5 Unwritten Rules to Have More Fun in a Club

Tom is right behind nursing a swollen eye and broken jaw. Blood drips down his face as the police ask a bunch of questions.

We’re waiting for the ambulance to arrive.
Amanda is lying comatose right outside the entrance. There is a puddle of puke next to her, her hair dangerously close to getting soaked by it. Her skirt has ridden up, exposing her undergarments.

Her friends are around her, guarding her.


This is Alden. I work as a part-time bouncer at a local club in Singapore.

And I see stuff like that every night.

I know I painted a rather dark picture of nightlife. That’s the thing about working in a club. You see the flip side of things. Sometimes it even gets me down to see such human behaviour.

Everyone who patronizes a club is there to do one thing only: Have fun.

And it boggles my mind why people forget about that when they come.

Why people stop having fun in a club

There’re so many reasons.

You’re protecting your girlfriend: You just want to watch out for your girlfriend and hope no douchebags hit on her.

Low alcohol tolerance: And you end up getting drunk.

It’s too loud and crowded: People are bumping into you non-stop.

Just to name a few.

They sound like a bunch of legitimate reasons for sure, but really, it’s all on you.

We forget that a club is a place to let go of your inhibitions and have fun. This memory lapse is mostly due to an underlying form of insecurity that should well, be thrown away, because you’re in a place to have fun.

Based on my years of experience in the club with a view from the “other side”, I’ve come up with a list of rules you should abide by in order to have more fun in a club.

Heck, it can even be applied in life too! Check it out:

The 5 Unwritten Rules to Have More Fun in a Club

  1. Let go of your worry for money.
  2. In a club one has to spend money, mainly on drinks. They can be rather expensive.

    Thinking about your finances in the midst of a party can be a real downer for yourself. It is almost inevitable that you’ve got to spend, so there is no point thinking about it.

    So don’t. Just let it go and have fun with the other elements such as socializing, dancing and music.

    On the flipside, you can do yourself a favour by having a strong grasp of your finances and your attitude towards them.

    I used to party a lot myself and I know how it is. Sometimes you end up being the one who orders the round of drinks for everyone, out of not wanting to lose face perhaps.

    It’s actually okay not to do any of that. Let your friends know you’re just there to chill out and that you aren’t planning to have a wild time. Control your alcohol too as you may impulsively buy a round.

    Pro tip: If you plan on drinking, go there with a set amount of money ($20-40) and no debit/credit cards. That way you can only spend a fixed amount, and as you drink, you don’t go past your limit.

  3. Be nice to the staff.
  4. I’ve seen many customers complain that their night was ruined because of us staff. Apparently they were talked to rudely and also not given what they wanted.

    A patron who firmly believes that “the customer is always right” and thinks he gets to disrespect the staff would be understandably given less-than-stellar service. The customer is now mad.

    I totally understand that the staff (especially those at the door) represent the company and can make the difference of a customer’s night, but ultimately, it is one’s personal responsibility to make out his own fun.

    Zero expectations and just being a nice to your fellow humans would make a big difference.

    Besides, treat us well, and we could help you too. We give some nice customers extra privileges like cutting the line.

    It’s simple: be nice and responsible for your own fun.

  5. WALK AWAY from danger.
  6. Fights happen in a club for a number of reasons. It could be as serious as some rowdy person stealing your drinks or molesting your girl.

    Or it could be as simple two drunk guys accidentally bumping into each other.

    I know how it is. An ex-girlfriend of mine had her ass grabbed in front of me once. I got instantly heated up.

    Frustration, irritation and anger can be easily built up in a club. And they all seem like they’re justifiable. After all, you didn’t do anything wrong.

    Does this mean you should start a fight or even confront your supposed adversary?


    You simply need to walk away, before you do something you regret.

    Walk away, and let it go.

    The media may make it seem like you’re standing up for your manhood or that repressing yourself is a bad thing. But it isn’t.

    The reality is that, again it’s your own responsibility to take care and watch out for yourself. Fighting, confronting or arguing to “win” isn’t going to stop the world from throwing unfairness at you.

    A more stark reality would be that you may end up at the hospital or police station.

    Pro tip: Fighting is totally lame. It’s time to grow up and act like adults. Fighting is an external reflection of a weak wind.

  7. Have ZERO expectations.
  8. How common is it to hear about a bunch of frat boys who want to hit on hot girls and hook up for the night? Let’s not forget the underground community of supposed pickup artists.

    A club is a place to do only one thing: Have fun.

    If you go in expecting to hook-up, get VIP treatment, meet the guest DJ or basically outmatch your previous awesome week, you’re already handicapping yourself.

    As with life, try to have zero expectations and let loose of the assumptions in your head.

    Life outside the club can be pretty stressful as it is, so why add that in a place which is supposed to help you de-stress and relax?

  9. Stop hanging out with douchebags.
  10. It annoys me when my night is ruined because I have to take care of a drunk friend. It’s a major chore.

    And I don’t get the gratitude I deserve because said friend would be like, “Haha oh man I was so drunk last night I don’t remember A THING”.

    Due to his memory lapse, he seemed to have gotten away with it.

    Has this happened to you before?

    If yes, stop hanging out with such people. They aren’t doing you any favours.

    It may seem extreme, but the thing is I RECOGNIZE that such friends only serve to bring me down and take the fun I deserve away.

    The thing is, a lot of people tolerate such annoyances because they care about how they seem like to others. E.g. they don’t want to come across as petty or a downer in the group.

    But they forget what is best for themselves.

    It’s more fun to be with a group you’re more in tune with. You can even grow as a person.

    Don’t hold back on your own standards and I’m certain you can find a group where you truly belong in.

    Let it all go and have fun.

Remember, the club is where you have fun.

With the people, the music, the drinks or whatever it is, it just goes back to having fun.

That is just the only rule you need.

I gave you the unwritten rules. Think about them.

Then have fun. That’s all.


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  1. Hey Alden!

    Thanks for the great article man! I love it all…Wise wise stuff. I love how you have the insider track on this stuff and are sharing your true experience from the day in and day out stuff.

    Sometimes, I think the bar scene can attract the wrong kind of clientele. But at the end of the day, if you are there for FUN these steps are the perfect way to have FUN. If you are there to fight, lose control of yourself, or be a dick, these aren’t the right steps… 🙂

    Thank you for this Alden! Keep it coming!

  2. Great points Karim. I definitely think the bar scene is going to attract a certain type of person, but that doesn’t mean it’s good or bad, it’s just different. As an example, I met Kevin (my business partner) at the club. There can be some really cool people there, you just have to dig a bit deeper to find them.

  3. I like this post.

    I look at bar/clubs like recess on the playground. I’m there to have fun and nothing else. If I meet a girl then it’s cool, but I always tell myself to walk out of this place with a new story or a smile on my face.

  4. Thanks for commenting Anwar! I like what you said about leaving with a story or a smile on your face. It really should be that simple right? 🙂

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