Developing New Connections Made Easy

by Brian
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Developing new connections can be tough, if you don’t understand it. The only reason you haven’t done it yet is because you don’t know how. Develop more of an understanding for the world, and make it easier on yourself to create more options.

Should You Buy Girls Drinks?

by Jamie

“Hey babe, can I buy you a drank?” A lot of girls go out to the bar with the expectation of either getting approached or groped (not that we want to or not)… one of the two. Typically with an approach you end up with a nice little alcoholic beverage in your right hand, and […]

Find the Calm within the Storm

by Cam

Yesterday I woke up to some bad news. The night before a close friend had been charged with a DUI. I ended up going to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting with him, and during the discussion period I was reminded of a valuable lesson to keep in mind when times are tough. Learn more inside.

Facing Yourself: Developing Self Worth

by Brian
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The only enemy that exists win your life is an internal one. Facing yourself and coming to terms with the things that you need to fix in your life is developing internal self worth. It’s a step by step process, this article outlines the first step.

My Thoughts On Break Ups…

by Myke Macapinlac

Oh man, break ups provide a bad cocktail of emotional confusion all around. I think it’s sad how some relationships go from luke warm to searing hot then at a snap of a finger, ice cold. There’s no easy way to break someone’s heart but here are a few things I’ve learned to make it just a little bit better.

What Big Brother 13 Taught Me About Showing Weakness

by Cam
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Throughout all my years in the pick-up community, I was taught not to show weakness. I was taught not to talk about where I may not be strong, or what might make me “less attractive”. While watching Big Brother the other night, I realized that was wrong. Here’s why.

Sick of Online Dating? Bar-Star’s not Cutting it? Shift Your Focus.

by Brian
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Step away from the boring ways of meeting people and step into the real world. There are hundreds of options that pass you by daily, alot of them that you are physically attracted to. This article outlines easy ways to remove the nerves, and start approaching these people.

The LITTLE things make a BIG difference.

by Jamie

“A guy who knows how to take care of himself is attractive, because we then know that he can take care of the women in his life.” A post about how missing the little things when it comes to presenting yourself can set you up for failure. You worked really hard on getting that girl on a date, so don’t fuck it up by missing a few key factors that keeps you from landing date number two. Read on for more…

Don’t be Her Therapist, Bro.

by Cam

Have you ever been friends with a girl who only seems to talk to you when she wants to bitch about her problems and get your advice… but doesn’t seem to be interested in anything else? Like you’re just being used? I’ve been there too, so I thought I’d talk about it. Check inside for the solution you’ve been looking for.