Amanda Timmins

Amanda Timmins

Amanda's favorite phrase is Hakuna Matata , as she believes there is nothing in life that cannot be overcome or attained with a little hard work. People are their own worst enemy and life is best lived with a smile. Dancing, rock climbing and primates are her primary loves alongside reading and photography.

The Battle of the Sexes: Are We Really As Different As We Think?

Gender biases are complicated issues that many people don't even realize they ascribe to. In today's day and age, things are repeated over and over so that these sentiments will be accepted as truths. However, many of these truths are not in fact accurate. The aim of this article is to aid in remedying one of the biggest misconceptions in present society. Let's make men and women one species again.

Guest Post: Passionate Pursuit of Failure

Recently one of our readers wrote an essay paper for her University Anthropology class about being inspired by the Social Dynamics Movement. This woman is one, now, driven to be more than mediocre. Amanda Timmins brings her creative energy to Kingpin Lifestyle as a tribute to her growth. Listen to Amanda's voice as she encourages you to pursue the lifestyle you've always wanted to live.