Self Integrity = Happiness

I know at times it’s tough, waking up when your alarm first goes off. Scheduling time in your calendar, to make sure everything gets done that needs to get done. Making a list of priorities, so you know the most effective way to spend your free time. Slacking off and watching TV seems like the only option, it’s definitely the easiest one. Holding yourself accountable to the things you know need to get done is never easy.

I can tell you this, friend. It is worth every second of it.

I think the meaning of life is to be happy. We all want meaning, we all desire purpose with our life. What is life without a purpose? Meaningless, essentially. Living to exist, to pay the bills and line someone elses pocket with money. To exist to live means that you’re doing the things that you want to do with your life.

What About Existing to Live?

However with the system that we’ve been given, the 9 – 5 work schedule passed onto us by our past generations, the idea that we’ve got to go to school, get a good job and support our family hammered into us by our mentors… it’s very hard to do what you love with life. In fact, it’s a step by step process to turning your life around.

The problem with most people is that they expect an instant turn around. As if once they’ve been enlightened that there’s more opportunities waiting for them in the world, that tomorrow, their life will be completely different. One cannot wake up today and decide to be a guitar player, and be singing a song on guitar tomorrow. This life is a process, and either way you’re going to be on the process. It would make sense to dedicate yourself to getting better at guitar every single day, if this is your vision.

Ahh, this is the tough part. Back to the self – accountability. Knowing that you cannot simply close your eyes and dream of guitar skills means that you have to learn it yourself. You cannot learn it over night though. All you can do is close your eyes, wake up tomorrow morning and pick up the guitar for the first time. Maybe you learn a note, maybe you just learn how to properly hold the guitar. You become a bit better than you were yesterday, and move forward in the right direction to becoming a better player.

People lose sight of their vision at the first sign of success though. They’ll learn a few chords and be happy with their skill level, refusing to take it to a level where they’re getting massive amounts of value from the skill set. It’s not that they don’t want to learn, it’s that they don’t know the best way to keep themselves accountable to their word. It’s all about telling people about their vision, instead of working on the process of obtaining it.

“Better than Yesterday..”

What is the best way to keep yourself accountable to your word?

I have a step by step process. It is this. For any skill set that I learn, I have an unlimited vision. The reason the vision is unlimited, is because in my lifetime I must figure out a way that I will never stop advancing towards my unlimited vision. If I want to be a guitar player, my unlimited vision would be to be the best guitar player that I could possibly be.

Then I must set a long term goal. Although unlimited vision is important, as human beings if we are to dedicate ourselves to a process, we need a measurable tangent to fall upon. The long term goal is our long – term measurable tangent. Dedicating yourself to a process can be tough, if you don’t know how much you’re leveling up. My long – term goals are usually 4 – 6 weeks long, but you can lengthen or shorten yours based on your goal – setting skill levels. If you don’t know much about goal setting, send us an email. Goals are the key to success.

The long – term goal is your level up. If I wanted to learn the skill of guitar, I would set a long term goal to play and sing my favorite song.

The long term goal is long term, so how will we feel that monumental feeling of reaching a goal? One must set a short term goal to feel the monumental validation of achieved process. I set my short term goals for the week, and I make sure that I have a daily process for each goal. If I wanted to learn guitar, this week’s goal would be to learn a note on each one of the strings. (I don’t actually know guitar, bear with me.) Then I would have a daily process for the goal. Monday’s daily process would be to learn a note on String 1.

In order to work on the daily process of anything, one must understand the importance of the present moment. If one isn’t living in the present moment, one is missing out on the opportunities to advance inside of it. The present moment is detrimental to success.

Monday’s daily process is in a Microsoft Word document, or written on Monday’s “To Do” list. Once I finish Monday’s daily process, I cross it out on the “To Do” list, and write about the accomplishment of my goal, to relish in my process.

Present Moment >>Daily Process >> Short Term Goals >> Long Term Goals >> Unlimited Vision

Achieving your goals isn’t always easy, but the struggle is always worth the pay off. Long term validation, internal happiness comes from building self – integrity, and sticking to the most important oath: the one you make to yourself. Dedicate yourself to getting better, then follow the process of goal setting.

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