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Building IntegrityYou wake up at 9:30am and roll over to look at your alarm clock. Pressing the snooze button 3 times probably wasn’t the best option, but staying up till 5 in the morning left you with no choice. A little bit more sleep was all you wanted before you woke up to attack the day.

Final exams are the most stressful part of the year. Everything you’ve learned in one semester answered in a test that has a major impact on the overall percentage of your grade. Studying for the test is brutal; but you decide to make sure that all of your bases are covered. Extra hours are put in, nights out with friends are skipped and books are read front to back.

Your 3 best friends on the other hand, decide that they want to go out during exam break instead of study. They invite you out numerous times over the exam break but you refuse; sticking to your guns and studying for the grade that you paid for. You didn’t invest in this skill set to waste it away on a night out at the bar.

The test day comes and goes. What seems like years later you and your three best friends receive your test grades. You look up at the 3 of them with a sly grin on your face.

The Way of the World

What is Success, anyways? The definition of success is different to many people. Some define success as happiness, some as wealth, some as passion. Though numerous definitions there is one universal truth about success.



The Importance of Preparation

Social Dynamics is a skill set that can be used for anything. Social Dynamics two fundamental laws are Assertiveness and Awareness; the one universal characteristic is that you give value freely expecting nothing in return.

Anything that you want in this life can be broken down and studied with the application of Social Dynamics. Alright. Final exams are around the corner, and you’ve got two weeks to prepare. In a time like this where your grades are extremely important, you must think about the most important relationship in your life: the relationship with yourself. By failing, are you going to give yourself value? No. That means that you must pass. Use your awareness to know that you must pass this test.

AwarenessThat was easy. Now that you know that you have to pass the test, what are the proper steps to passing it? You’re a pretty good student. You pay attention in class. Retention rates on learning are extremely ineffective though. Did you know that you only retain 10% of a Lecture that a teacher gives you? Perhaps more if you’re a note taker. However maybe you participated in a Discussion at school. Discussions are good! You’re learning at a 50% retention rate. Beautiful. The in class Reading that you’ve done has a retention rate of 30%.

With these retention rates that we learn at, are you going to know all of the information on the test? Probably not. Your awareness tells you that you need to study. Okay. What’s the best way? Reading has a 30% retention rate, and Discussions have a 50% retention rate; obviously discussions would be the best method of studying. As long as the Discussion stayed on the subject. You also have to have friends willing to Discuss things with you; and if you don’t that’s okay. You can use your Awareness to figure out who the smart students in the class are, figure out the best way to give them value and use your Assertiveness to give it to them.

In this case, your friends wouldn’t study with you. You haven’t studied Social Dynamics either, so meeting new people isn’t that easy for you. You’re stuck to reading, which you retain 30% of what you read. That’s not bad though; that’s better than not studying at all. Once you’ve used your Awareness to figure out the best way for you to get the grade you want, you must use your Assertiveness and plan the days when you’ll be studying. AND ACTUALLY STUDY ON THOSE DAYS.

Here’s how to get what you want.

Assertiveness and Awareness are two fundamentals of Social D that always get you what you want. Not having access to the things you need to get you what you want is okay; new people are always waiting for you to come and meet them. They want a warm, welcoming individual who knows how to communicate effectively and give them value. Once you understand how to give value to anyone, you can meet anyone that you want. This skill set will allow for success to be the only option for whatever opportunities you are preparing for.

Social DynamicsSocial Dynamics is your preparation; for anything. Any skill that you want to develop can be broken down and studied in two separate categories once you understand Social Dynamics at a fundamental level; Assertiveness and Awareness. Social Dynamics always gets you want. It is your preparation for any opportunities that arise in your life.

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