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How to Quit Smoking FOREVER

Have you ever thought about quitting smoking? Have you tried before but failed? Are you ready to give up this habit that's held you back for so long? If you're a smoker you're missing out on an array of positive energy you have available to fuel your dreams. Find out how to finally quit forever inside.

Venue Spotlight: Kawa Espresso Bar

A key part of having a good Lifestyle is adding local culture to your life. One way to do this is by exploring your city to discover various venues that fit your tastes. Kawa Espresso Bar is a local Calgary establishment specializing in Coffee and Wine. But it's not just that. Kawa attracts an interesting mix of multicultural professionals making it a great place to socialize. So we sent Mikey B to check it out.

The Importance of Lifestyle

Life style is the style of life that you choose to live. It is the finesse and approach to your life. The way you do something is the way you do anything. Why is focusing your time and energy on building a lifestyle important? Find out inside.