Optimize at All Times

way of thinkingI was thinking about the power of a bootcamp the other day, and what it actually does for people. We have a natural way of thinking, based on our upbringings. The way that our parents raise us, the people that we hang out with from a young age and the environment we find ourselves in today shapes the way that we think. Like minded people attract each other, and this is the way the world is supposed to work.

The bootcamp is powerful, not because we teach you how to socialize. The bootcamp is powerful because we give you a new way of thinking, a successful way of thinking.

“What is Success?”

Success, to me, is defined as getting what you want out of life while being considerate to the whole of humanity. Welcome to Social Dynamics. Our philosophy is to give value freely, expecting nothing in return. We know what types of people we want to build a relationship with, so we make sure we give value to those people. If they give us value back, we build a relationship with them.

In order to be able to understand this idea of ‘give” to other people, you must give first to yourself. The most important relationship that you have in life, is the relationship with yourself.

Let’s go over some of the theory, for a second. Social Dynamics says that “Relationships = Life”. Your life is built off of relationships. Relationships are based off of an exchange of value. Value is relative to the individual, but you are only giving value if you are making someone feel a positive emotion. Value is based on the emotion you make someone feel. Give value, make them feel a positive emotion. Take value, they feel a negative emotion.

How Do You Develop A Relationship With Yourself?

Integrity is the first thing that comes to mind. Integrity, to me, is knowing what needs to get done, and figuring out the solution to getting it done. My natural tendencies lead me to procrastinating, finding every reason in the book not to do the things that need to get done.

excuses“I’m too busy to clean my house,”

“I don’t have time to shower right now,”

“She’s not my type,”

“He probably wouldn’t want the program anyways,”

My mind is the King of Excuses. Being the oldest brother of 5 siblings, I was a mastermind of alleviating myself of any responsibility. As I started to understand Social Dynamics, though, I started to understand the importance of responsibility. If you want to succeed in life, you must have a healthy relationship with yourself. You have to give value to yourself. You have to give yourself a positive emotion. You do not feel good about putting off, the things that you need to do.

You feel good, about focusing on figuring out the solution to doing what you know you need to do.

Nothing feels better than a finished product.

Optimize at All Times

The recent mindset that I’ve adopted that has helped me out massively, is the idea of optimizing at all times. The ego that we have likes to think that it knows what’s right for us, no matter what other people say. What I’ve started to realize is that there’s always room for improvement, in everything. With that in mind, I spend my time optimizing at all times.

This mindset comes into play at my house, when I’m sitting down at my desk. It appears clean, but I take a look at it with the idea in mind that I want to optimize my desk. I see a dirty monitor, so I take a second to grab some windex, some paper towel and wipe my monitor off. Then I take a second to realize that my desk has some spilled water spots on it, so I take a second to windex my desk and wipe it down with the cloth.

organization wins“How Are You Going To Organize and Run A Company, If You Can’t Even Organize Your House?”

I walk my windex back to the kitchen, to throw my paper towel in the garbage. I spent the last 2 days cleaning my house, my kitchen is spot clean. I open my cupboard to throw away my piece of paper towel to see my garbage can 3 quarters full. I’d usually leave it, until it starts overflowing but I think to myself “optimize at all times,” and I take the extra 45 seconds to take out the garbage and walk it out.

The Proper Use of Your Energy

use energyThis is my theory on optimization. When you look at that garbage can, and see it 3 quarters full, it takes mental energy to sit there and go “Nahh, I’ll take it out in a bit,”. You take that mental energy that you spent on procrastination, and spend it on right action, and you’d feel 10x better than if you were to pass it by.

Welcome to the healthy relationship with yourself. If you are going to go out into this world and give value freely, expecting nothing in return, than you must be able to give yourself value. This household example applies to all areas of life.

How clean is your home? How much time do you spend at the gym? Once you’re at the gym, are you optimizing the time that you spend there? Have you taken the time to organize your time, to spend it doing all of the things that you’d love to do?

Spend your energy developing a healthy relationship with yourself, and optimizing that relationship at all times.


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