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Warning: Are You Fundamentally Flawed?

Being back in the frozen land of Canada for the last week and a half has been a blast. Yesterday I was hanging out with Kevin, and as normal the conversation revolved around social dynamics and the pickup artist community. At one point Kevin explained how pickup is fundamentally flawed, which I thought was a great topic for todays post. Here are my thoughts on the matter.

Who Else Wants Authenticity?

Last night I was answering questions on Facebook, when I got one question that instantly annoyed the fuck out of me. It was a clear example of someone over-thinking an interaction, instead of just being real and allowing themselves to open up a little bit, and being authentic. When I woke up this morning I was still pissed off about it, so I thought I'd get this off my chest in a post for everybody.

The Secret to Living Drama Free

Anybody else sick of drama? I know I am. Life comes down to the choices we make, so back in 2008 I made the choice to live drama free. Since then I have made huge strides in eliminating drama from my life. Check out this article for my secret to living drama free.

Cam Travels for 5 Weeks Alone, Learns Things.

For the last five weeks I have been travelling solo across the USA teaching men the concepts we talk about on this blog. I have been to 4 different cities, met countless people, and learned a lot. I feel blessed to have been on this trip. It was life changing. In this article I’ll go through the various lessons I’ve been learned, and also share the many observations I made along the way.