Social Dynamics In the Media: Interview with Christine Ramos, Calgary Journal

Recently I was interviewed by Christine Ramos for the Calgary Journal. She wanted to know what all the buzz was about regarding Kingpin Social’s involvement in the Social Dynamics movement. Check out the full interview below.

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  1. Dear Cam,
    In answer to your question, ‘why can’t we all get along’ is one of the easiest to answer. The simple truth is it’s too easy mate. Some people just don’t want to get on because they’re just too wrapped up in thier own crap and are envious when people sort thier lives out because they can’t be bothered. They can’t be bothered because it gives them something to moan about, validating thier sad sorry excuse for a life. It sounds pretty harsh but in my experience some people just want to wallow in their saddo existence. Take me for example, i’m unemployed but i’m always looking for a job but in the meantime i keep myself busy attending adult education classes to give some sort of structure to my day and to learn new skills. The amount of bloody grief i get from some so called mates is astounding. Most people are really encouraging but the haters are resentful so i just lose them out of my life. Toxic friendships i can do without. Anyway enough of my moan, you just can’t please everyone. might start up my own website ‘Jones Moans’ (joke).

    Have a great week


  2. Hey Dean. Thanks for dropping by and commenting. I agree with what you’ve said. The answer is simple. If the answer is that people just don’t really care and are too wrapped up in their own crap, how could we fix that? Is it fixable?

  3. Hi Cam,
    Thanks for your feedback on my observations, very much appreciated. I didn’t mean to be negative about certain individuals leading thier lives the way they do, and it is fixable if people want to improve in whatever area of life they want to improve on, but it requires effort, and some are simply not prepared to do that. Some people want you to fix them and they’re postively salivating at the prospect of you expending all that energy in thier direction and they know full well that they won’t change, they just like to see you run around in circles until you’re exhausted. Toxic is the word and the sooner they leave your environment the better. I’m not talking about people who have a genuine desire and need to be helped, but have no idea how to do this due to a combination of environment, influences (friends, family, teachers etc) they just need pointing in the right direction. I mean the spite and envy brigade, the invisible army of naysayers who try and pull you down, bloody nightmare. Most of the time they don’t know they’re doing it or keep on just to put you off. I had a friend once who just used to moan about everything and it’s bloody draining. In the end i just said ‘if you can’t say anything positive, don’t say anything at all’. We’re not mates anymore, ha ha. There’s nothing wrong with having a good moan once in a blue moon but not every flippin day, jesus. I wished i had one of those ejector seats in my car and watch him fly into the air. I’d have laughed my head off.
    The probelm lies in the fact that it’s easy to keep people like this in your life and after a while thier negativity seeps into your own thinking patterns and it’s a git to get rid of. Once you do though your thinking process rights itself and you wonder what the hell you were playing at hanging around with them anyway. My Grandfather always used to say that gaining friends is like shopping, if you’ve only got one pair of trousers in your wardrobe, time to go shopping.

  4. Dean has made some solid points. If people find it in themselves to change their attitudes and the way they think about certain things and condition themselves to live that way, they end up achieving more and getting more out of life. On the other hand, if they choose to drown in their own sorrows as Dean said to “validate thier sad sorry excuse for a life” then they wont get anywhere. It always starts from within, but lately ive also discovered that it truly is about the environment your placed in that helps you nurture or not. You dont have to leave your city (you could) to change your environment, but as was mentioned before it could be as easy as choosing to surround yourself with different people that represent the environment you ought to belong to. A simple example is to surround yourself by successful/positive people.

    In other news, Cam, I enjoyed watching that video and learning about your goals and dreams for KingPin. I think its very noble of your gang that the ultimate goal would be for people to treat social dynamics as something as important as a subject studied regularly in school. I cant stress enough how important it is to be socially successful as opposed to memorizing crap in school that you and the teacher BOTH know wont serve you any good in the future. This is because if you are able succeed socially, you begin to surround yourself with others cleverer than yourself, and you learn alot from them, as well as get alot of help from them, and you start going places in life. These days degrees may not mean as much anymore as the contacts and the people that you know. I do not say this from a cruel, “use others” point of view, because that makes for a cheap and shallow relationship that barely lasts. But approaching everyone as a new friend, and as a new companion that you could potentially learn alot from being with them, or even inspire them, and thus grow as a person either way =)

  5. Hey Kareem. Thanks for commenting. (And Dean too, looks like I missed this comment.)

    One of the 3 core concepts we live by is: you are a product of your environment. It’s such a crucial piece to the puzzle. The people you surround yourself with will absolutely have a major impact on you for better or worse. STILL it’s important to also understand that you are still part of the environment too. You are one of the variables. In fact, you’re the one constant variable in every relationship you have.

    All of your points have been fantastic. There’s big news coming from the Kingpin Social mission soon. I can’t wait to let everybody know the big things we’ve been working on and the steps toward our dream of having an official academic curriculum for Social Dynamics becoming reality.

  6. Hi cam!
    I have to say something about “why can’t we just get alone”, I think it can be fixed, but probobly after another 5m years or more. The reason is because of human nature, “why can’t we just get alone” reminds me about the communist idea that Marx forget about human nature, we all humans have desire to be better, even we all get alone with others, A will start to try to make closer relationship to B and B will eventually have loser relationship with others, marriage will be an example. And in the process of making closer relationship, B’s friend might start feeling no good and start rumor or some shit. I have read a book called “The Natural History of the Rich: A Field Guide” it’s a funny book talks about the humane nature of all man kind I suppose: rich and poor and mid level, it is funny because its like watching yourself in vid tape sometimes, and it’s all talking about relationship. And another thing is that I found European, South American, African, and Asian are more friendly than Canadian in general, I know you are Canadian, and I am a Taiwanese immergran, but it’s quite a interesting topic that I have been thinking about, maybe I will organize it and send you on the msg. Hope you can understand my info, I’m still a ESL student =P have a great one! And btw your dream is the greatest, I used to dreamt like that, wish someday ill be able to help you guys!

  7. @ Simba – Thanks for commenting! I’ll have to check out that book. I encourage you to send me your thoughts in more detail, I’d be happy to discuss it with you!

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