How to Develop Your Dreams and Stop Yourself From Giving Them Up

Has anyone told you that something isn’t possible because that’s not the way the “real world” works? Has anyone ever told you that you “can’t always have what you want”? Have you ever told yourself your ideas were silly and what you wanted to do couldn’t be done for any reason whatsoever? Have you ever given up on something because you didn’t see a way to getting what you want?

If so, I want to let you know you’ve definitely come to the right place.

But before we begin, I need to know… do you have a dream? Do you have a vision for what your life would look like if you had everything you ever wanted and were the person you wanted to be? (If not, it is important that you first have this vision. Start here.)

So what? You mean I have to sit here and just think about all the stuff I ever wanted and the person I want to be? What’s the point? That’s such a waste of time! I have things to do!

That’s precisely what I want you to do, and I’ll tell you why. In our minds we have this idea of who we are and it leads us to set all sorts of boundaries for how we live our lives, both emotionally and mentally. This type of mindset is limiting, and while we have this view of ourselves, it is incredibly difficult to discover a path towards our goals. This is a concept embraced by leading pioneers of our time.

Whether you believe you can or can’t: you are right.
– Henry Ford

You don’t have to know how to do something; you just have to believe it is possible or you will never find the answer you need. Without a vision for what you want, you will always find excuses to why getting what you want is impossible! (Now, don’t get me wrong, a vision alone will not make your wildest dreams come true, but it is a step in the right direction, and a necessary one at that.)

Why people don’t get what they want:

First, they aren’t willing to put in the real work required. This is due to having unrealistic expectations of what it takes to get what they want. As soon as they start they say “oh this is too hard!” or “I can’t do that” or any variety of reasons we can come up with so we don’t have to face reality. We all know we have no excuses. We all know it won’t be easy so first we must start by being honest with ourselves about the work our goals are going to take.

Second, they give up before they start because they think someone’s else’s idea of what can be done is easier to adopt and it takes the pressure off of them to make a decision. This happens because we don’t believe in ourselves enough. This is an invitation to push yourself and take control of your life. If you want something you need to get real with yourself. But don’t give it a half-ass effort and say you tried. I know it’s hard, believe me I do. This is your life and if you don’t take control of it I can guarantee you won’t get what you want. People often say “if it was that simple, everyone would do it”. If you have that attitude, what’s the point in doing anything? When you learned how to walk, you didn’t sit there and complain every second of it. You just did it. Most of us are doing the equivalent of mentally crawling. It takes time, but you will get it! Nobody said it would be easy, but everybody said it would be worth it.

Third, deep down, most people don’t feel or think that they deserve to get everything they’ve ever wanted. In situations like this, people will resort to self-destructing and self-defeating behaviors. Funny enough, we think this is normal because it is SO common. As a society, our standards are so low that self-destruction has been glamorized and made to look “cool”. For example: our relationship with alcohol. Few people can say they have never tried it, and it is literally a poison for our body (that’s why hangovers exist, our bodies are negatively reacting to poison in our bodies). Yet alcohol is a fundamental piece of our society. The way most people use alcohol could be looked at as self-hatred. In other words, if they did not use it as often they would have many more resources (confidence, money, time, better health) with which to pursue their goals. Every day you spend not moving towards your goals, you add more reasons to why you can’t get what you want within your own mind. You are better than that! The people who are putting in the time and dedication you don’t see all that much because they are out hammering it out or developing their skills. You are a product of your environment. If you want to be successful surround yourself by successful people.

Lastly, we do not get what we want to protect ourselves. Example: someone wants all the money in the world so they can do whatever they want. Magically one day they win the lottery and get all the attention they’ve always wanted. Finally they can be happy, right? Not so fast. Before winning the lottery, they didn’t take into account the paranoia involved with having that much money. Since they didn’t like themselves before (because they were looking outside themselves for happiness) they wonder if people really like them because of who they are or if they just want their money. How about all the tabs they are now expected to pick up? How about all the people coming out of the woodwork looking for money for this and that? Okay, it can’t be all bad right? How about the feeling you get when you buy new stuff? A house would feel nice. How about a new car? World wide trips? But, if you didn’t appreciate what you already had, none of it will be enough. The feeling of having something new and shiny wears off. How about the thoughts of how you should be happy now because you have the fame and fortune you’ve always wanted?

I recently read an interesting study done of Lottery winners in the U.K. The results showed that 55% of the winners are happier after winning than before they won the lottery, while 43 % said it had no effect on their happiness. 43% is pretty significant. It’s worth considering what the percentage of that 55% were protecting their egos and said in the survey that they were happier after winning because that’s what they were expected to be. What percentage just couldn’t drop the delusion? Are you lying to yourself about what makes you happy?

What do these things all have in common?

Cognitive DissonanceThese people have a self-image, which was not developed in a healthy way because their success came too quickly. When I say success, I mean that in a subjective context because this can mean different things to different people. Success could be the perfect relationship, winning the lottery, becoming famous, having the best shoes, or even getting everything you’ve ever wanted. Regardless of whether people have everything they’ve ever wanted, it is still never enough when they realize they aren’t as happy as they thought they would be. They think, well what else is there for me to do? What’s my reason to live? If these things don’t make them happy, they turn their attention inwards and start asking themselves questions like, ”What’s wrong with me?”

They may continue to look outside themselves for anything that will stop the anxiety. The feeling that they are experiencing is cognitive dissonance. Cognitive dissonance is the feeling one gets when they hold two contradictory beliefs at the same time. In this case, the person had the belief that if they were rich and famous they would be happy. But, even though they are rich and famous, they are not happy. This can be dealt with in a healthy or unhealthy way.

An unhealthy way:
They continue to deny reality and turn anger inward on themselves. They start blaming themselves for not being happy. They start destroying themselves through any types of destructive behavior, like drugs, alcohol, being reckless, suicide or less obvious methods of self-sabotage. They continually put themselves in situations that compromise their current stability. In doing so, they unconsciously push away everything that doesn’t fit their idea of themselves. They do these things to numb the anxiety until eventually their reality reflects what they think they deserve. This occurs because their self-image wasn’t given time to grow with their own expectations of themselves and they weren’t even happy to begin with.

A healthy way:
A constructive way of dealing with this is to question your beliefs and examine your sense of reality. In this case, it would be accepting you were wrong about your initial belief that money and fame is the source of happiness. From there you could go about addressing what it is that makes yourself happy. Instead of blaming yourself for something you couldn’t possibly have known because you hadn’t been exposed to the experience you needed, you can now be logical about it. You can see how this belief has limited your life to this point and can now use this energy to improve your life. If you don’t know where to go from here or feel lost, ask for help!

signThis is the main reason why it is important to have a vision for yourself and your life. It gives you a target to shoot for, and allows you to open up your mind to being comfortable with your new self-image. It is important to make this as real as possible. You must also experience it. You want to feel (and think) the way you would expect to if your vision were true. Unless you allow yourself to do this and take the time to practice it (meditation is a great way to do this), you will be faced with the above dilemma in the future. Our problems don’t disappear until we deal with them. It is better to address them now then to regret it later. The longer you go, the harder it gets to change behavior. Only you can do it. Nobody else can for you.

Four easy points we can take action on to improve our lives:

  1. Follow the trail: If you or anyone else has told you that something isn’t possible and you believed it you are selling yourself short. Just because someone is older than you doesn’t mean they have a better mind than you. If you are looking to be happy, then go talk to people who are happy. Go to those people who have great qualities and who you admire. Ask them how they got that way and how they developed that trait. Read books about people who have qualities you want. No one’s perfect, but you can model individual qualities after people. Successful people don’t happen by accident.
  2. No more excuses or complaints: You have to be willing to put in the work to get what you want. Let’s call a spade a spade. This has nothing do with anyone else. No more excuses or complaints. Every time you catch yourself complaining or making excuses for anything stop yourself. Now take a breath and put that energy into resolving the situation. Babies are allowed to complain, grown men and women can do something about it. This is one change that will have a significant impact on your life and is one of the easiest to change. You might be surprised by how much you do this once you start watching for it.
  3. Fire up the theatre in your mind: What should be the easiest exercise for us is actually one of the most difficult. “What do you mean you want me to dream about what I want? I don’t know what I want!!” You have to take time and look internally. Develop a vision of it that excites you in your mind. Take a pen and paper out and draw it out. Find out why you want that life and what it would do for you. How it would make you feel? Re-visit this each morning you wake up and every night before you go to sleep. The more you develop it, the larger the impact it will have. Don’t believe me? Try it daily for two weeks and tell me you haven’t seen a difference in your life.
  4. Get real: If you are looking for a magic pill, it doesn’t exist. That is true as a metaphor and in reality. Medications have some benefit and I am not discounting their uses. But, as an example, most of the antidepressants prescribed today are to make people feel better about the fact that they hate their lives. There’s no alternative to you putting in the work! We can’t live your lives for you. Medication is a tool, not a solution. Remember who you are, where you came from, and what you’ve always wanted, not what you are willing to settle for.

Further reading on the self-image: The book is called The New Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz and Dan Kennedy. It is an intimidating name for a great book and it is an easier read than the name suggests. I highly recommend it.

Leave us a comment and tell us how you are going to use this information! Keep us posted on your progress!

Entrepreneurship Lifestyle

From Part Time, to Go Time

be inspiredToday is the day that I quit my job, and purse my passion.

I couldn’t sleep in this morning, I couldn’t justify going back to sleep. I’m motivated today, there is something lighting a fire underneath me. It’s 8:30am and I’m writing my resignation letter to the Roadhouse; thanking them for the experience. I love Roadhouse, I really do. I love it so much that I allowed it to keep me from working my ass off to find a way to make my dream job, my reality.

Social Dynamics says that you are a result of your environment. The people in your environment influence your behaviors, which in turn influence the person that you turn out to be. Last night was the craziest night that Kingpin Social has seen, for their Ideas Developing Ideas session. The best part, is that this is only the beginning.

Ideas Developing Ideas is a night designed by Kevin and Cam. The tandem decided that one night a week would be dedicated to developing ideas with students of Social Dynamics. IDI has been around for a few months now, and Kevin and Cam have always been adamant about making sure that the conversation stayed on a high level.

“Small minds talk about people, mediocre minds talk about events. Great minds talk about ideas, Brilliant minds develop ideas”, Kevin once told me. The first time I heard this, I wasn’t able to wrap my head around it.

Over the past 5 months, I’ve developed to understand what the 4 levels of conversation mean. It doesn’t mean that when you talk about people, or events, that you have a small mind. It means that you’re using a small percentage of your minds potential, and the connection that you have will be limited based on your small minded conversation.

Deep connection is deep conversation, deep conversation is solution – oriented, idea development.

Last night I felt more than idea development. These past few months I’ve been spending a lot of time developing my mind; almost too much. I think alot, but I tend not to share my thoughts with everyone in my environment. One of the benefits of being smart, is that you can use your intelligence to look for underlying concepts in other people’s story, instead of opening up and sharing your own. I realized last night, though, that because I hide my own story there are times when I’m limiting my own growth.

working togetherDavid O’Neil and I had a deep conversation last night. I hadn’t  had a conversation with David in awhile. The craziest part about Social Dynamics is that everyone grows so fast in their own ways, when you see somebody after a week it’s like they’re an entirely different person. David O’Neil inspired me last night, talking about how he gets out of bed.

“I don’t wait, man. I jump out of bed as soon as my alarm goes off, I fix my bed right away and I jump in a cold shower.”

I looked around the room, intimidated. My mind calculated too many possible outcomes, as I tried to logically understand what was happening at the Kingpin Social house. 40 students of Social Dynamics made their way in and out of the house throughout the night, every conversation that I walked by was a high level, deep conversation about ideas. The Kingpin Social house has 2 levels, and 3,000 sq ft. There are 2 main living spaces, and within the spaces there is plenty of room for multiple groups to exist in the same environment.

I walked through the two main living spaces, through multiple groups of people. Every group that I walked by was having an intellectual conversation about progress, about love, about appreciation, about growth. The loving energy in the room swept over me and sent vibrations directly to my soul.

I’ve always known Kingpin Social had the potential to change people’s lives, but last night was the first night I’ve ever felt it.

united purposeSeeing a student come into Kingpin Social one way, then seeing him months later a completely different person is a cool thing for me. It means something, knowing that something that I taught, that my team taught, that Kingpin Social taught him had an influence on the course of his life. Seeing 30 students of Social Dynamics in the same room, talking about the life progress they’ve made since taking the bootcamp blew my mind. The energy in the room last night completely changed my perspective on life, and gave me an appreciation for the love that I have in my life.

I take for granted, the social circle that I have. This article is an article of gratitude, to my best wingman Mikey B. To my greatest mentors Kevin Choo, and Cam Adair. To my bestest best friend Daniel Fexa, my favorite female perspective Jamie Hyatt and my driven compadre Myke Macapinlac.

Everything that you guys given me has allowed me to come to this point, where I’ve decided to make the jump into Kingpin Social full time, destroying any comfort zone that kept me from pursing my dream. To everyone who came to IDI last night, thank you for inspiring me.

I realized last night that Social Dynamics is bigger than me, Kingpin Social or any student of Kingpin Social. Social Dynamics is the path to love; love of self, love of others and love of the environment. Relationships = Life, and a relationship is only a relationship where there is an exchange of value. Giving value is based on positive emotion; the strongest of positive emotions being love. Last night at the Kingpin Social house, all I could feel was love. I couldn’t intellectually understand it, linguistically explain it, even express it through this post.

All I can say is that the love that I felt last night inspired me to quit my job, and pursue my dream.

This passion has been brought to you by the influence of my positive environment, for which I’ll be forever grateful. Kingpin Social is helping me face my inner – most insecurities; insecurities that kept me from ever feeling the emotion of love for 19 years. Running from my issues never helped me, and Kingpin Social helped show me how facing every obstacle head first with a learning mentality is the only option.

find love

There isn’t a price that I can put on love, something that can’t be described can’t be purchased. There is only one thing that I can give, because I believe in this purpose. I give my life to the love of Kingpin Social, all of it’s instructors and all of the students of Social Dynamics who want to inspire the best in people; and I thank everyone who has inspired me.


What Separates Success from Failure?

“I’m going to lose 10 pounds of fat by the end of the summer!” Your friend exclaims to you in exhilaration. You support her, she sounds like she’s going after this goal. The fact that she’s set a goal too, man. Props. Most people don’t make it that far. Usually, people don’t set goals because they want to avoid the disappointment of a failed goal.

You notice your friend not telling only you, but telling everyone around you about her plan to lose 10 pounds. It seems the conversation never lives in the moment, she always finds a way to bring up her plan of losing 10 pounds in conversation. July rolls by and you don’t see any sign of success in your compadre, The August days pass like hours in a single day. The end of the summer rolls around and you ask your friend how her goal went.

“Man! This summer just got so busy that it was hard to focus on my goals.”

A month ago I wrote an article on “The Reason for ALL of Your Failed Goals”. In this article, I talked about Validation by Language, and Validation by Process.

In the past few days in deep conversation with Kingpin Social Instructor Kevin Choo, we’ve brought more clarity to Validation by Language. In the past couple of days, we’ve discovered the three forms in which Validation by Language exists, and the entity that it fuels.

Validation by Language exists to maintain good emotions. Validation by Language exists to maintain positive emotions when one slacks on the long term process of working towards things that they want to get done. Validation by Language exists in memories, when one tells stories of the past to justify slacking off in the present moment. Validation by Language exists in the present, when one points out the insecurities in others to remove the spotlight of the insecurities of themselves. Validation by Language also exists in the future, preaching stories of vision without any present – moment action.

Existing in the Past

The failed athlete has stories of his past to validate his identity as an athlete. “I used to be a star, man. You should have seen my tapes.” We all have a vision  of what we ought to be, and if that image isn’t being fulfilled in the present moment, through process, we validate our identity through language. This type of identity validation is short term, because there’s only so long that people will listen to your stories of games played before they get sick of hearing them.

Existing in the Present

The insecure bully points out the flaws in others, to avoid the environment hating on the bully. In social situations there is always a “social ladder” whether we choose to be aware of it or not. This social ladder has the people who are the highest value on the top, and the lowest value at the bottom. Think on a movie set. Brad Pitt walks in to the room. Brad Pitt is on the top of the social ladder, the Janitor in the room is at the bottom of the social ladder.

The insecure bully has a low sense of self worth, so he gets his validation by language through putting others at the bottom of the social ladder with humor. This only lasts so long, if the environment feels bad for the victim than it is the bully that will lose.

The intelligent bully, however, instills positive emotion while pointing out the flaw in others. Think of the funny asshole in high school, the guy who makes fun of other people at work and gets laughs. The external world may react to him, and give him validation by language, but on the inside that is the man that has the lowest sense of self worth. The validation by language this man receives is enough to justify slacking off on the process of the present moment.

Existing in the Future

This is the third type of Validation by Language, and this is the kind I wrote the previous article for. This type of Validation by Language means that one is telling their plans of future goals, aspirations, long term processes.

As soon as one receives validation for their long term goals, their aspirations, their dreams, that short term validation is enough to slack off on the process of the moment. Achieving your goals is hard, in the moment. Talking about achieving your goals is easy. Talking about becoming that person you want to be is easy, becoming that person is never as easy.

Truth is, validation by language and validation by process both exist in the moment. They’re also both short term. The moment that you start the process is just a moment, you must continue to make those decisions to stick to the process instead of tell your story. As soon as you catch yourself telling your story, it means that you’re slacking off on the process of achieving your goals, your dreams, your aspirations.

Talk About Being Somebody, or Be Somebody

You can’t do both, over the long term. Dedicating yourself to growing over the long term isn’t easy, in the moment. It means that you’ve got to make self sacrifices, you’ve got to say “no” to some people, you’ve got to rid yourself of moments of instant pleasure. Instant pleasure is long term pain, because anything that’s worth your time is worth the long term process.

The “long term process” isn’t a long term process, though. It’s two things. It’s long term, and it’s a process. If you want to start the process of achieving your goals, becoming who you want to be, start the process. Understand that it’s only the start. The process never ends, because it is not an outcome. Life is a journey, not a destination.

Starting on your own is never easy, especially if you’re setting goals without a vision in mind. Is your vision what you want it to be? This moment that you’re reading this article, your mind makes a decision. That decision is to read it, go “that was interesting” and go back on Facebook, or message me and ask me how you can get started on a long term process. Ask me how you can become validated by process, instead of by language.

The best part about becoming validated by process, is that you don’t need to be validated by anybody. Why would you care what anybody thought of you, if you were doing what you loved with your life? Doing what you want with your life means that you’re experiencing a deep – rooted emotion called happiness.

Human beings are emotional creatures, it is the universal language that ties us all together. Asian, Korean, Chinese, doesn’t matter. We all understand emotion, and it is the most effective means of communication. An individual with deep – rooted happiness is a High Value individual. A High Value individual benefits in this external world by getting raises, promotions, job opportunities, dating opportunities, and prospers in any part of humanity that involves talking to another person.

The best part? You don’t need the approval of anybody, if you have the approval of yourself. Send me a message today, and start becoming validated by process, and learn how to do it from people who are happy to share their knowledge.

**** Up to This Point, a book by Kingpin Social has been released! This book dives into the cheat codes of the Social World that we live in today. With theory tried and field tested, Up to This Point gives you the step by step process to improving every relationship in your life. Download the book here. ***

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Vision Boards: Attracting your BEST life.

The best way to approach a purpose is to have multiple perspectives on the same direction. Through the power of Networking I met an aspiring life coach named Jamie. Jamie’s direction is relative to the path that we’re on with Kingpin Lifestyle; Jamie’s blog is one of similar direction; personal development and lifestyle enhancement. Jamie will be joining us on Kingpin Lifestyle every Wednesday, collaborating with Kingpin Social to enlighten you as to how you can make your life worth living.

Enter Jamie.

So you want to be successful and you want to have direction? Who doesn’t? Successful people all over the world have a lot of things in common; they are ambitious, hard working, but most importantly they have a solid vision. By vision I mean that they have really taken the time to envision the future they want and guess what? They ACTUALLY live the life they have imagined.

The beautiful thing is that you can create a vision anywhere at any time. You can be sitting in your office cubicle, at a coffee shop, on your yoga mat, or on a park bench. It comes down to sitting, closing your eyes, and picturing exactly what you want. So simple, right? Yet so many of us don’t utilize this incredibly easy tool to create a life we want. ‘A life we want’ is obviously based on several things and the key is to be specific and as detailed as possible.

What does your BEST LIFE look like? You can have anything and everything as long as you can imagine it and create it in your mind. We create our own reality. What do you want yours to look like? Where do you want to be in one week? One year? Three years? Five years?

Here is an example of my vision for myself at the age of 27:

“I’m waking up in the large master suite of my 3000 sq feet, three story, walk-out home that I share with the love of my life just outside of Banff, Alberta. Our home is modern yet cozy, set in dark wood, stone and surrounded by nature. Large bay windows over-look the Rocky Mountains where they look close enough to touch. I have a studio that is off to the side of our home that consists of my office, meditation room and photography studio. I practice yoga on our balcony that wraps around the house and breathe in the cool mountain air every morning.”

I have clearly mapped out in my mind what the architecture of my home is, when I have this home, where it is located, how it feels, how it smells (can’t beat mountain air and pine trees), and creating a connection to this space. I have no idea if this home really exists at this current time, but by creating a vision I am allowing the possibility of it to exist. This is the law of attraction.

The law of attraction is based on universal energy that everyone and everything possesses. Like a radio frequency (as I have sort of envisioned it) we send waves through our thoughts (and even our actions) to this universal energy and it reacts back. It’s the formula that “like attracts like.” So if you put out positive manifestations, affirmations and thoughts you will receive the same positivity back in different aspects of your life. The same goes for negativity.

Have you ever noticed how negative people consistently have more negative situations or attract more difficulties than others? They play the victim, that ‘nothing ever goes right,’ “I have bad luck,” ‘that kind of life is never in the cards for me’ kind of attitude. The more they put that out the more they attract exactly what they don’t want and it comes true. Adding fuel to the fire sort of speak. Until they change their attitude and put out a more positive vibe they will always attract negativity in to their life and never see progress. Same for people who exude positivity and have an attitude that ‘everything is a learning experience’ or ‘everything will work out’ kind of attitude. They tend to attract more positivity in their life, have more fun experiences, opportunities and overall more successful.

Another way to look at it is to always come from a place of being cared for. The universe is a pretty spectacular being and holds an incredible amount of energy that is at your disposal if you allow it. You must never come from a place of lack. The universe does not lack, it only provides. This is huge when it comes to money. If you put out the energy that you lack money you WILL lack money. That lack perception will then attract situations in to your life that will consume your finances or assets. When you change your thoughts to abundance and being provided for always, you WILL be abundant and be provided for. “Like attracts like” it’s really that simple, and it really does work.

This is why we create visions. “Like attracts like.” By manifesting your vision you attract it in to your life. Ta-da! Magical! 🙂

Now the vision I shared is the tip of the ice-berg. That vision consists of my location, my home, my office, and a little bit of my relationship. This is where you start to expand on your relationships, career, physical health, your social standing, your financial standing, the car you drive, the clothing you wear, the people you surround yourself with, etc. The more detailed the better.

So you have sat down and started to envision your best life. Now what? WRITE IT DOWN. I can’t stress how important it is to solidify an idea or a vision by putting it down on paper. After you get it down on paper the next hoo-ha step is to create a vision board. A vision board is an incredible tool that some of the most successful people in the world like Oprah Winfrey, Jim Carrey, and Bruce Lee (to name a few) use. Bruce Lee… need I say more?

Vision boards come in a variety of different styles and use different techniques depending on the individual’s creativity. So it’s time to get a little messy and to stretch that creative muscle that we all do possess (just sometimes needs to be exercised.)

What you will need:

– A cork board, poster board, or pin board.
– Scissors
– Glue (or pins, thumb tacks- depending on the board)
– Magazines, photographs, printer, etc
– Paint, pencil crayons, markers, charcoal, pastels, etc

Next, is the fun part! Now you have to find photographs, magazine clip outs, or pictures you print off that align with your vision. If you have a hard time finding images- make your own! Use key words, quotes, and symbols. Ultimately you are taking your vision and pasting it in front of you. Instead of reading it every day this will allow you to visualize it which is not only more effective but less time consuming. Makes sense, huh? When you are done hunting down all your images- paste or tackle it to your board and hang it up in a place that you will always see. Some people paste it on their roof above their bed, on their fridge, or commonly in their office. 

Done…er sorta.

If you are a negative-ned (or nancy) you need to change your perception and manifest positivity for your vision to cultivate. You will be amazed by the power of attraction and how a vision board allows you to attract the life you have always wanted.

If you would like to share your vision board please email me at and they will be featured on my blog!



Guest post brought to you by: Jamie Hyatt from ‘’ Jamie is an enthusiastic goal-getter and photographer. Aspiring life-coach and author. Yogi extraordinaire and an honest voice to those who seek it.