The Two Fundamentals of Social Dynamics

by Brian

social intelligenceManipulation vs. understanding, a question that has passed through my mind over the past couple of days. Manipulation, I see to be, influencing situations for a desired outcome. Understanding is being aware of the situations, but lacking on the influence part.

We’re all manipulators, in different shapes and forms. Go to a job interview and you’re manipulating (influencing) the interviewee to hire you. The salesman manipulates (influences) his clients to believe that his product is the best product. The Social Dynamics student influences situations to engineer the best possible outcome for both parties.

Social Dynamics is based around social influence, however Social Dynamics is also based around creating Win – Win relationships. This sense of the ability to be symbiotic leaves people who interact with students who study Social Dynamics with a positive emotion, because this is our intention. We want to leave the world better than we found it, we want to infect, influence and spread positivity in this world, all on our way to becoming successful.

Win – Win.

The two fundamentals of Social Dynamics are assertiveness and awareness.

What is Awareness?

Awareness is being able to logically understand the situation, person, or environment. Awareness is what this blog is about. Social Dynamics trains your assertiveness and awareness, so the more that we go out the more aware and assertive we become. This blog is to share the awareness that we see in the world, based on our perspective. Our awareness is not always the right answer, although for the most part it points in the right direction. Our awareness is based on logic, and is starting to encompass emotion.

increased awareness

Becoming more aware gives you the ability to approach situations knowing how to calibrate best to the situation. Increased awareness allows you to see other people’s emotional states, and be able to communicate with that person for the best potential Win – Win situation. Increased awareness improves your dating life, because you’re able to be aware of the best places and situations to create the strongest connections. Being aware improves your career life, because you’re able to understand your co – workers and build the best Win – Win relationship, regardless of your natural chemistry. Being aware improves your overall life, because you start to notice things in your own life that are holding you back from your unlimited potential.

This blog is about increasing your awareness, and your comments and feedback help to increase our awareness. This blog is a product of Social Dynamics, and is a Win – Win situation.

What is Assertiveness?

Assertiveness is the ability to take action towards getting what you want. Assertiveness from the aware individual is a great ability, for the man who is aware of situations, people and places and is assertive in getting what he wants, can get whatever he wants. With great power comes great responsibility, so training assertiveness isn’t something that is the best move for everyone, at this point.

assertivenessAssertiveness improves your dating life, because you’re able to take the first step; or as many as you’re assertive enough to take. With great power comes great responsibility, and there are some who use their assertiveness and awareness to lie and influence people into doing what they want, leaving them damaged at the completion of the task. Win – Lose situation, when assertiveness is used without being aware and considerate of other people, places and things.

Assertiveness improves the business area of your life, because knowing what you want (being aware) and going after it (being assertive) is potential unlocked, when one is dedicated to the process of getting better.

Assertiveness improves your overall lifestyle. Being assertive on the awareness that you have means that you’re taking steps to eliminate the negative habits in your life that hold you back, your comfort zones, and you’re working towards success. Going after what you want is a quality that any employer looks for, that any dating option looks for, that any individual looks for. A person who knows what he wants, and is assertive in going after it, refusing to let failure be an obstacle but learning the lessons of his failures, is a person who gets anything he wants out of this life.

How Do You Train Assertiveness?

The fundamentals of Social Dynamics are assertiveness and awareness. How do you train assertiveness? I’ll tell you, but me telling you is only making you aware of how you can become assertive. This is the process.

Approach one stranger during the day, every day this week. Approaching people is the best way to train your assertiveness, because although driving a car is much more dangerous, most people would rather drive a car than approach someone that they aren’t comfortable talking to. Approaching people, sober, during the day, is one of the most scary things we can do on a regular basis without paying $200.00 (SKYDIVING!)

Training your assertiveness means that you’re training your ability to act despite your emotion. This life is hard, it throws consistent challenges at us to see if we’re ready for them. Often times, we aren’t ready for the challenge, and we fail. The emotion that one feels when they fail is often negative, so to avoid feeling that negative emotion they stop trying. Becoming dedicated to the process isn’t as easy as it sounds on this blog, because this blog only makes you aware of the process. You must make the choice to be assertive and dedicate yourself to the process.

Success isn’t defined as natural skill. Success is defined as preparation meeting opportunity. Part of preparation is failure, but you must be assertive in acting towards success despite the failures, and aware of how to overcome the emotion that you feel when you don’t want to act.

dedicated to process

For more information on training your assertiveness, the most important skill set that you can carry with you, shoot us a message. We’re here to help hombre, but this blog is only able to train your awareness. If you want to train your assertiveness, you’ve got to be assertive in sending us a message and asking us how.

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Brian is a firm believer in living in the present. Brian lives his life by the philosophy “Act for the future, not because of the past.” He is a passionate writer, a sober socialite and aspires to be a positive influence to everyone he interacts with. Read more about Brian here.

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