Social Dynamics In the Media: Featured Article in The Gauntlet

Recently I had the pleasure of writing an article for the University of Calgary’s “The Gauntlet” newspaper.

This opportunity presented itself to me on the walls of my living room. When I first moved into my new apartment I wanted to do something different with my decorations. I was interested in being creative, unique and I wanted a bit of edge. I proceeded to walk down to Cafe Beano and grab a handful of newspapers – both the Gauntlet and FFWD – and plastered them all over my walls. My living room is 600 sq ft. of walls covered with newspapers with quotes that inspire me, pictures that intrigue men and a vibe that always captivates.

Two days after decorating my house I sat down at my desk to get to work. I looked to my right to see Sarah from the Gauntlet pointing at me in an Abraham Lincoln style fashion.

I Want YOU to Write for the Features
I wrote it off until I took a look around me at the other newspapers that had made themselves onto my wall. There were numerous pictures of this hat wearing lady pointing at me, calling me to write for the newspaper. Intrigued by the opportunity I sent in an email to Sarah at the Gauntlet and was blessed to receive a reply.

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Writing this piece for the Gauntlet has shown me the first step moving forward. Achieving my dreams suddenly doesn’t seem so out of reach.

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Social Dynamics In the Media: Interview with Christine Ramos, Calgary Journal

Recently I was interviewed by Christine Ramos for the Calgary Journal. She wanted to know what all the buzz was about regarding Kingpin Social’s involvement in the Social Dynamics movement. Check out the full interview below.

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