Cam; The Last 14,592 Hours

So here we are…

4am on a Sunday (Monday)..

Just put on Tool’s 10,000 days album. Vicarious blasting away in my headphones. This song really epitomizes exactly how I feel right now. If you listened to the lyrics it would probably make absolutely no sense, but that doesn’t fucking matter.

Osama Bin Laden was killed today. Crazy. Brian and I were sitting around working viciously to finish the blog when I heard. Even though it doesn’t really impact me that much, it’s still a pretty historic moment.

Blog about to go live, and with it this post.

I can’t express how excited I am to start this blog with Brian and share it with every single one of you. This is going to be BIG. Beleeed that.

The last time I had a blog was the summer of 2009, a few months before I moved to Victoria, BC from Calgary, where I spent 5 months facing reality in the face. Ouch!

Since then I have not slowed down in the least. Five months in Victoria was a huge kick in the nuts. I don’t regret it for a second, since it made me realize a few holes I had in myself, and for the last year and a half I have spent every waking minute working on them.

Bringing me to the point where I am now, where I truly have never been happier with my life. I continue to grow every day. My living situation has never been better. My drive to make billions has been re-ignited. My pursuit of a passion is back. Social circle never been healthier. Focused on being active, eating healthy. Room clean consistently. About to embark on a 5-week USA Tour for Kingpin Social, teaching bootcamps to students in the USA. Going fucking international. DEBT-FREE MOTHER FUCKERS.

The last year and a half has been one of enlightenment. I have learned a TON, and a lot of it on a deeper and deeper level. This blog is going to be an outlet for all of those lessons and more.

So what brought me to this point right now? A bit of a history lesson…

I moved to Victoria, BC in September 2009. At the time I had just spent 3 months of my summer hiding in my basement studying business for 20 hours everyday high on Adderall. Why was I studying business? No actual reason really. It was just something I was interested in that could take up a lot of my time. It gave me an excuse to avoid going to the clubs. I couldn’t go to them anymore. After 2 years of going out EVERY SINGLE DAY, the club was the absolute last place on Earth I wanted to be.

Why? And how did I get there?

The reason was simple. I couldn’t take the “fakeness” of it all anymore. The best example would be my relationships with staff at the individual clubs. Going out seven nights a week you end up knowing everybody. Especially if you’re as social as I am. The problem was the only reason I wanted to meet them was out of fakeness. It was either for social proof, or to gain VIP access. But the fakeness didn’t end there. They were also fake in it too. The only reason they would get to know me was because I was a cool regular who they could talk to and help pass their night.

Hanging out with them outside the club? Impossible. But worst of all, I didn’t even want to.

For the first year and a half I went out, I was 100% focused on pick-up. Then I met Kevin, and as we started to go out together, I began to focus more on networking. I was tired of pick-up, so this worked out well. But as I began to network, I began to realize the fakeness, and it slowly started to eat away at me. So I stopped going out.

3 months later I realized I was in no better situation. I wasn’t any more interested in going out, and I knew sitting on my computer for 20 hours a day on Adderall wasn’t sustainable either. On a whim, I gave my parents 2 weeks notice that I was moving to Victoria, BC.

Did I have any money? No, not really. My first month in Victoria I only had $20 a week for food. But I managed. At the time I believed I was moving to Victoria to test myself and see if I could move to another city and make friends. I thought putting a big challenge on my plate would be what I needed to do in order to become motivated to go out again.

That was a disaster.

I tried going out in Victoria but my heart wasn’t in it. And slowly I began to go out less and less. For the last 2 months of my stay I was playing StarCraft all day, and only going out once per week, on Fridays. It had to be Friday because on Saturday nights the University of Victoria StarCraft Club held their gaming night. My roommate and I were on the team. I was having a blast. It was an escape.

I moved back to Calgary around Christmas time, unsure of my next move.

The big epiphany I had while in Victoria was the importance of having a lifestyle. At the time lifestyle to me meant going out, but not just to the club. It meant going out to go cool events – art galleries, that type of thing. To help implement it I got a calendar and started writing down any event I heard about. I also made a rule that I would say, “Yes” to pretty much every thing. That helped me get laid twice in January alone. Both times weren’t just about the lay either. They were fun, crazy double dates. This guy and I were unstoppable on double dates. What a great wingman he was. He’s now getting married to a beautiful high-quality girl next year (this lifestyle DOES work.)

I still wasn’t overly excited about going out to the clubs, but it was beginning to get better. From then until now, at 5 in the morning while I write this, I have learned, been humbled, been kicked while I was down, and then kicked some more, I have wrestled with demons and been on top of the world – where I am now.

Lifestyle to me now means having 5 core pillars:

1. Attracting Women – your relationships with the female gender are an essential part to a healthy and positive lifestyle.
2. Networking – both for business and for pleasure. A strong determination in your career is an absolute must for any high-value male.
3. Social Life – being around a positive group of friends, and engaging in activities that entertain and inspire.
4. Purpose – understanding yourself and your reason for existence, and living your existence to its full potential.
5. Mindsets – developing a foundation for a positive outlook on the world; encouraging growth.

These are the 5 pillars you need to develop Social Influence. With Social Influence comes the power to create options for yourself, in dating, in business, and in life. Options are what we are all after, so we can make the BEST choice.

With this site I will explore these 5 pillars. First and foremost to learn for myself. And if I’m able to help others do it too, then that is fucking awesome. So will you join me on this journey?

Subscribe and start taking part in the discussion. If you have a question, ASK. If you have a comment, POST it. If you don’t, POST THAT TOO. I want to hear from each and every one of you. Be assertive.


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