Venue Spotlight: Kawa Espresso Bar

by Mikey B
kawa espresso bar calgary

A key part of having a good Lifestyle is adding local culture to your life. One way to do this is by exploring your city to discover various venues that fit your tastes. Kawa Espresso Bar is a local Calgary establishment specializing in Coffee and Wine. But it’s not just that. Kawa attracts an interesting mix of multicultural professionals making it a great place to socialize. So we sent Mikey B to check it out.

5 Classic Body Language Tips (Are You Forgetting These?)

by Amanda Timmins
nonverbal communication chart

Studies show that 93% of communication is nonverbal. 53% of this comes from your body language. That’s right. Over half of what you communicate is said silently through your body and it’s actions. Here are 5 classic body language tips you need to remember.

How to Read More Books Without Reading Books

by Mikey B

Sometimes it can be hard to find time to read that book you’ve always wanted to read. It can be hard to sit down. Life is busy and there’s always more important things to do than read. But I was finally able to discover a secret that has allowed me to learn valuable knowledge I’ve always wanted… all without having to sit down and actually read a book. Find out what it is, inside.

How Embracing Vulnerability Can Make You Infinitely More Confident (And End Up Hurting You Less In The Long Run.)

by Karim Saleh
conquering fears

We all have fears. Some are rational, others not so much. Every fear we have has a major influence on our life. But how much of an influence are they having? Are we even in control of our own lives anymore? Learn more about fears and how you can overcome them by embracing vulnerability inside.

The Key to Greatness is Expression

by Brian
Thumbnail image for The Key to Greatness is Expression

Expression is an art form that some are blessed with understanding from a young age. Expression is also an art form that can be learned — through learning it you will step into a life of your desire.

3 Steps to Build Stronger Character (Even If You Don’t Have Time.)

by Amanda Timmins

Have you ever wondered what it means to be virtuous or how you can improve those qualities deemed to be virtues? Have a peek inside to find out how you can “work out”, inside and out.

How to Be Great Now & Not Later

by Jamie
muhammed ali mirror

We are our worst critics and often say the most negative and downright rude things on a subconscious and conscious level. Some of the things we wouldn’t even consider saying to other people yet we are comfortable tossing them around on our own sensitive psyche. How does this affect our lives? Find out inside.

The Importance of Lifestyle

by Kevin

Life style is the style of life that you choose to live. It is the finesse and approach to your life. The way you do something is the way you do anything. Why is focusing your time and energy on building a lifestyle important? Find out inside.

The Difference Between “Dreamers” and “Do’ers” & How to Find Your Purpose

by Brian
Thumbnail image for The Difference Between “Dreamers” and “Do’ers” & How to Find Your Purpose

This Sunday at Ideas Developing Ideas I had the opportunity to sit down with a friend wise beyond his years, David O’Neil, and we talked about how the difference between dreamers and do’ers. Is your path pre-determined, or do you chose your own destiny? If you chose it, why do some people actually live it and others simply wonder?