Are You Positive? Or Are You Negative?

Why is the key to inspiration. Sitting in my office the other day with Jeremie I overhead him recite some of his company values aloud. One of the things Jeremie said is the “Why” questions. Why ask the why questions? Every decision in this life that we make will have an underlying consequence. I don’t want to put it like that, no. Every decision we make in this life will have a circumstance that comes because of it. Every decision in this life that we make, whether big or small, will have an impact on the world around us and most importantly, on ourselves. How can we make the best decisions?

With every decision in this life that you make, there are one of two ways it can go. There are a infinite different possible outcomes from the decisions you make, however the consequences can only be one of two things; it can be positive, or it can be negative. The scary part about this fact is that the negative is often cleverly disguised as positive. The wolf dressed in sheep’s clothing making its way through the herd. The ULTIMATE TRUTH? Often times, the positive choices are the hardest ones to make. Especially when it comes to the big decisions in life. Making the decision to de – friend one who is a negative influence on your growth mentality, making the decision to move out of home and away from your loved ones, making the decision quit your job and pursue your passion.

The wolf in sheep’s clothing often creeps up on your herd if you let it. How can you avoid the pitfall of negativity when making your daily decisions? Choose to be positive, in every aspect of your life. In this life, on this earth, you are the only one reading this post. I am the only one writing this post, because although we live in a collective reality, I live in my own individual reality. You live in your own individual reality, separate from the rest of the world. The external forces that live in this world that influence you towards negativity have no power, if you choose to see reality out of your own eyes. If you choose to make decisions based on your core values.

It’s said in this life that “money doesn’t buy happiness.” To an extent, I agree. I believe one must have the means to live; shelter, food, moderate entertainment and luxury, but anything other than that is excessive and unneeded. I wondered for so long why someone could possibly think that “money doesn’t buy happiness,” and I wrote them off as retarded. Then I started to open my eyes to the possibility of its truth, and I realized why money doesn’t buy happiness. Money is external validation. “Bro, look how cool my new car is.” What is the definition of external validation?

External validation is something that feeds the most unheathly part of the human body, mind, and soul. Ego is the source of external validation. Everyone in this world has an ego, including myself. Mine is a big one, and seeks validation more than I know. In this world I believe there’s a good ego, and there is a bad ego. A good ego is one who sees an idealized version of himself, and is always working towards that idealized version of himself regardless of circumstance. A bad ego is one that sees an idealized version of himself, but nothing to work towards that vision. In his disbelief in his own vision, he will begin to seek external validation for his vision. The guy who gets girls JUST because he can get girls.

M: Yeah bro, check what I did this weekend. This girl is so fucking hot, come check her out

G: Yeah man, she is pretty hot!

A man who seeks validation for his ego is a man who has a bad ego, an ego unchecked. A man with his ego in check seeks validation in the most subtle of forms; a laugh from a funny joke, a pat on the back from his boss, a thank you for what you’ve done. A man with a bad ego is one that runs rampant with external validation and seeks it everywhere he goes in the most blatant of forms. “How cool is my new car!”

External validation exists, and is evil. On the flipside, internal validation exists, and is positive. What is internal validation? Internal validation comes from pursuing your path, no matter the external forces telling you not to. Internal validation comes from strapping down and organizing your life. Internal validation comes from being present and enjoying the moment for what it is. Internal validation comes from being aware of your surroundings physically, your surroundings in relation to your circumstance in life, and the Dynamic of the interactions around you. Internal validation comes from a raised awareness within yourself, and all of the circumstances in your life. Internal validation is the idea that you are not what this world has told you that you are to be, you are who you choose to be. Choose to be that idealized version of yourself. Choose to follow your passions, to follow your dreams, to work towards positivity. Always wanted to be a Marine Biologist? Cut down the hours on your day job and start studying. Dreamt of being a firefighter? Quit sorting office supplies, and start swinging the axe. In this world there are two outcomes from the daily choices that you make. There are positive outcomes, and there are negative outcomes. Negative outcomes satisfy the need for external, positive outcomes feed the internal and give you something more valuable than money could ever offer.

Ask yourself; are you working towards internal validation? Are you pursuing your passions, and by doing so being selfishly positive? Are you following the path you’ve wanted to follow since you were a teenager, or are you living in a world surrounded by external validation, seemingly trapped in negativity. You are not trapped. This system that we live in today is not the only option. You can choose to be positive, and rise above the negative system. The key is to understand Social Dynamics, and how you can use it to your advantage. Always be working towards the positive, towards the internal.



  1. Hey guys I just wanted to let you know about a documentry I saw. I think it will inspire all of you, its called “What the Bleep Do We Know?”, please I beg you guys to check it out, I promise it will be eye opening.

  2. Hey Amit! Thanks for the comment bro, when I get some free time I may check it out. Let me know what it’s about! I’d love to have a sneak peek going into it.

  3. Well its about Quantum Physics and mainly deals with our thoughts and me you are going to want to see this film..which is why i beg you to see it…its mind blowing…talks about you can shape your reality with your thoughts…please watch it and let me know what you think…also Brian are you still doing field reports..I use to go to this one site..which I won’t name JUST to see you’re personality is very similar to mine when I’m in a good mood…and I’d love to read more..if you have them cause i sure as hell do miss em (sorry for poor grammar and punctuation…i suck at that game 😛 )

  4. Yeah. I really believe that even everybody do it, it doesn’t mean they’re right. I really want to be an educator whatever it takes. I love Math and I want my future students to know the heart of Math and use it as a tool to success in life. This article reminded me of my dream.

    Optimism forever!

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