Easiest Way to Create Momentum at the Club

Whassup, pimps! Ever walk through the club and tell yourself that you’re there to approach, that you want to talk to some girls tonight… only to shit your pants once you’re actually inside the venue? What’s the first thing that you do when you walk through the doors of any venue.

The first thing that happened when you walk through the doors of the club dictates your night. There are usually three different things that happen to the average guy, so pay attention and be aware of these different things.


The bathroom guy. One of the pitfalls of the average guy, he decides as soon as he walks through the doors he needs to go pee. He pays no attention to the surroundings around him, no attention to the girls on the way to the bathroom and saunters his way towards the urinals. This guy is likely to kill his momentum unless he knows what he’s doing when it comes to approaching women, and he comes out of the bathroom on a roll.

The drink guy. The moment the front door girl is paid her cover, the second pitfall of the average man is to walk directly to the bar and start drinking. This sets the tone for the evening, and on the most likely cases the guys will be drinking for the rest of the night, money that they will never get back and money that they essentially waste to remove the caution that exists within the sober man. Women can sense when you’re drunk, and it’s a turn off. Drinking is no good for creating more options fellas.

The third thing the average guy usually does is walk around the venue with his circle of friends and scope out the girls. It’s 11pm, and there’s 150 people in the venue. “It’s dead,” one random dude says to his random friend. There’s 150 people in the venue, that means there’s 75 girls. When the average guy walks around with his group of friends to scope girls, and doesn’t talk to any, it tells all of those 75 girls what the average guy is doing. He’s looking for girls, but doesn’t have the balls to talk to any of the 75 in the room.


The momentum you create the second that you walk through the door is the momentum that will carry you through the night, whether that be good or bad. If you walk through the door and go straight to the bathroom, it’s likely that you won’t have the awareness to kick start that momentum as soon as you get out of the washroom. If the first thing that you’re doing is buying a drink, that means that you’ll probably be drinking the rest of the night. Drinking limits the thought process, so it is less likely that you will feel the anxiety of approaching. This prevents you from growing though, and limits your ability to be your best self. If you’re walking through the door and not talking to any girls on your trek around the venue it is likely that you will be stuck in your “girl hunting” mode for the rest of the night, unable to turn that “seeing” into “talking.”


Create the momentum in line to go into the venue. Start feeling good about being at the club, start feeling good that you’re here to grow. Talk to strangers in line, make conversation with the doorman and ask him how his night’s going. Talk to the Front Door girl, ask her how it is inside. The second that you walk through the door, and you see a girl, ANY girl, walk up to her and open with any of your conversation starters that you’ve planned out before coming to the club.

What does this do? This starts the ball of momentum. Keep in mind that the momentum you carry when you walk through the door is most likely the momentum that will stick with you for the rest of the night. That in mind, be aware of what the first thing you do once you walk through the doors of the club is. It’s important to get that ball rolling right away, because essentially what you’re doing is “warming yourself up socially”. When you are socially fit, and then you see the girl that you are attracted to, walking up to her and approaching her will be less of a daunting task.


–          Be aware of the pitfalls of the average man walking through the club doors. The Drink Guy, the Bathroom Guy and the Creepy Girl – Hunters. Avoid these three things like the plague, and instead be the Social Guy.

–          The momentum you create at the start of the night is the momentum that carries you through the night. Use momentum as a tool, as soon as you walk through the doors walk up to a group of strangers, put yourself on the line to see what you’re made of and start a conversation.

–          Getting momentum from the second you walk through the door is ensuring that you are “socially fit”. If you are “socially fit,” approaching the women you are attracted to will be easier.

In the end, the initial approaches will always be the hardest. That’s why it’s important to do them as soon as you walk through the door. Whether or not you find the first group of people physically attractive is irrelevant, because you are brightening THEIR night by talking to them, and warming yourself up for the physically attractive women that you want to meet tonight. The women that you are attracted to will appreciate that you’ve got your social swag on, because you’ve warmed up. Do yourself a favor, do them a favor and abolish those comfort zones as soon as you walk through the front doors of the club. The rest of the night will feel 10x easier.




  1. I’ve always thought that approaching people as soon as you walk in is an excellent idea. However, what kind of conversation starters should you use? General ones to include the whole group, openers to only target one person, openers for a target?

  2. General conversation starters should be conversation starters that engage the entire group. Some really easy ones that I like to play with, when walking with my friends (this works for ANYONE, I’m black and I have white friends and I pull it off) “Hey guys! Really quick, which one of us is the older brother.” Some other easy ones you could use is comment on the environment. “Hey guys! Does Backalley always smell this bad?” Or you could just be straight up and honest “Hey guys! I’m out making new friends. I’m “blah blah.””

    When you’re starting out the night, get out of the pick up mentality. You’re there to SOCIALIZE. Socializing, meaning that anyone that is in the vicinity that is your bubble is going to get talked to. If you remove Pick Up from the equation, and tell yourself that you’re just socializing, it will make it that much easier. It alleviates any pressure off of you to “win the group over.”

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