Brian is a firm believer in living in the present. Brian lives his life by the philosophy “Act for the future, not because of the past.” He is a passionate writer, a sober socialite and aspires to be a positive influence to everyone he interacts with. Read more about Brian here.

How to Infect the World with Positivity

You ever walk down the street in a daze? The people around you seem to pass in a blur; the steps you take seem to be without number as your mind wanders. With your thought patterns occupied by life’s problems you’re unable to notice the beautiful world we live in today. This post teaches you how to break FREE from that trance.

Action Steps To Conquer Laziness

I went to the Gym today and saw something ugly. It was the first time at Talisman in awhile. I needed to get my running in so I figured I’d check the track out. At first, I was only going…