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My Thoughts On Disclosing Information…

I think it’s safe to assume that most people have integrity and good intentions. People are good natured. I know when I communicate to other people I am coming from a position of being real and genuine. This could also be a problem, if not calibrated properly. So how do you choose what to confide and when? Find out inside.

The Power Behind Being Present

We all do it. We all day-dream and often think about past regrets or the fears we have for the future. We forget to live in the moment and to truly appreciate all the blessings and opportunities that are at our disposal. Learn how to be more present, and open yourself up to a whole new realm of possibilities and success.

Embrace the Power of Your Beliefs

Your beliefs are what make your world the way it is; whether that be something you want or not. Your beliefs are your closest friend or your biggest enemy, depending on how much value they bring you. Read this article and learn how to use your beliefs as a tool on your belt, propelling you towards the life that you want to live.

How to See Your Goals Through..

A friend and I we’re having a chat at 3:30 am. “Sigh” I’m scared and excited to hear what he had to say. A concern that was brought up was a comfort zone that I have. I like creating and starting things. I like the idea of putting together something from nothing.There’s a problem though if the idea is not seen all the way through. So how have I been able to fix this and accomplish my goals?