One Quick Tip to Overcoming Growing Pains

passion for writingIt’s been about a year since I started sitting on my keyboard writing field reports. I’ve come a long way from my first posts. I can remember the days where my posts were long rants, describing each and every single person that I approached that evening. I wrote with too much detail. My extended efforts allowed me to have a clearer perspective on my journey of self – discovery.

Social Dynamics came into my life unexpectedly. The whirlwind of a year I’ve experienced started with a simple question from one man; “I’m moving downtown into a condo and I’m looking for a roommate.” A question that would cause me to leave my comfort zone would lead to a shift of direction for the rest of my life.

The Importance of Conscious Decisions

The hardest road is always the one will grow the most from. I was living comfortably when I met Cam, paying $300.00 for rent, making enough money to get by and buy all of the marijuana I smoked my time away with. My moderate depression was covered momentarily with the marijuana smoke and the drunken weekend escapades. At $925.00 a month, Cam offered me to move into a Downtown condo; away from the people that I had grown extremely fond of. My social circle – my environment – would have to be left behind for me to go on this path of self development.

Reflecting on this past year has brought to my attention the importance of the present moment decisions that are made in our everyday life. I look back on a year’s time and wonder where my life would be had I chosen to stay in my comfortable house with my old friends. They’re all good people – but we didn’t share the same passion for meeting people. You are a result of your environment. The people you hang out with shape the person you ultimately turn out to be. Leaving my social circle behind at 19 years old was the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make.

broke for passion

Especially knowing that I was going to be nearly broke for the next few months; while learning how to manage money in the more expensive condo I’d be living in.

If it was easy, everyone would grow.

Just a little over a year ago I was faced with a decision. This decision was to grow to levels I didn’t know were possible with my low self – esteem at the time, or to stay right where I was and live comfortably. The thing about living comfortably is that you don’t have to take the risk to see that your sense of reality may not be as right as you think it is. It’s always easier to stay at home in ignorance than it is to put yourself on the line and test how much you really know. It is the people who choose to strive for something more that get what they want out of reality. My decision that day seemed to be “Live in this house, or live in a house with Cam,”… but it was so much more than that.

making decisionsThe question that Cam posed to me was “Do you want to grow, or are you comfortable getting what you’ve always gotten.” The decision to grow has changed the course of my life in a forever positive direction. In a years time I went from a state of slight depression to a consistently passionate emotional state. The people that I surround myself with encourage me to grow even when my days start out dreading the sound of the alarm clock. Growing alone is hard, growing with a group is so much easier.

Every day we’re faced with decisions that seem like basic decisions.

“Cook for myself or eat a McDonalds bacon and egger” = “Take care of myself or treat myself with disrespect”

“Give change to someone less fortunate or walk on by” = “Make a difference in the world or live a life of selfishness”

“Stay home and study or go out to the bar” = “Develop personal integrity or take steps backwards in terms of growth”

These basic in the moment decisions affect the course of your life. The way that you do something is the way that you do everything. The present moment decisions that are made – although seemingly meaningless in the moment – are shaping the outcome of the person you turn out to be. Every decision matters. Conscious control over present moment decisions will cause you to turn into that person you’ve always wanted to become. Be conscious. Make the smart decision. Decide to grow in the moment. The small sacrifices you’ll have to make in the short term of your life will have the greatest positive impact on the vision you’ve created inside of your mind.

Thank you Kingpin Social..

self discovery

My decision to move in with Cam a year ago has shaped the outcome of my life. It’s caused me to live in passion with the people around me. It’s caused me to love every second I’m alive. It’s caused me to develop a relationship with my keyboard; but ultimately it’s caused me to develop a healthy relationship with myself. Cooking for myself, going to Yoga classes, maintaining my physical fitness and developing a sense of integrity are all byproducts of studying Social Dynamics.

Here’s your chance. It’s your turn to grow. It might be hard right now, but every decision that you make in this present moment affects the course of the rest of your life. Consciously choose to be better than you were yesterday.


  1. Great post Brian! The threads of life are so fascinating – by that I mean the small thread that connected you with Cam and then the decision to move in! Show me five of the people you hang out with the most, and without even meeting you, I have a fairly good picture as to who you are – we are products of our environment. A really great book you might want to consider reading is The Slight Edge. A great read. Keep up the growth!

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