6 Lessons to Keep in Mind When Shit Happens.


Shit happens!

And it usually happens when we least expect it. I’ve had a lot of shit happen to me but I’m not gonna go through much detail about them.

Look, I’m not here to take sympathy cards. I am here to share some lessons I’ve learned to stay on top, not just cope, but even come out better!

  • It’s not Permanent
    When shit happens it’s all good to feel like crap at first, it’s a normal reaction. Just remember, being defeated is a temporary condition, giving up is what makes it permanent.
  • Perspective is Priceless.
    I didn’t buy the first car I test drove. There was nothing wrong with it, it’s just not what I wanted. It would’ve been perfect for somebody else, just not for me.
    It’s not what happens to you, it’s how you frame it. Your outlook is a direct reflection of how you see yourself. When a girl at the bar rejects you, do you say “Fuck, I’m such a piece of shit?” Hell no. “We’re just not compatible” is how I like it.
  • Creativity is a Must
    When shit happens, it breaks your day to day routine. Instead of moping around and feeling sorry for yourself, focus on what you “can do” rather than what you can’t. I pinched a nerve in my neck which set me back from training for 6 months. K, fine so I couldn’t train, what did I do? I started writing, I read dozens of great books, blogs and articles in 6 months that planted seeds of ideas, learned how to build a website, found a more efficient way to eat and train and met dozens and dozens fantastic people with great perspective. I guess being injured was a blessing that I needed.
  • Be Relentless
    “I don’t know how” translates to “I don’t want it bad enough.” It is a poor excuse. That tells me you want more but you’re way too comfortable to do anything about it. Remember, the enemy of “great” isn’t “bad” but “good enough.” We live in a world where the information you need is a mouse click away. Google this, YouTube that, Facebook this person and Voila!
  • Don’t make a Plan, sort of.
    It’s all cool to make a plan when shit happens. It looks great on paper, but sometimes it doesn’t translate directly in the real world. Don’t be attached to it. Things change moment to moment, then what? Your 20 page life plan is now useless. That’s like planning to win a chess game and having all your moves written out before you even play. That’s impossible! Define your destination, follow through and make adjustments along the way, kinda like driving with a GPS.
  • Surround Yourself With Good People
    “Oh that sucks man”  The last thing I want to hear when shit happens is how crappy the situation is. I need solutions, not sympathy. I need people to kick my ass and tell me “Hey man, it’s all good, don’t worry about it.” You are the average of your five closest friends. Evaluate yourself. Are you broke? Out of shape? Depressed? In a shitty relationship? Where are you getting your advice from anyway?

What do you think? What do you do when shit happens? Let me know by commenting below.


  1. when shit happens.. dnt give damn to that shit in your lyf.. just go n kick ppl’s ass.. no need to give anybody more importance in ur lyf more than u..

  2. When shit happens, do things which makes u happy even if it is bath.. Refresh ur brain and take decision.. Life goes on.. Surround with ppl u like or love.. Don’t let ppl in ur circle who hurts u.. Just let ppl go if they hurt u..

  3. I do not know, in the moment I ask myself, why the hell would i do something like this and then think about the solutions but the thing is i ask mysef, do i deserve the other person to allow me to show them wrong? Right now it’s a no even though I know i could make up for it and I think I have learned my lesson but the thing is what to do when it is not up to you to show you are not like this?

  4. When shit happens to me, lately I can not fix it.
    (1) My cat died during a blizzard
    (2) My pay took A HUGE nose dive
    (3) I had to pay the IRS over $3,000. plus the pay cut (OUCH)
    (4) I had pluming problems over $1,000.
    My life isn’t getting any better, how do I deal with all of this?

  5. well.. I had 4 exams in 3 days.. that was so bad.
    I tell myself , I can do them all good cause I want.. I studied almost whole the term and
    at the last three days before the exam for a lot of time.
    But at the third exam, it sucks.
    I almost lost my mind at first in the exam.
    everything went wrong with me . no, memorize. no solution.
    so what happened? I almost knew all the solutions before the exam.
    That was so bad. Now, i’m at my room and think a lot to that damn exam and oportunity to why this shit happened to me and to think about correct solution.. when I saw my friend to have an awesome exam in almost three exams , I somehow see myself jealous about his grades, but I hate to be jealous of him.. I don’t know what can I do for this shitty thing.I’m not that stupid guy.. I had a lot of good grades in the last term . If I hadn’t studied hard I would not be so sad and angry with myself.. but I have so much time over it. what can I do?
    that so sucks.. Hope all you resist in your goal and thing what you want.. somehow I think maybe god think this better for me.
    the only one i can tell to myself is about what god want..

  6. My kids barely talk to me. My grandma is on life support. I’m broke. I’m homless. On going to prison soon. I lost what I thought was my soulmate. And my car just quit on me permanently. All within 3 months.

  7. When shit happens, your mind turned blank,you feel numb all over,,so what you do is, let that feeling stay for a while then eventually you will go back to reality,then that’s the time you have to block the other side of your mind the negative one.. Though you still need some portion of it to make a decision or a plan well done..consider the what ifs’ to get a better solution..

  8. To all you whining, spoiled and self centred mishaps, heres a brief history of my life. Orphaned into a greek immigrant family
    , with no true identity, bullied and abused both psychologically and physically at a young age, had to get up at 5am at an age of nine to sell newspapers both before and after primary school, coerced into seld destructive behaviour, backstabbed and a victim of vicious gossip, misunderstood, used ignored, left for dead on the streets, worked most of my adult life with nothing to show for it, ended up in a mental instituti9n 13 times, to which i awalled twice, only to end up 8n a psych ward again, and knoww unemloyed with no further prospects, discriminated and stigmatised all day long and the best is yet to come. But i betya theres another hardluck story out thete that takes the cake. Ive been everywhere and still standing. So whatever else you got, bring it on. On aositive note, hard lessons have been learned and although my naive and trustworthy character shined through, i must admit, i am a changed man.

  9. When shit happens I got to bed and fantasize myself in situation that’ll never happen. Lol

  10. 1/ Get a rescue cat
    2/ Find a new better paid job or pretend there is one to ask boss for pay increase
    …3/ save some emergency money for crappy tax surprises
    4/ marry a plumber ????

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