Venue Spotlight: Kawa Espresso Bar

kawa espresso bar calgaryHow do you describe something so unique yet so familiar? The modern styling with complex array of local art makes a very appeasing yet fresh taste for both the physical environment and the social. At first glance you can’t help but be attracted by the interesting and unique styling of Kawa Espresso Bar. The word Kawa is actually pronounced “Kava” in the native Polish language, and translates to the word coffee.

The venue takes on a two sided personality to it’s energy levels. By day, the venue functions a business like coffee shop. Around for those creative minds that work out of coffee shops with their laptops, or for those office workers getting away from their 9-5’s. The type of people you will meet here are of those who do take themselves seriously. Who do work hard for what they want but also a balance of enjoying those small things in life.

As the sun approaches the horizon, between 4-7pm this transitional period begins where you take the more literal and logical espresso bar into a more night lounge feel, keeping the key elements that make Kawa, well Kawa.

The nightlife here is a different flow then your usual night out on the town in Calgary. There is almost the sense that you’re blowing off steam but in a way the shows the better side of who “professionals” are. You take a “Societal” higher people and see their best side. The whole experience speaks tons on varying currents such as the multicultural aspect.

Starting right from the staff, the place is full of a multicultural crowd with a common interest in other perspectives. The ironic thing is that at first entrance I almost felt out of my element but soon understood that the place is welcoming to all sorts of people. The music varies from African ethnic, folk, to electronic appealing to all sorts of different crowds. Because each night is different for the energy levels you can actually go two nights in a row and have completely different experiences.

Everything from the menu, to bar list, to the variances of people, the trend is slightly complicated with a touch of congruency. I feel the people you will meet there are of a higher quality only because these people simply choose to express themselves among other successful people. The venue almost makes you think of outgoing but with a purpose. You want to think that the venue delivers the best of up and coming but also balanced with the feeling of a more experienced crowd.

Just as professional as you could see Kawa as, you quickly learn that the staff is there to have fun and adds a flavor to the environment that is uplifting but not funneling. I feel that you could describe the staff, the venue and the people as the modern, artistic, musical crowd that are people you actually want to get to know.

I would say that Kawa has a unique approach to their services and their audience. If you are a person looking to upgrade there lifestyle and meet new and exciting people to be in your environment, Kawa can offer that change up for you. The best times to visit Kawa to meet people during the day is probably best kept to the daytime of Mondays through Fridays. The nightlife is actually best lived uniquely on Wednesday and Thursday through the range of music played. Friday and Saturday nights offer a bit more of a familiar feel of electronic music. Either way you are guaranteed to have a great experience whatever kind of environment you prefer.

As a person that seeks out new experiences everyday, I would recommend Kawa to anyone who hasn’t been.