4 Tips On Being A Good Wingman

The Mikey B Show

Welcome to this Wednesday’s episode of The Mikey B Show!

Before we get rolling I have to announce my positive living slogan that is only to be used by people living life to the fullest and those that are working on personal growth, “life is good!”

On today’s show my guest is my very own wingman, Brian Mark.  The relationship that I have developed with Brian has impacted my life in such a positive way that I had to do a show on good wingmanship.

Brian is an accomplished writer with three books published and works fulltime for Kingpin Social.  I met Brian through the company and is now also my fulltime wingman.

Want to know the secrets to being the best wingman possible?  Watch The Mikey B Show below!

Welcome back!  Have any questions on winging? Ask us below!



  1. Wicked video fellas. Bromance taken to the Social Dynamics ninja level.
    Glad to have those IDI’s where the fellas get a chance and the environment to discuss Social Dynamics as well as find common interests.

  2. I could not agree with you more. I feel that IDI is a huge resource/tool that anyone in the movement can capitalize on and move their growth forward. What do you think IDI did for you Angelo?

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