Here’s An Effective Way to Get More Dates

openbookThe desire to understand drives us. Our human nature is always looking for the answer, or the closest thing to it. Communication is one of those elements of human nature that we will never fully understand – but will always make an attempt to know more. All elements of communication can be broken down to a process. NLP, psychology, hypnotism all operate based on the understanding of human nature.

Communication is a part of our human nature that when understood, can be used to create Win – Win situations.

The Wasted Phone Number

I’ve been approaching people and exchanging contact information for 4 years now. The biggest struggle for me was not going out and meeting people. The biggest struggle was meeting up with the people that I had already met. In the first 3 years of my Social Dynamics journey I made a lot of pen pals. This feeling of empty connections left me feeling de – motivated to meet more people, only to be creating shallow, acquaintance – level connections.

I knew that there had to be a better way to communicate with the people I was talking to on the phone. I believe that anything we do can be down into a step by step process. In the past year I got fed up with the shallow connections I was making, and wanted to create some face friends out of my pen pals. The only problem was the only books out there on the subject were around $100; and they didn’t tell you the step by step process they only gave you lines and routines.

I’ve always been a firm believer in being you. Representing the best version of yourself at all times is the only option. The only other books out there on the subject matter of electronic communication give you specific lines and routines to use without getting to the base level concepts. I wanted to understand the base level concepts and fill them in with my personal life experience.

People never reject you; they reject the delivery of your message. Two stand – up comedians tell the same joke, and get different responses. The delivery of the message is more important than the message itself. The Continued Connection: The Ultimate Guide to Electronic Communication is the first book of its kind that dives into the delivery of your message. Understanding how to effectively deliver your message will ensure more responses.

The Continued Connection is guaranteed to strengthen your phone / messaging conversations, by diving into the base level concepts of electronic communication. The book dives in depth on the understanding of subtext: the ability to read between the lines of messaging. The Continued Connection is an extremely powerful book for men looking to get dates with women, for business owners looking to get more clients, and for promoters looking to gain a greater audience.

Understanding how to communicate effectively using the social media outlets we’ve been given – and the telephone in your pocket – is a skill set worth investing in. The best part? This book comes with a Private Article Collection, exclusive to the purchasers of the Continued Connection. This article collection will be packed with content to take your connections to the next level. The collection will answer any reader questions that are submitted.

Get Yours Now!

I’m extremely confident in the product I’ve created. That means that I’m going to be offering a 30 day money back guarantee. If your communication skills don’t improve, and you aren’t getting more meet – ups by applying the concepts in the book you will receive a refund on every penny that you purchased the book with.

phone game“Your insight on the importance of the follow up, and making it count I definitely haven’t taken it so seriously. You’ve shown me where I’ve been messing up with all of the phone numbers I’m getting.”

                       – Matt Chow
                  Pharmacy Technician

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