Warning: Are You Fundamentally Flawed?

Being back in the frozen land of Canada for the last week and a half has been a blast. Yesterday I was hanging out with Kevin, and as normal the conversation revolved around social dynamics and the pickup artist community. At one point Kevin explained how pickup is fundamentally flawed, which I thought was a great topic for todays post. Here are my thoughts on the matter.

Who Else Wants Authenticity?

Last night I was answering questions on Facebook, when I got one question that instantly annoyed the fuck out of me. It was a clear example of someone over-thinking an interaction, instead of just being real and allowing themselves to open up a little bit, and being authentic. When I woke up this morning I was still pissed off about it, so I thought I'd get this off my chest in a post for everybody.

The Secret to Living Drama Free

Anybody else sick of drama? I know I am. Life comes down to the choices we make, so back in 2008 I made the choice to live drama free. Since then I have made huge strides in eliminating drama from my life. Check out this article for my secret to living drama free.

Guest Post: Did You Warm Up?

Fellas, so you do your daily GTL and you're fuckin' fresh to death. Dope threads. Check. Mocha skin tone. Check. You smell real goooood. Check. But are you socially fit? Hmmm…Well here are a few thoughts. Check it out!

Cam Travels for 5 Weeks Alone, Learns Things.

For the last five weeks I have been travelling solo across the USA teaching men the concepts we talk about on this blog. I have been to 4 different cities, met countless people, and learned a lot. I feel blessed to have been on this trip. It was life changing. In this article I’ll go through the various lessons I’ve been learned, and also share the many observations I made along the way.

The Article Every Newbie Should Read

DON'T MISS THIS ARTICLE! Statistics in the pickup community show that 90% of guys who get involved in game in some form (studying, a few approaches, etc) will drop out within the first year. I couldn’t agree more. At the same time, I think this is totally fucked up! In this article I dive into this phenomenon and show you how you can avoid becoming a statistic, and instead, get the girls you want!

Number One Principle to Skyrocket Your Results Today!

Every once in awhile I stumble upon a concept that in theory should be exactly the same as with another skill, but the real life application of it is the total opposite… no matter how ridiculous it is. That’s what I want to talk about today: one concept that in theory should be no different then in other skill-sets, but the application of it is different - and it's holding you back!