How Our Decisions Affect the World: Nutrition Edition

by Brian

Eating healthier foods has substantially increased my energy levels, my gains in the gym, and has made my overall outlook on life more positive. Not only that, it’s influenced and impacted the lives of those around me. Why does this happen? Find out inside.

How I Overcame Judgment of Others and Myself

by Mikey B
never judge

We are creatures of habit and it’s easy to fall into the bad habit of judging people. This is a short story on how I was able to fix my negative judgment of other people and myself.

Rapid Rapport, Making Connections, and Creating Value

by Max Nachamkin

Recently I was introduced to Max Nachamkin, an aspiring entrepreneur who’s started a blog called Inner Gladiator, where he helps people find a purpose to live more fulfilling lives. So how can you use rapid rapport to make better connections and create more value? Find out inside.

The Irritation Projection: How to Use Projection to Feel More Positive.

by Alden Tan
alden tan

Have you encountered a group of people who were wildly affected by something or someone when it seemed totally normal and no big deal to you at all? I have. I’ve always been confused about this. Why does one thing bother me and not another? So I started to learn about it and thought I’d share what I found inside.

3 Important Qualities of a Great Mentor (Do You Have These?)

by Mikey B
lightbulb moment

The easiest way to grow exponentially is to have a mentor. Mentors cut YEARS off your learning curve. But not all mentors are made equal and some can be better than others. Do your mentors have these 3 qualities? Find out inside.

Caution: Why “Be Yourself” Is Bad Advice If Not Taken Properly

by Mikey B
be yourself

Throughout your whole entire life you will hear the advice “Be Yourself”. I’m sure up to this point you’ve already heard it a million times. Sometimes it can be frustrating because it’s hard to understand what it really means. Find out how to use it to take your life to the next level inside.

Mission 1: Pack Your Bags

by Kevin

Recently my roommates moved out and I was forced to decide my next steps. Moving is always a stressful event, but within it I learned a valuable lesson about my time and energy, by observing the purpose and function of the belongings I had with me. Did I really need all of this “stuff”? Find out inside.

3 Reasons To Call Your Mother (Even If You’re Not a Mama’s Boy!)

by Mikey B

After a recent call with my Mother, I had the realization of hidden value she was bringing to my life. If you’ve ever heard your mother say “Why don’t you ever call me?”, then this post is for you! Find out 3 reasons you should call her, inside.

Lesson 2: Defining Your Environment

by Kevin
Kingpin Social Curriculum Environment

To define what your environment is we have to look at the patterns we see in the environment. We look for the commonalities between all of the possible things that could potentially make up our environment. Find out how we do it in Lesson 2 on Environment.