And So it Begins…

Why Are We Here?

This community draws a crowd from all areas.

Men of all shapes and sizes come to learn the tricks of the trade. The personal trainer, the successful entrepreneur, even the guy who plays World of Warcraft religiously on Friday nights. We’re all here for the same reason.


If we didn’t love women, why the fuck would we care about wanting more of them? It’s always interesting for me when men, who are ignorant to the ability of learning how to attract women, scrutinize the science of dating. “Guys actually pay to have other men teach them how to be good with girls?” Fuck yeah guys actually pay. A select few were born with a natural charisma that allows them to be these men who seem to just “get it”. They know no actual “method”. The other 95% of society’s men aren’t so lucky.

Females have it so easy.

As a society we exist on the idea of companionship. If our Legacy is to be passed down to future generations we must find companionship. Each and every single person is programmed to be searching for the best option from the selections they have before them.

As a female, options are consistently presenting themselves. If a woman wants to replicate, she is likely to search through her contact list and find at least a few men willing to mate. If a woman wants more options, she could dress up and head to one of the hot downtown night clubs and have men approaching her all night. Out of these men she would, in turn, pick the best one for the current situation.

As a man, things are different. Society has developed a theme that it is the man who must approach the woman. Hollywood has firmly planted the idea in our head that romance stems from the man sweeping the woman off of her feet. That being said, as a man, if he wants to replicate, he is likely to find a limited selection of women willing to sleep with him. As a man, if he looks through his phone and doesn’t see the options he wants for himself… he is not as fortunate as a woman. He cannot decide to get up, get dressed, shower and head to one of the hot downtown nightclubs to be consistently approached by women all night.

What an interesting dynamic this creates.

How are we, as men, supposed to pick the best option for ourselves if we are so naturally limited?
We all desire companionship. We all require companionship for the survival of our genes. Truth holds to each individual that we are ALL searching for the best options in life. The nicest car for our budget, the best job with our education, the companion to which we are the most attracted.

From an early age we are taught to have options. “Go to school and get good grades, so you have options for post-secondary education. Now you can pick the BEST University for you.” Then we are told to “continue getting good grades so you have options in the form of multiple job offers from companies you like.” This allows you to pick the BEST job for you.

But we are never taught how to create options in dating. This phenomenon makes no sense. Your dating life is without question more important than your education, your career, or your hobbies. Your hobbies will not leave a Legacy if you don’t have children to pass them down to. I already know there will be haters. “Ya right! My job is way more important.” Right… if you had a choice between your soul mate and your career, you would choose your soul mate every time. So would I. Money doesn’t buy happiness.

Life isn’t fair.

As an average man, you will have average options. An average man will find an average girlfriend to settle down with into an average lifestyle. If you’re comfortable with this, that’s cool. We’re not going to be the ones to judge. This website is definitely not for you.

If you are going to get the best for yourself, you must take initiative. You must take action. As a man, you will not get approached consistently at night clubs unless you look like Brad Pitt or smell like the old spice guy; or you are lucky enough to be one of the select few guys that “get it”. The good news? If you’re not one of the guy’s that “gets it”, it is a skill set that can be learned.

The rules of society state that men must make the first move.

Ahh, that answers the question: Why are we all here?

We’re all here to learn how to make that first move. We’re here to learn off of people who understand that our role, as a man, is to make that first move. As students ourselves we are consistently seeking out mentors who can help us create more options in the form of beautiful women. As teachers, we are passing on the knowledge we have acquired through a combination of reference experience and knowledge passed down from our mentors. We’re glad you’ve decided to do the same.

This is our mission with

Our love for women brings us all together as one. The jocks, the businessmen, the video game junkies. No matter the role society casts upon us we are all men.

We are all here because we have accepted our role as men. You are reading this because you have accepted your role as the instigator. You understand that you must be the one to make the first move.
We know how to make the first move. Do you?

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Welcome to personal enlightenment.

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