Meet YOUR Dream Girl… In the Daytime!

Day game is a whole ‘nother ball field.

Walking up to a woman in the middle of the daytime exposes you in more ways than you can imagine. There is no venue pumping your energy, there is no music to compliment your words. Approaching during the day has adds a very “real” element to the approach.

“I’ve never walked up to an attractive woman during the day. What do I say?”

Approaching during the day may seem like a weird idea to you. What is essential to understand is that most guys think like that. Learning how to approach beautiful women during the day will give you access to women that most men don’t allow themselves to see as possible options.

What do you say when you first approach during the day? There are two styles of approaching in general; direct (stating your intention of approaching) or indirect (masking your intention in the form of an un – related question). What style works better during the day?

Importance of Direct Openers in the Daytime

Direct game is much more effective during the day for two reasons.

1. Women are caught off guard. Women are consistently approached at night – clubs, and are prepared to be approached. They understand it as an inevitability of the night. This understanding allows them to be “on guard” when you approach. When you approach direct, stating your intentions “I think you’re gorgeous,” she is expecting it. Fighting through these initial resistances can be difficult for beginners (thanks, creepers). Approaching direct, during the day, will completely catch a woman off guard (what other guy does this?) eliminating the element of initial defenses.

2.Genuine compliments encourage flattery. Approaching during the day to ask a random question is weird. “Hey, do you think I look like Mr. T with this haircut.” Approaching during the day to give a genuine compliment is flattering. “I noticed you and I had to come say hi, I think you’re absolutely gorgeous.” If delivered correctly, most women will be 100% taken aback; blushing and smiling uncontrollably.

When approaching direct it is extremely important to maintain eye contact. The eyes always give you away. If you look away while approaching, it tells the woman you feel like you don’t deserve to be approaching her. The“real” element that Day Game approaching adds ensures honesty with your intention. Approaching girls you are not attracted to and saying “I think you’re gorgeous,” will have absolutely zero benefits. Your lack of ACTUAL attraction will hold you back from a real connection. Approach women you are attracted to with a statement of full intention. Maintain solid eye contact. This speaks worlds in terms of authenticity; she will be able to FEEL your compliment as real rather than just HEARING it.

The Anxiety that Ensues

The idea of approaching beautiful women in the daytime may be outside your current spectrum. I understand, I was the same way. Take these baby steps in your quest to becoming successful at attracting women in the daytime.

The first step is creating a Plan of Action that works for you in relation to the level you are currently at. You’ve approached beautiful women in the daytime before? Excellent. Make it your goal to make one direct approach per day for the next week. Break down each approach that you make; learning from your mistakes in order to improve your next approach. Never mind attractive women, you’ve never approached ANYONE in the daytime? Perfect. Make it your goal to approach one stranger per day to ask the time. Get used to the idea of talking to strangers. EVOLVE your Plan of Action once talking to strangers in the day seems normal.

Next you must hold yourself accountable for your Plan of Action. Do this by posting in the comments and sharing your plan. Here you can receive feedback on the progress you are making. You can also keep a journal which monitors your growth.

If you are just starting out; get used to talking to strangers. Approach and ask for the time, than thank them and walk away. Condition yourself to approaching during the day; you will begin to realize that people are friendly and receptive to your approach (as long as you shower and make sure you don’t look like a serial killer). Once you are comfortable with the idea of approaching, you can begin to develop main focus; the ability to spark interesting conversation with attractive women.

Approaching direct, stating your intention of approaching is the best way to approach during the daytime.

What do you say? How do you EFFECTIVELY communicate your intent?

Stay away from vulgar, crude words. “You’re so hot”… bad. “You’re fucking sexy”… ehhh. Be direct and be creative. Walk up to your woman of interest, stating your intention, catering to her specifically. Notice anything on her; shoes, necklace, dress, jeans, overall style and compliment on it.

EX. “Excuse me. I saw you from over there and I had to come tell you that I think you’re absolutely gorgeous, I love that red dress.”

“Hey! I had to come tell you that I think you have a very unique sense of style. It’s very attractive.”

The best part about being direct is that you are being honest. With that honesty, you can reveal how you’re really feeling. “This seems so out of the ordinary,”, “I can’t believe I came up to you and said that. I knew I’d be kicking myself if I didn’t come say hi,” are all feasible to the conversation.

After the Opener

As long as your opener is delivered with confident body language, strong eye contact and clear authenticity your conversational topics can range and will have flexibility. Success will come from the simplest topics and transitions. “So tell me about yourself,” will lead to a conversation where two can share their hobbies and jobs with each other. Something as simple as “what are you doing here,” can lead into a conversation about her day, your day, the Hip – Hop event you can’t wait to go to later.

There you have it, an overview of Day Game! If you’re interested in learning more about Day Game, leave a comment or send us a message. In doing so, we will give you access to some of the communities best field reports FULL of content you can use to consistently attract beautiful women in the daytime.


  1. Hey Mike. Thanks for coming by and commenting. Happy to hear you found value in the article. Hope you have a chance to check out some of the other posts we have. Definitely comment on the ones you do. We’d love to help you if you have any specific questions.

  2. Nice post.. am just starting out on socializing during the day. I have no problem starting a conversation with a random person. But the idea of meeting a beautiful girl during the day still seems to be out of my reach as of now. I am trying hard to push myself beyond my comfort zone. Thanks for the post. great help

  3. Thanks for stopping in and commenting AJ. I’m glad to hear the post helped you out. Remember, everything you want is outside your comfort zone, otherwise you would already have it! Comfort zones aren’t a problem, simply an area for growth.

  4. This is a great article! Very helpful! The only problem I’m worrying about is an endless string of bad luck with finding a girlfriend. Every time I meet a girl, she usually already has a boyfriend. Am I not looking hard enough? What are your suggestions? Thanks.

  5. Hey Joe!

    Thanks for commenting.

    Do you know she has a boyfriend for sure or is it something she says to you when you are talking to her? Sometimes when you ask for a girls number the girl tends to say she has a boyfriend (which isn’t always true)… so this is why I ask.

    What’s your current approach? When you meet a girl how does it go? I’m happy to help you out.

  6. Actually what I meant to say was that I have no problem meeting girls. We talk and add each other on Facebook. And every time I meet and add someone new, their relationship status is always “In a relationship”. Thanks for your help. I really want to turn my luck around.

  7. Hey Joe! Ahh gotcha. I wouldn’t say you’re doing anything wrong – just typically all the best girls are taken! The approach I take when this happens is to focus on becoming friends with these girls. If they’re quality girls, they will have quality friends, so it’s a good way to meet other quality girls – and also, if these girls ever become single, you’re still around.

    Other than that, this type of problem is solved merely as a numbers game. You have to keep plugging away and meeting girls. If you do this you’re bound to run into some that are single. You can always ask your girl friends if they know any cool single girls.

  8. Thanks so much for your help. By the way, do you think it’s a good idea to ask your friends to hook you up with someone? If so, how many successful relationships have u seen from a hookup?

  9. Hey Joe. No problem. Happy to help any way I can. I wouldn’t use the words “hook me up”… but more about asking if they know any friends that are single and have similar interests. Friends set other friends up with each other all the time… it’s a common way to meet people.

  10. What do you do if you meet a girl and only have a limited amount of time. Let’s say your driving through McDonald’s and all of a sudden your face to face with an Extremely attractive girl. Pretty much any workplace where there working and you can’t take up too much of their time. I mean you can compliment them but they might get that often enough. And it’s not like you can talk long enough to get them interested in your or vice-versa.. What are your thoughts?

  11. Hey Jacob. Thanks for commenting on this one.

    The strategy I’ve implemented when I have a limited time is to do 1 of 2 things:

    1) Go direct and state you have a limited time. Tell her you think she looks interesting but you have a limited time so you’d love to talk with her more on the phone/Facebook/whatever. The reason I state I only have a limited amount of time is so she knows I’m not just going up direct like that for no reason… only because I have a limited time – otherwise I would spend the time to get to know her. I’ve used this many times successfully.
    2) Build the relationship up over time by seeing them again and again. So let’s take Starbucks as an example. You think a Barista is really cute, but you don’t want to go direct, so instead, talk with her, and then come back again and talk with her more, and do this a few times to build the relationship. Then it’s not so limited.

    Does that help? The biggest key is to think about these things less and go do them!

  12. Thanks for your response here as well. Makes absolute sense. And I know about just doing these but it’s so hard for me aha. I’ll say two success stories I had today. I decided to start out small. So I was in a store and decided to compliment this middle aged woman’s shoes (they were nikes). Even though I had like no interest in this person (ie she wasn’t some beautiful girl that I’d be dumb around) I still felt VERY awkward trying to say something.
    Later I was getting off the highway and saw a homeless person. So I decided to stop nearby, get out of my car (its cold as fuck) and actually talk to him about his life. That was interesting.
    My goal is to talk to one stranger everyday. Tomorrow I plan to go to the mall with my buddies and have each of us find someone and just try and talk or say something. Then we can all maybe support eachother on whatever happens.

  13. Hey Jacob. That’s awesome! I’m super pumped you actually took action today and went to meet people. The action you took was perfect. I always recommend to focus more on ONE person per day, because over the course of the year that is over 350+ people. Consistent action is key.

    Also pay attention to the momentum you will build by taking action, because you will be able to meet more than one per day once you have met ONE. Make sense? It’s like, set your goal to meet one… but once you’ve met one, meeting more is ok too!

    The other thing I do is instead of viewing it as a goal, I view it as a mission. This makes it more fun!

    Last thing: Remember… your “goal” is to make their day. Each person you talk to, try to make them smile. 🙂

    Keep me updated on your progress!

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