The Mikey B Show: Value

Welcome to the first ever “Mikey B Show.” Guest starring Daniel Fexa and myself talk about our thoughts about what value really is. A lot of us talk about the terms like “give value freely,” and “expect nothing in return” but never really describe what value is, when boiled down to its very core.

Daniel and I set out to clarify what value actually is. Not only do we clarify this but we give real life examples and expose them in their true colors.

Watch this very special first viewing of the Mikey B Show below!

Welcome back! Drop us a comment below on your own perceptions of value and why that is something that you value.


  1. What about being honest with someone, and genuinely wanting to help them, but at the same time you are hurting them in the short term. How does value to apply to actions that both give and take. Example: your wife/husband is a smoker and you can see that that is degrading their health on a daily basis, how often do you persist in telling them to change?

  2. Well the question should rather be worded, is this a person that you have the endurance to level up? Do you have the awareness to see what this persons problem actually is? Take the example of your significant other. If the worst issue is that your significant other smokes and you want her to stop the fact is your laughing because you don’t have a big problem on your hands at all. Habits like smoking are generally drawn from other issues. The proper adjustment to your honesty with the person actually has to be calibrated because if you are only honest with this person you may be actually doing more damage then healing. But if you direct this person one step at a time towards the little things that need to be fixed like making your bed in the morning, brushing your teeth or going to the gym.

    If you can start the process at the little things and work up to the larger issues at play here then your at a good start. Always trying to improve that process is the key to increasing the quality of your relationship all of the time. 🙂

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