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Ever opened your eyes and looked around your environment?

Walking down Stephen Avenue, you think about the plans for the day. Shopping is the mission, TD Mall is the destination. Up the avenue your feet take you, as it seems the route has already been pre – determined. You’ve walked this path before, you know where you’re going.

You don’t seem to bump into anyone along the way. You make it to your destination safe and sound without thinking, before you know it you’re in Footlocker looking at the sneakers. The 5 minute walk seemed like 20 seconds, arriving at your destination before you had the chance to look around.


Walking down Stephen Avenue, you think about your plans for the day. Shopping is the mission, TD Mall is the destination. Along your walk you notice that you don’t seem to be bumping into anyone at all. You decide to take a look around the street, instead of letting your body run on autopilot, and you come to the most stunning realization.

Everyone that walks the street is walking in a daze. Everyone walks the same pace, talks at the same volume, only socializes with the people who were pre – determined friends before they came into this environment.

Anyone that stands out from the environmental daze really sticks out. The guy sprinting down the sidewalk, disrupting the peace. The homeless man singing in the middle of the street, polluting the airways.

The Truth About the Environment

The truth about the environment is this: people are a result of their environment. Any environment you go in to, you’re expected to behave to the standard of the environment, less you stick out. The people of today’s world don’t want to be individualized, so they walk around pre – programmed to conform to the customs of the environment.

In the day time, it’s customary to walk around in a daze. Actually take a look. Open your eyes and take a look around you the next time you’re walking in day to day life. Like my realization, you will come to notice that 95% of people are programmed into their environment, behaving by the environmental custom. Does this mean that they enjoy it? Probably not. This is just the way that we’ve been raised, fit in so you don’t stick out. No one wants to draw attention to themselves, right?

This doesn’t just work on the street, though. You are a result of your environment in a classroom, and if you choose not to conform to the customs of the environment you stick out and are scorned for it. (Class clown) Think of a comedy show, the Heckler is the one that sticks out. What about the Nightclub? The environment is one of energy, enthusiasm. The one that sticks out is the one that approaches people with a vibe captivated by negativity.

How Can You Use This?

Now that you are as awakened as I am, you must understand that the daze is what people are brought up to believe is the custom. Social Dynamics is about giving value, in a way that would be perceived as valuable.

You’ve decided Daytime Dating is the best for you, and you want to pull people out of their daze. Do you really think someone’s going to want to be pulled out of their daze of contentment into your negative reality? Probably not, bro. Shed the negative headspace and approach with positivity, you want to be giving value to people if you’re going to pull them into your reality.

Start conversations with the intent of making someone’s day. This works at night too, approach someone with the intent of making their night. Understand the environment that you’re in, and approach bringing value in that environment. During the day, maybe you approach them and pull them out of their daze to tell them, with a large smile and a confident conversation starter, that you thought they were cute. At night time, maybe you have a bit more energy than the group and you approach with the intent of getting this party started!

A student of Social Dynamics understands that people are a result of their environment. However, once you start studying Social Dynamics, you can become one who creates the environment. You can be the one that dictates the flow of the environment. As you begin to internalize Social Dynamics, you’ll start to realize that you become the environment.

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