Mikey B

Mikey B

Mikey B is soul bound to the journey of growth. His genuine intent to better the world drives every movement, choice, and solution that Mikey B comes up with. Backed by a large heart, he has no plans to ever give up on himself, his students or the new experiences in his life.

The Mikey B Show: Value

Welcome to the first ever “Mikey B Show.” Guest staring Daniel Fexa and yours truly, Mikey B! We talk about our thoughts on the true color of what value actually actually is at the core. Watch the video to better understand what the terms “give value freely” and “expect nothing in return” actually mean.

Wake Up And Smell The Coffee

How do your mornings go? Do you wake up and hate life or do you decide to man up and take the day on full force? Are these factors of optimization improving your life or are you letting the downer morning take hold of the rest of your day? Let's get to the bottom of this!

The “Win-Win” Mentality

Your life is full of choices. Every day you make the conscious choice to live life in some form or another. Each and every one of those choices is just a compilation of choices you have made in the present moment and the past moments of your life. The best and perhaps the most difficult of those choices is the method of developing the “Win-Win” mentality.

What Are We All Searching For

Have you ever wondered why you do the things you do? How much time do we, as a collective human race, spend searching for the answers to questions we all have? I feel there is a commonality between all human beings. I feel the answer is hidden within ourselves.

Become the Conversation Allstar

Have you ever thought of conversation being a skill? I know that through my journey I met a lot of conversationalists that will have put me to shame. My only response to this is to get better and conversation is one area where I actually believe that if you can get better at this then you can solve a huge area of your social inconsistencies.

The Logic of Logic

Have you ever wondered what is the balance between emotion and logic? I battled a long time with this and I feel that this is something I now have the skills to overcome. I see logic as a skillset, and by using Social Dynamics I will kill off two birds with one stone. Find out what my newest mission is inside.

The Intensity Factor

Have you ever caught yourself sifting out positive experiences in your life? This is also known as self-sabotage. My self-sabotaging tendencies derive from years and years of practicing my experiences on an intense level. It is only as of recently where I have actually started to consciously change my behavior habits, and I love it.

Social Gym XX

There are few things in this world that have had major impacts on my own personal growth. The biggest factor has obviously been Kingpin Social, but I can honestly say that Social Gym has really opened me up to the real possibilities of Social Dynamics. Here is the next generation of Social Gym.