The “Win-Win” Mentality

WinWhy do human beings have the ability to thrive universally in any environment more than any other earthling? I feel that in order to find the answer to this question you need to look deep inside yourself, after all… it has been covered up with years and years of social conditioning. The world that revolves around us at all times has been founded on one premise that all human achievement that have thrived around: what we all have in common is the “Win-Win” principle.

In almost every culture there is a source of “Win-Win.” “One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself”, is an old example of how our history has been shaped by this “Golden Rule.” But I feel as though today we can’t operate on old knowledge. We, as a collective and evolved race of human beings, can not only see deeper into the universe but are also just as capable of forgetting the small things. Those small things are actually the strongest judges of character you can find. That idea that the rich can donate any small percentage of their wealth and have it not actually mean much, but the beggar who donates all of the two pennies of which he owns, means all the world of difference.

In the world we live in today we are supposed to co-operate. We are supposed to understand that an outcome is just that, ”an outcome” vs. a mindset that can be infinite. For years how much of that knowledge has been thrown at us and how much of it have you actually picked up? How much of this obvious feedback have you received to know that it is bad to hurt somebody, or to steal?

I feel every single person in the world wants to work together with everyone else. If I didn’t believe it, then I could not live the words I say and share them in a way that other people can learn from. “Growth is the only option” was what one of my great mentors shared with me one day. It had taken well over twenty years before he could come to the conclusion to solving problems the best attitude was to embrace growth.

My mission in life is not to cruise through life, nor is it to work until total dysfunction. I feel that the answer lies somewhere in the middle. How do you make every situation a Win-Win? Watch this blog where I communicate my thoughts and feelings on why a Win-Win is so important and how to apply it.

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  1. Very nice post Mikey. I love the philosophy behind it and I’ll probably have to watch the video again to comprehend it better (just got out of bed). Very nice way to start a new day for me, as I can change the win-win scenario for my environment by starting right now, with myself, before I go to uni. Give myself value with a good breakfast, clean room and have things organized. Thanks a lot for this (:

    Anyway, as asked, I’ll post a relationship that’s not win-win. It’s a relationship with my father, he always has been a bit of the demanding kind of person and wants things done his way, or expects people to do it as he pleases.Which is, in my opinion, also why he’s stuck in life the way he is now, divorced, shitty job, always complaining, celebrating his b-day with his parents instead of friends.
    I’m trying to reach out to him and show him the light that Social Dynamics is and I think it works a little bit. That’s one of the relationships currently in my life that’s not as win-win as I’d want it to be.

  2. Word RAPH. Thanks for commenting.

    How have you been trying to reach out to him, and how do you think that you could improve the way in which your reaching out to him?

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