3 Step Process to Eliminate Negative Emotion (And Be Happy Without Thinking About It!)

by Brian
positive emotions

How many opportunities do you miss out on a daily basis because you’re stuck in a negative state? All it takes is one stroke of bad luck, one bad experience or even one bad thought before we feel slow, quiet and frustrated. Find out how to eliminate negative emotion once and for all. Happiness awaits.

Top 10 Neil Armstrong Quotes

by Cam
neil armstrong on the moon

Neil Armstrong, the first man to step onto the moon, died today at the age of 71. A true inspiration to millions around the world, here’s my take on his top 10 quotes.

How To Be Good At Anything: The Conscious Competence Model.

by Ben Martin
poker starting hands

Success takes talent, hard work and the right information. Fortunately, the only thing you don’t control is talent. The rest is learning. So what’s the right information about how to learn? Find out inside.

Does Social Media Encourage You to Be Anti-Social?

by Cam
Thumbnail image for Does Social Media Encourage You to Be Anti-Social?

Recently I was interviewed as a source for a piece on the affects social media have on your social life. With a question like this, there is always more to my answer than what could be written about in someone else’s piece, so I thought I’d share my full thoughts today.

4 Tips to Keep Yourself Accountable to Working Out

by Amanda Timmins
workout partner

Everybody knows that physical fitness is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. But just because it’s important doesn’t mean it’s easy to get off the couch to go work out. Here are 4 tips I’ve found have helped me do just that, and keep me accountable to my fitness goals.

Life is Too Short to Not Be Lived Passionately

by Brian
risk taker

Many people spend their entire lives wishing for something more but never taking the necessary action steps towards living their ideal life. A mountain is hard to climb in a single leap, and most people never even take the first step.

How to Develop Your Dreams and Stop Yourself From Giving Them Up

by Karim Saleh

In a world full of excuses, how do you sift through the noise and achieve your dreams? What are the many reasons that hold us back from going after what we’ve always wanted? What are four steps we can take to improve our lives through action? These answers and more inside.

How to Achieve Freedom (And Why Your Idea of Freedom is Wrong!)

by Kevin
butterfly freedom

The idea of freedom is an important one. It’s something everyone wants, strives for, craves, and ultimately needs in order to fulfill their passions and dreams! But yet so few truly have it. This doesn’t stop many from believing they do. So what is freedom, actually, and how can you achieve it? Find out inside.

Codependency & The Road To Self-Love

by Jamie

Are you always bending over-backwards, always available, and always waiting around for your boyfriend or girlfriend? Do you ever wonder why they seem to lose interest? You’re fed up, sad, and angry. You know you have a life of your own that you should live but you don’t and it’s slowly deteriorating along side your social life and ambition. Are you THAT girl or guy?