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Four Steps To Live A Better Lifestyle

The Mikey B Show
Welcome to this week's episode of The Mikey B Show. This week on the show we have local BBoy Kevin Choo. Want a better lifestyle? Today we go through four steps to live a better lifestyle. We build off one of the first episodes “New Experiences” and now show you the roadmap to turn those new experiences to part of your lifestyle and identity.

4 Tips On Being A Good Wingman

Welcome to this Wednesday’s episode of The Mikey B Show! Today I brought on co-blogger and personal wingman, Brian Mark. Ever wanted to get the best wingman ever? Well it all starts with you. Learn our secrets to winging and how to find the best wing for you.

How Jealousy Destroys You & Your Relationship

This past week I received an email from a reader regarding their unhappiness. Their story really hit home with me as I had actually experienced a similar situation when I was younger. This post is my reply back to the reader that includes key notes and steps to over come a jealous partner and to work on your own insecurities to find happiness. Click to read more!

The Mikey B Show: New Experiences

Have you ever wanted to try new things? Have you wanted to but never really found out why you didn't go through with it and take any action? Have no fear, Calvin Tang and I go deep into discussion about how you can start getting more out of every new experience.

4 Things To Look For In A Man/Woman

During my family vacation in Maui, I met an incredible person while working in Starbucks. This stranger soon became a friend and gave me great life and dating advice. This is the "4 Things You Need In A Man or Woman" when it comes to long-term relationships. Check this out to read our collective advice on creating connections no matter where you are in the world.