.g. I would always be amazed that people could walk out of a movie in which people were being mistreated (e.g. Blood Diamond) and say, “Oh, that’s so sad!” and continue living their lives as if nothing had changed.

I wanted to know why.

I made a commitment: I decided that if there was anything I saw that I didn’t agree with, I had to remove those qualities from myself. I also had to magnify the best qualities I found in myself and build the best qualities I saw in others.

“Be the change you want to see in the world”

By understanding my demons, I could help others understand theirs. I didn’t want to tell anyone how to do it, but show them how to discover and navigate their path themselves.

Fast-forward five years; I’m living the dream. It’s been messy. Very messy. But I’ve taken chances. I did this over and over again in pursuit of my ideal. My ideal personality and life is what I consider my piece of artwork. I don’t regret one day and I am grateful to be alive. The better my life has become, the more I want to help others achieve what they think they can’t achieve. I never believed in myself, I never had someone to nurture my strengths and reassure me when times were rough in the way that I needed. But, I’m stronger now and I want to nurture your greatest talents and that which is most fundamental to you.

I live with my heart open… and check things with my mind. One thing is for sure, I will never live with regrets and I will never forget where I came from.


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