99% of People Make This Mistake… (Are You One Of Them?)

ConnectI love the idea that you can walk up to anyone, anywhere, at any time of the day and build a connection with them. It’s fascinated me since the age of 16 and my love for Social Dynamics grows each day.

“Excuse me, I have a question for you,” I stopped the two people walking towards us on the street.

“What’s that?” the couple replied.

“We’re headed out tonight on Steven Avenue, do you guys have any recommendations for bars around here?” I asked. It’s Friday night. I’m out with Daxton, his two friends and Mikey B. A month ago I taught a bootcamp in Edmonton. I knew absolutely no one. The students and I approached people on the street and built connections, getting them to direct us to the places we would go with the night. The weekend turned out to be a complete adventure.

The two people I stopped told me that they were from out of town and they weren’t sure of their way around here. I introduced myself to them and they replied with their names, Jacob and Jessie. I talked to Jacob and Jessie for 5 minutes about the city, why they moved here, how long I had lived here, what there was to do for fun around the city. After building a solid connection with the two people I knew that they would get value out of the Kingpin Social community; I proceeded to grab their number, gave them each a hug and wished them a good night.

I walked towards Mikey B, Daxton, Kevin and Connor who were standing at the set of lights on the corner of 8th Avenue and 1st St SW. I could tell that my new friends were impressed – this is the first night they had been out and witnessed Social Dynamics. For me, this is a regular thing. When I see someone I want to meet I don’t hesitate to walk up to them and tell them my intentions. I’m aware that most people don’t share that same philosophy. As I walked closer to the group my emotions crept up on me, as I raised the bar for expectations of myself, and almost made a rookie mistake that would have ruined my night.

Life Happens In This Moment

I’ve been going to the gym for 6 years now. I’ve always loved going to the gym, it feels amazing being at the gym and spending your time and energy fully understanding that you are going to see results for your efforts. There was a point in time last year around January that I was in the best shape of my life. I remember looking in the mirror and being so proud of myself. I also remember looking in the mirror for too long and forgetting what it was that gave me the figure in the first place.

I’ve been working for Kingpin Social for about a year and a half now. In my time working for Kingpin Social I’ve done things that I am extremely proud of. Not many people can say that they’re 20 years old and living their passion, and I’m more than happy to say that I’ve made it happen. I’m just an average dude, and I made it happen.

There are also weeks that I’ve been extremely lazy. There will be weeks where I blow my own expectations of what I can and cannot do out of the water. I teach bootcamps, write articles and spend my time in meetings talking about Social Dynamics. The relationship concepts we believe in at Kingpin Social are revolutionary. They’re changing people’s lives. There would be times that I would slack off on the process of working hard to move the ideas forward because I was receiving so much recognition for the ideas.

I realized my problem is a problem that 99% of people have. I’ve always known that I have the potential to do greater things with my life. I’ll approach someone that scares me, I’ll work out for a month and get big, I’ll work hard for a week and get the results that I need to get by with moderate success.

… But Time Always Moves Forward

I approached a couple on the street in front of my two new friends. I felt fantastic because of it; it was a great interaction and I knew these guys were impressed. I noticed my mind begin to get wrapped up on the last interaction, creating expectations for myself to do good with the next people that I talked to. I was so caught up thinking about the conversation with the couple that I almost forgot what made the interaction good in the first place – I was real, I was focused, and I was mentally engaged.

Time is always moving forward, meaning that if I’m thinking about my past conversations while in my present conversations that the connections won’t be nearly as good.

Self Deception

As my muscles get bigger, so does my ego. The mirror is the greatest act of deception if you stare at it for too long. After my long workout sessions I’m proud to look at myself in the mirror – I feel like a warrior; leaving everything that I have on the field of battle. Waking up and looking at myself in the mirror in the morning and using my size as a justification not to go to the gym though is a different story. This is an example of living in the past. Everything that I’m looking at in the mirror in this moment is a result of the time and energy I’ve spent in the past on my body.

Time is always moving forward, meaning that if I’m not consistently working out every day that my size in the mirror is slowly going to get smaller and smaller.

Kingpin Social 3 Day Intensive Programs are intense. Experiencing a weekend where we’re thrown into the whirlwind of Calgary streets to develop positive relationships with people we’ve never met before, while working on my student’s individual limitations is nothing short of an amazing experience for the both of us. I always grow exponentially over the 3 Day Course. There is always an important lesson to be learned from each weekend.

Time is always moving forward, meaning that If I don’t continue to do the work that gets me the bootcamps that I won’t have the opportunity to teach another one.

Focus On The Moment

Life is simple; live in the moment and be mentally engaged with any opportunity to push myself to the next level. Often times people get satisfied with a mediocre result or frustrated with no result that they forget to engage themselves in the moment and take advantage of opportunities that come their way.

I could slack off on a day of my football training because I’m already fairly good, but time is always moving forward and there are 100,000 other players that are my age in this country moving towards the goal of being a better football player. It’s the same for you. No matter what your goal, there are 100,000 other people moving forward to the same goals you’re looking for. Life is a process — every day take one step closer to the goal that you want, because each day that passes is a day that you will never get back.

Time Is Ticking Away

Every second that passes is a second that you could be spending doing something that makes you feel a good emotion. Either way you’re spending your time and your energy. Are you spending your time and energy creating your dream, or creating someone elses?

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