Embrace the Power of Your Beliefs

by Brian
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Your beliefs are what make your world the way it is; whether that be something you want or not. Your beliefs are your closest friend or your biggest enemy, depending on how much value they bring you. Read this article and learn how to use your beliefs as a tool on your belt, propelling you towards the life that you want to live.

Give more, Expect less.

by Jamie

How the ‘tally mentality’ can ruin your relationships. Let go of expectations, learn to give more, and expect less. Read to find out more!

The Secret to Healthy Relationships with Anyone

by Cam

Life comes down to the relationships you keep. Relationships are simply an exchange of value. Value is relative to an individuals perception of value. Learn how to determine someones perception of value, and have healthy relationships.

How to See Your Goals Through..

by Myke Macapinlac
goal setting

A friend and I we’re having a chat at 3:30 am. “Sigh” I’m scared and excited to hear what he had to say. A concern that was brought up was a comfort zone that I have. I like creating and starting things. I like the idea of putting together something from nothing.There’s a problem though if the idea is not seen all the way through. So how have I been able to fix this and accomplish my goals?

How to Develop Social Intelligence

by Brian
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“It’s always better to give, then to get.” You’ve heard that before. We’ve only ever learned how to give external gifts, though. What about internal? You can give internal value, and it’s the most important currency. Make sure you know how to do it though, read on.

How to Kick Yourself in the Ass

by Brian
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If we could only find a way to hold ourselves accountable to our word. We know what needs to get done to be the most productive, to be happy. How often do we do it though? Read this article on how you can build your own accountability.

How the ‘Jealousy Plotline’ Sets You Up for Failure.

by Jamie

So you really dig this girl, and maybe you dig a few of her other friends but not really as much as this one smoke show. You get this ‘brilliant’ idea that instead of making a connection with the one girl you really desire that you submerge yourself in the entire group of friends to make her jealous. Hey, can’t hurt right? Wrong. Find out why, inside.

When the Exchange of Value Goes Wrong?

by Cam
kevin kingpin social

Shortly after arriving home from DJing… my friends announce that the security guard is going to bring us up to the roof of my condo building for a Kingpin Social photoshoot. I can’t say I was very surprised either – it only makes sense that my life is like this… I study Social Dynamics. But there was also something negative about this situation. And it has to do with the exchange of value.

7 Billion People = 7 Billion Options

by Brian
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The ignorant world exists and thinks that they are a victim to the cards that they are dealt. There are 7 billion people in this world right now, that means there are 7 billion options. Read this article to find out more on how to take advantage of those options.