How To Be Good At Anything: The Process Model

by Ben Martin
felix baumgartner

“The Process Model” organizes the naturally recurring parts of your entire development so you can put the principles of the Adult Learning Method and Inchworm into action day after day. It improves results-oriented thinking and leads to a consistently high level of performance while maintaining steady improvement. Find out how to use it inside.

Lesson 1: You are the Product of Your Environment

by Kevin
kingpin social curriculum environment

The environment is a concept based off of the idea of evolution. I am not talking about how the world came to be, rather the nature of change and development. Everything evolves, changes, and develops. All of these changes are based on the environment. What does this mean for us? Watch Lesson 1 on Environment.

Why Kevin Believes in the Social Dynamics Movement

by Kevin
writing a letter

At a recent team meeting the question: “Why is Social Dynamics Important to You?” was posed, and each of us were challenged to write a letter detailing why we believe in the movement so much. Here is Kevin’s answer.

Lesson 6: Value vs. Relationships

by Kevin
kingpin social curriculum lesson 6

By understanding the correlation between the types of value (needs) and the types relationships created from these value exchanges, it is possible to give each and every relationship in your life more purpose and more direction. Find out how in Lesson 6.

Who is Kingpin Social?

by Cam
kingpin social

What is our mission? Why do we, Kingpin Social, exist? What is our goal with Social Dynamics? What announcements do we have to share with everyone? Find out for yourself, inside.

Lesson 5: Human Needs

by Kevin
kingpin social curriculum lesson 5 human needs

Without an understanding of what values exist and are being exchanged among people, it is very difficult to know the direction that each relationships is headed, let alone the purpose of these relationships. To change this we need to understand what a human values, and this is the topic of Lesson 5.

Lesson 4: Understanding Value

by Kevin
lesson 4 understanding value kingpin social

If relationships are all based of an exchange of value, then understanding the types of values we exchange is essential for understanding the types of relationships we ultimately create. So what types of value do we need to exchange in order to develop positive relationships? Find out in Lesson 4.

Lesson 3: Relationships = Math

by Kevin
lesson 3 kingpin social curriculum

Math is a universal language. By developing the ability to understand relationships by building parallels to the relationship nature of mathematics, much can be learned. In lesson 3 you will learn how to use this concept to your advantage.

Interview: How Cam Hustled to Get Accepted Early into The Foundation

by Cam
kingpin social in the media

This morning Cam was interviewed by Pascal Wagner about tactics he used to be one of the first three people accepted into a program called “The Foundation” that has received over 1600 applicants thus far. How’d he do it? Check out inside.