Brian is a firm believer in living in the present. Brian lives his life by the philosophy “Act for the future, not because of the past.” He is a passionate writer, a sober socialite and aspires to be a positive influence to everyone he interacts with. Read more about Brian here.

How to Take Your Connections to the Next Level

Having the ability to put yourself on the line, and make new connections is an invaluable skill set. This allows to you to live the life you want; meeting your ideal friends, girlfriend, and all of your clients. Only if you know how to communicate effectively with these people once you meet them...

Optimize at All Times

Procrastination is worse than the common cold; it takes you over and restrains your body to the spot that it stands. Optimizing at all times is the best way to eliminate procrastination, and the method of application is just as easy as procrastination.

Increased Awareness: Guaranteed!

The mind is tricky, finding reasons to succeed can be one of the toughest obstacles to overcome. Increased awareness of how to make yourself successful is essential in getting the things that you want out of life.