Every Failure as a Learning Experience

You’re on a date with the girl you met at the mall. She’s gorgeous, man. She looks you in the eyes when she talks to you, you feel like you two are connecting… but she keeps looking at her phone. She seems distracted, you begin to worry she isn’t interested in you. To gain her attention when she looks at her phone you think of a funny story that would bring her back to your reality, but when you say the story it’s ill – timed and forced. The end of the date rolls around and she says she thinks you’re an awesome guy, but she’s just not interested in a relationship.

Every situation in this life has positives and negatives. It is what you choose to look for. The crazy part about this phenomenon is that WHAT YOU CHOOSE TO ACT ON is what comes to fruition.

If you see the girl texting on her phone while talking to you, in your mind if you begin to think that she is disinterested; you will begin to behave in a way which will make her disinterested. That’s the interesting thing about the subconscious mind; it brings to fruition whatever our conscious thoughts believe to be true. If I, consciously believe, that a girl is disinterested in me than my subconscious mind will make me act in ways that will MAKE her disinterested in me, to prove my conscious mind to be true. On the flip side, if I were to pay no merit to the fact that she was texting on her phone and consciously believe that she was extremely interested in me, than my subconscious mind would have made me behave in a way that would have MADE her interested in me.


The idea in your conscious mind is what becomes your reality. It is only recently that I discovered the power of my conscious mind, and the idea that whatever I consciously think becomes my reality. If I consciously believe that I deserve to be successful, and that I deserve to get MORE out of this world than more will come to me. On the flip side, if I begin to falter and believe that I don’t deserve what I’m getting, that I’m failing at whatever it is that I’m doing than I will begin to fail.

The funny part about a situation like that is that failure is inevitable. No matter how much you train your conscious mind to be successful, you will fail. One must question the nature of the conscious mind. When you fail, do you choose to stay a failure (if your conscious mind decides you don’t deserve success) or do you choose to pick yourself up, learn from that failure and succeed?

“It’s not about how many times you hit your opponent. It’s about how many times you can get hit, and keep moving forward.”

The conscious mind is the most powerful tool on our belt. Training your mind is training your body, your soul, and creating your environment. If your conscious mind believes in positivity, no matter HOW much negativity gets thrown your way your conscious mind will find the positivity in it. You crash your car while texting on your phone? Hard lesson not to text on your phone while driving. You break up with your long – term girlfriend? Now you know what you do / don’t want in a girl, now you can look back and see what made that relationship un – successful. Your family member passes away? You become a stronger person and allow their positive influence and lessons become rooted and enforced in your memory.

Positivity is the key to success. Belief is the key to life. What you perceive to be your reality, becomes your reality. What you believe to be true, becomes true. If you think your girlfriend is cheating on you, you will begin to behave in a way that will make her cheat on you. (“Where have you been, what were you doing, where are you going?”) If you believe that you will be successful, your conscious mind will find a way to make that happen no matter the cost. No matter how many times people come at you with negativity and failure. No matter how many times you fall down while walking on your path, you will continue to get up and move forward.


The mind runs rampant, runs uncontrolled if you let it. You must be aware of your mind, and where it is wandering at all times for at all times you are communicating the idea in your mind to other people, whether or not you are saying a word. You sit in silence while feeling like shit, people know something’s wrong. You sit with a slight grin in silence, people know you’re happy about something. You speak with a weak tone and your voice speaks uncertainty in a topic, people know you don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about.

Sub communication is everywhere, and every human being sub communicates. It is the people who are aware of the sub communication that have control over their reality, over their circumstance. If you can learn how to sub communicate the right messages to the right people, the right people will give you the right opportunities. You just have to learn how to sub communicate.

How do you sub communicate? You consciously communicate with yourself. You take control over the voice in your head and you make him your friend, not your enemy. If you can’t beat the voice in your head, become the voice in your head. First you must come to terms that there is a voice in your head. Coming to terms with this voice is admitting that you have an ego, and this is an almost impossibility for a lot of today’s society. You consciously control your subconscious thoughts. Although they run free, you have the power to consciously program them. You must first be aware of this power, and how to use it.


The idea in your mind becomes reality through sub communications with your environment. Have strong ideas and make them come to life through positive sub communications. Think positivity at all times, no matter the cost. Think positivity at all times, no matter the circumstance. In every situation there is a positive and a negative side to it, it is what you choose to look for. If you are working towards a goal and stumble upon a failure, now you know one more way that DOESN’T work, to get to your goal.

Let’s say you’re trying to lose 15 pounds, and you work out for a month to lose 5 pounds. Your diet is strict, your workout routine; pristine. The next month you eat Arby’s a couple times, you slack on a couple days in the gym and you gain those 5 pounds back. This situation has a positive and a negative. The NEGATIVE? You’re working towards losing 15 pounds, and you gained the 5 pounds back that you lost. It seems hopeless, and you could just give up because “it’s genetics.” Or, you can choose to pick yourself the fuck up, stick to your workout plan and your diet and lose 10 pounds the next month


So go out there. Fail. Succeed. It doesn’t matter, because it’s all a learning experience. I write you this article not as a teacher, but as a student. I want to keep learning, keep growing, and keep leaning towards positivity. I will always be a student, as should you. This doesn’t just apply to Social Dynamics, or Dating, or your Career. This applies to your life. As soon as you STOP becoming a student, your ego begins to grow. The voice in your head becomes stronger, and begins to sub communicate weakness and insecurity in the environment. One who is always growing cannot be insecure. As human beings we are constantly evolving, and if you, too, are not evolving with your environment around you than you will be trapped in the limited system we live in today. Go to school, get a career with a salary and stick with it. Or you can choose to evolve, and do what the fuck you want with your life. Follow your passion, follow your dreams, follow your ideas. Make the ideas in your head become your reality by consciously believing in them and telling yourself that every failure is a learning experience. Only then will you grow into that person you’ve always wanted to be.


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