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“Everybody always says ‘it’s not what you know it’s who you know’, but nobody tells you know how to know who you know.” -Cam

In today’s world the ability to socialize is the most valuable attribute a person can possess. The great conversationalists get what they want out of the world, for the man who makes the most sense and speaks his mind with the awareness of the right time, has the power to make a difference.

Kingpin Lifestyle is the written interpretation of a message that Kingpin Social represents; the message of Social Dynamics.

Social Dynamics answers the question “why can’t we all just get along?” The society that we’ve been raised in allows us to believe that competition thrives over cooperation. This capitalist mentality trickles into the workplace, where the best salesmen prospers and the worst is left without means. This “every man for himself” idea allows homeless to live on our streets without aid. Finally, this competitive mentality trickles into our schoolyards where bullying takes place and shapes the outcome of the rest of the victim’s life.

Social Dynamics is the solution to all of the worlds issues. All of the world’s man – made problems arise as a result of mis – communication and / or greed. Wants and needs of humanity as a whole are not being met, because the wants and needs of select individuals take precedence.

Students of Social Dynamics practice the art of building authentic Win – Win relationships with the world, by giving value freely and expecting nothing in return.

“What is Value?”

Value is relative each individual; and is based purely on perspective. Value has one universal quality, it is based on the emotion that you can make another person feel. By giving value to another person, you’re making them feel a positive emotion. Taking value from somebody means that you’re giving them a negative emotion.

Since value is relative to the individual, understanding how to give value and how not to take value can be extremely difficult… if you’re trying to learn this skill set on your own. Here at Kingpin Social, we’ve dedicated our lives to finding out the simplest answers to all applications of Social Dynamics. The purpose of Social Dynamics is to make the world a better place, while getting what you want out of this world. Thriving in your own life by building Win – Win relationships by giving as much value into the world as possible, is the only option.

Kingpin Social believes that competition and cooperation are equally important in human nature. Competition should only be with the self; and cooperation with the world. Competing with another person means that someone wins, and someone looses. Win – Lose relationships are not an option, the only option is to be building Win – Win relationships at all times.

Social Dynamics solves the problem of “why can’t we all get along,” by putting aside the needs of the individual and coming together as a collective to figure out the solution to major issues in today’s world. You cannot change the world on a grand scale by appealing to the masses, but you must impact the individual.

One person at a time, Kingpin Social believes that Social Dynamics will save the world. The student of Social Dynamics learns how to build Win – Win relationships with the kinds of people he’d like to meet, the people that are currently in his life and any skill set that he desires.

Social Dynamics applies not only to people, but also to skill sets.

The topic of Social Dynamics is never ending, diverse, profound. This blog is to uncover, one piece at a time, the mystery of authentic human communication. There has been two books written on the evolution of Social Dynamics, and both books are available to the subscribers of this blog.

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