Open Your Eyes to Understand Your Reality

You’re sitting across from your friend as he tells you about his adventures in the Carribean. He just got back last weekend and he’s got some CRAZY stories man. You catch your mind wander to the thoughts of your weekend, and how you broke up with your girlfriend. 30 seconds after your mindless wonder, you come back down to reality and see your friend in front of your face. The last 30 seconds seem like a blur, and you phase back into the story as it’s coming to it’s climax. You don’t understand the context of the climax because you weren’t paying attention, you were daydreaming.


Think about it right now. We as humans are habitual creatures, and tend to exist in environments we’re familiar with. But how familiar are you with your environment? After you read this sentence, take a second. Look around your environment. Look at the texture of your roof, look at the color of your computer cords, look at the light on your computer. Look at your hand as it navigates the mouse on the computer. Go ahead, take a look. What’s around you?

You have just brought yourself to the present. How can you NOT be present when you’re aware of everything in your presence?

The idea is that you use your eyes to see. Open your eyes to notice everything in the environment. The poster on the wall, the burnt out light in the corner, the white card on the door, the can on the desk across from you. Too often I walk through the city of Downtown Calgary in a daze. Too often I talk to my friends and daze out, my mind creating mental images that takes away from one of my essential senses. Open your eyes and use your eyes to see, instead of wasting one of our most beautiful senses to daydream.

Ever been in a conversation with someone and you catch your mind worrying about a problem you’re having somewhere? Having your mind wander to what you’re supposed to be doing with your time later, having your mind wander to what time you’re supposed to be at work. The mind wanders relentlessly if we let it, and it goes without direction if you don’t focus on bringing the infinite wonder back down to reality.



Reality is the world around you. Reality is the chair you sit on, is the computer screen you’re reading off of, reality is the hair on the desk beside you. Use your eyes to see, because being able to visualize is an essential and important tactic, but you must find the appropriate time to visualize. The brain can only focus on so much, and if the brain ISN’T focused, than it is wandering aimlessly in endless wonder. If the brain is focused on the reality around you, that is when it can bring to the surface the creative IN RELATION to the world around you. Open your eyes is based on the concept that you use your eyes to see the things around you instead of wasting your vision on the daze that your mind wanders into if you let it go unwatched. This concept came from when I was sitting in a Starbucks about a month ago.


As I sat in the Starbucks, writing away, I looked up from my computer screen but my fingers continued to type. I looked up from the keyboard and I looked around the room. I looked outside, and observed the body language of the confident, beautiful woman crossing the street. I looked up at the baby sitting in it’s mother’s arms 10 feet in front of me. I looked out the window to see the sunny day before me, yet; my fingers continued to type about the environment around me.

The other night which developed this idea a bit further is the day I wrote “Sober and Alone: The Epiphany” I was at the Mansion, practicing approaching women, and I couldn’t be in the environment. It scared me for some reason, I was sketching out and couldn’t approach. I needed to go for a walk, so I stepped outside and carried my feet down 4th street underneath the bridge. As I walked under the bridge, I caught my gaze looking upwards at the skyscrapers.

“I didn’t want to take a cab because the cab always has a destination. I wanted to walk and see where my feet would take me. I looked up at the skyscrapers of Downtown Calgary. It’s such a beautiful view.”

I looked up and realized the beauty the city had to offer. I continued on my walk underneath the bridge and going back, reading the report, I realize that I had brought myself to the present.

“Walking under the bridge of 9th avenue I saw two girls coming towards me. I told myself that positivity always wins and I said, enthusiastically with a smile as I walked in between them ”High fives!” They reached up, gave me a high five as we were walking towards each other and we both kept walking.

There’s no fucking WAY I’m going home yet.”

The fight to become present is the one that exists the most within our society today. Opening your eyes, and using them to become more aware of the surroundings in your reality is essential. It’s hard not to be present when you notice everything within your presence. In order to notice everything in your presence, every little detail, you need to be paying attention. In order to be paying attention, you need not be daydreaming. When you are not daydreaming, you are present. The thing about daydreams is that they are not always dreams, often times they are reconstructive ideas of your mind rehearsing negative outcomes.

Being present is being centered. Conversations die out when one’s head begins to wander into the infinite wonder of our own mind, because realistically, it is infinite. Infinite wonder isn’t presence, and infinite wonder doesn’t make sense to people. If people cannot understand you, they will not communicate with you.

Limitless doesn’t exist within our world unless it exists in your own mind. It is up to YOU to unlock the limitless potential of your mind. I’ve started to unlock my limitless potential by becoming present. I want to always be present, I want to always be existing within my own reality. My reality is my reality. I want to UNDERSTAND my reality, and I want to raise my awareness of every situation that I’m in.


The moment, THIS moment, is yours. Choose to see it. Visualization is an important tool, if used correctly. Visualization is also your worst enemy, if you choose visualization over seeing your current reality when you’re trying to ENJOY your current reality. Enjoyment of your reality comes from experiencing it, experiencing it starts at SEEING it and BEING AWARE of what is in your reality. Only then are you comfortable within it, because you see and understand everything that is around you. So OPEN YOUR EYES. Look around the room right now, tell me what you see. The next time you imagine something negative happen, pull out of your head and look around the room. Take notice of all the little details. The next time you walk into the club, don’t be fooled by the superficial. Look up and see the rafters. This world is not what it’s presented to you to be. Pay attention to the little details, and you will begin to understand it.

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