How Astrology Helps You Determine Perception of Value

Value = Connection


If you have been following along with the posts you have an understanding of the value scale. You now understand that in order to have solid relationships we need to have an exchange of value, this happens from either an internal or external place. To recap, internal value is a great connection or conversation whereas external value is something like grabbing a friend a coffee if they happen to perceive free coffee as valuable. Knowing what a particular person perceives as valuable gives us the necessary information to build a strong foundation for a relationship to blossom whether that is in the form of a friendship or possible love interest.

You have an awesome connection with a great guy/girl and you really want to make sure you come up with a great date idea that. If you take them on a date that brings them value then you not only make their day in a positive way but you are also going to be viewed as an awesome person to hang out with. You want to leave a lasting impression, one that makes you seem fun and understanding of what they enjoy. If you do this- date numero dos! 😉

Astrological Dating?

StarsHow can we improve our ability to determine someone’s perception of value besides asking the necessary questions or studying the 5 love languages? How about studying a person’s astrological sign?

Now I know a few of the guys reading this are thinking “typical chick” to be telling you to try this approach but there is a lot of valuable information in Astrology and you are crazy not to try and educate yourself in multi-faceted ways. (Think: making the best out of all situations. Being open-minded to learning more about what the world has to offer.) The more you know about him/her, the more you are able to bring them value and make an outstanding impression.  Astrology is an easy avenue with how many books and websites are dedicated on explaining the different personalities of each sign, so why wouldn’t you utilize it? This is one more tool under your belt and more than likely gives you an edge in impressing her over other guys.

“What’s your sign baby?”

First of all, you’re going to need to know their birthday. Thankfully Facebook gives us this kind of information a click-away. If you don’t have them on your Facebook or for some reason you can’t search them then you can playfully bring it up in conversation. Easy peasy. Who doesn’t want to give out their birthday? Hello! Presents!  *Please note that I directed these more towards women.

Aries: March 21st- April 19th
Independent, courageous, energetic and always seeking adventure, these Rams love to let loose and indulge in anything that gets their blood pumping. Try stimulating their adventurous side by taking them hiking or get a little competitive and go to laser-tag or go see a football game.

Taurus: April 20th- May 20th
Usually loving, loyal, prosperous and patient. A way to get to a Taurus’s heart is through their stomach so try doing a cooking class together, a spontaneous picnic, or a local wine tasting! Other ideas would be to grab a coffee or tea and take a long walk under the stars or along the river.

Gemini: May 21st- June 20th
Spontaneous, energetic, and entertaining. These chatty cathy’s are great in social situations and will want to be surrounded by interesting people. Take them to the latest event in town or festival where they can be surrounded by interesting people and net-work. Also hit up a local jazz bar and sit in a cozy booth, dance, and share stories.

Cancer: June 21st- July 22nd
These crabs are caring, sensitive and nurturing. They usually love homely comforts so they don’t mind staying in to cuddle and watch an indie film. They are also very attracted to anything water related, try taking them to an aquarium, floating down a river, or check out the wave pool! It will be a splash 😉

Leo: July 23rd- August 22nd
Generous, assertive, faithful and fun. These lions love the lime light and their manes stroked so really pay attention to things they excel in and create a date that allows them to show off those skills. Try taking them to a local salsa class, a lavish 5 course meal, or score tickets to a VIP event. They really love the finer things in life!

Virgo: August 23rd – September 22nd
Organized, thoughtful, and have a love for nature. A long walk where you can admire the fall tree’s with mittens and a travel mug of your favourite warm drink is ideal or even take them to the farmers market where you can pick out fresh produce to cook a dinner together for later. Now that its fall and almost Halloween- picking out a pumpkin from a pumpkin patch and carving your own designs or spooky faces would be a treat.

Astrology Libra: September 23rd- October 22nd
Artistic, poised, objective and charming. Libras love anything to do with beauty and want to be surrounded with people and things that reflect that desire. Take them to the local museum to check out the latest exhibit, or hit up the mall to dress each other up in fun or sexy outfits.

Scorpio: October 23rd- November 21st
Passionate, dynamic, sensual, and probing. These scorpions love anything mysterious and tend to love puzzles. Try taking them to a corn maze where you can get lost, talk, and work together on getting out- afterwards warm up by going old school and play board games! Who doesn’t like a round of Scrabble or Pictionary?

Sagittarius: November 23rd- December 21st
Intellectual, enthusiastic, philosophical, and optimistic, the Archers seek knowledge and adventure. Teach them something or take them traveling! Even better if you can find a date that does combines the two. Take them to check out historical architecture or site to learn together. This will allow them to move around freely giving that sense of freedom and adventure they desire while probing their intellectual mind.

Capricorn: December 22nd- January 19th
Hard-working, traditional, and careful. The goats like to feel like they are constantly accomplishing things and tend to not know how to take it easy and relax. They like to be on the move so take them along on errands with you (fun ones- no doctor appointments) like raking up leaves then you can jump in them, or hit up a yoga class together.

Aquarius: January 20th- February 18th
Independent, caring, inventive and quirky. The water barriers tend to be very humanitarian and loving, so volunteering at an event together would be a great date idea! You can walk rescue dogs from the closest shelter or volunteer to help at the homeless shelter. You will both feel great, learn lots, and grow closer through the humbling experience.

Pisces: February 19th- March 20th
Loving, imaginative,creative, and spiritual, the fish love anything to do with illusion and make-believe. The artists and poets of the zodiac, they are deep and insightful individuals. Go see Shakespeare in the park, hit up a local slam poetry event or go to a conservatory to go star-gazing.

I hope the above gets the ideas flowing! I’m not an Astrologist so the above descriptions and date ideas are very general. If you would like more information on date ideas for a particular Zodiac sign, just plop it in to google and the results will flow! Do your homework, and get creative! The more you design the date to the person the more likely they will enjoy it! Happy dating!



  1. It’s probably true that learning about this kind of thing and using it to “tell women about themselves” (ie. cold reading) is a good pickup tool. But don’t make the mistake of thinking it has any basis in reality – astrology is simply wrong. It’s not a good way to choose date activities (although I suspect most people will enjoy most of the activities suggested in the article regardless of when they were born). Here is a good critique of astrology:

  2. Hey Andrew, 

    Thanks for the comment! I think you may have missed the intention of the article. It’s about finding creative ways to determine someones perception of value, it isn’t an argument of opinion on the basis of Astrologys truth or as you said ‘reality.’ I’m going to skip the whole argument of right or wrong altogether.

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion and some may or may not want to try these suggestions. It’s just bringing to awareness that there are other kind of methods that you are able to choose freely from to gain more knowledge.

  3. “Simply wrong”…according to whom/what?

    The article you posted, while influenced by science, was heavily biased in writing. Judgemental/biased writing has no place in science, as science itself seeks only to understand, not to pass normative/opinion-based statements. In addition, science understands that we can only pass information based upon the technologies and techniques we currently have available, and that this information is to the best of our combined current knowledge…put another way, one of the pillars of science is that it constantly strives to understand and that current knowledge is likely to be seen as no longer the most correct idea/theory/model somewhere in the future (see progressive models of the atom).

    I’m not saying that Jamie’s article is right OR wrong, I’m just saying there is likely some validity to it and that assuming we know everything and that our current technologies and techniques can prove EVERYTHING IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE111!!!1111!!1one should be generally avoided.

  4. I definitely agree with Shark. I don’t think the argument or article was written to express an opinion on whether or not Astrology is 100% correct or not. But I do think it is a tool you can use to push you in the right direction when he comes to trying to understand someones perception of value. Each person is unique so nothing will be 100% the correct way, but being pushed in the right direction is never a bad thing either.

    Hey Andrew and Shark for the comments.

  5. Andrew, if that is what you believe – please do it freely and no one is stopping you from what you have to what you believe in. Other people may agree or disagree though its their own belief(s) in you and what you said about ‘cold reading’. It doesn’t always hurt to ask other peoples opinion though, you really are a straight minded person by saying on what you said or though you’re maybe not, but I don’t see it (from what you had to say). As like I said, everyone believes in different things, not everyone is the same – though at the same time I believe we all are, no matter who YOU truly, really are!

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